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2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Men's Free Skate LIVE Coverage

1) Alexander Aiken
  (TES) + (PCS)=
  49.05 (SP) + (FS) =

2) Daniel Raad
  56.48 (TES) + 43.78 (PCS) = 100.26
  47.11 (SP) + 100.26 (FS) = 147.37

3) Richard Dornbush
  Music: Western Medley
  • Is it just me or does he look super tall today?
  • There we go, nice triple lutz
  • Really smooth triple axel
  • He's finally starting to hit a stride here
  • I really like the acting in this program, very few people can sell a program like Ricky
  • If only he could've done this program in the short, we'd be right in business
  • Great finish, courageous skate
  71.42 (TES) + 78.58 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 149.00
  51.59 (SP) + 149.00 (FS) = 200.59

4) Wesley Campbell
  Music: The Mission
  • This is our tall guy right here
  • I kind of like that tunic, and brown is a nice change from black
  • Nice 3-3 combo, a little wild on the second landing
  • Hard fall on the 3a
  • He is remarkable elegant for such a tall guy
  • He really stretches through his legs and extends through the fingertips
  • He really could up the level of expression and speed in this footwork sequence to match the drama in the music
  • I really like the arrangement of this music
  61.73 (TES) + 60.28 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 121.01
  45.93 (SP) + 121.01 (FS) = 166.94

5) William Brewster
  • I wish this costume had some more pizzazz to it
  • That triple axel just kind of stayed in one place
  • 3lz-2t
  • 3s-3t combination
  • Spins are slow, he seems to be lacking energy here
  • This whole costume looks like it was meant for a person larger than he is
  • He could use some more conditioning, but he is on the right track and Jason and Yuka will help him greatly
  51.94 (TES) + 49.84 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 100.78
  55.70 (SP) + 100.78 (FS) = 166.48

6) Alexander Johnson
  Music: Gayane
  • Regardless of how he jumps, this will be beautiful
  • He pays so much attention to the subtleties, every finger, every head movement
  • Singled the axel, not enough speed I think
  • 3f-3t, that was a fight, but that's a great side to see from him
  • He would be an amazing ballet dancer, he has the body and the hair, he'd be a fantastic Cavalier in Nutcracker
  • His jumps are beautiful, and that gorgeous spiral
  • Though the jumps are very nice, he doesn't even need them, everything else he does, he does so well
  • Fantastic skate from Alex, way to recover and finish strong from that short
 69.92 (TES) + 71.58 (PCS)= 141.50
  57.73 (SP) + 141.50 (FS) =199.23

7) Scott Dyer
  • I like that he takes a totally different approach in his too programs, jazzy short and romantic free
  • I like this costume, it's very soft and I like the detail
  • He has a nice body carriage, very strong back, good fluidity in the upper body without being sloppy
  • He is a very complete skater, nothing in this program is a weakness
  • Gorgeous form in those jumps, nice and upright
  • That was a fine skate from him, very good quality in that skate
  67.04 (TES) + 74.44 (PCS)= 141.48
  66.49 (SP) + 141.48 (FS) = 207.97

8) Joshua Farris
  Music: Rachmaninov
  • I love him in romantic programs, so happy he changed it from the JGP
  • He needs to focus, I hope he's not recalling last year's nationals
  • Johnson and Farris back to back is like beauty upon beauty
  • I had hoped this would be a break out Nationals for him, but alas he looks a little cautious
  • No, just sat down that 3lz!
  • He just doesn't seem to be fighting like I've seen him do in the past
  69.17 (TES) + 65.38 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 132.55
  65.43 (SP) + 132.55 (FS) = 197.98

9) Brandon Mroz
  Music: Carmen
  • Come on Brandon, let's light it up her, I want to see some firepower
  • Quad toe, fall
  • Nice 3a-only a 2t on the end
  • Double axel, I don't know if it was supposed to be a triple or not
  • He looks very strong in this footwork, his posture has improved, but I still want him to attack it more
  • Just let go and have fun and see what comes of it!
  • Oh no, hands down, he's losing focus it seems
  • Hands down again, he is just muscling these jumps too much and pitching forward
  • He has no speed going into these jumps, it's all muscle power, nothing is flowing easily
  67.11 (TES) + 66.56 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 132.67
  67.47 (SP) + 132.67 (FS) = 200.14

10) Grant Hochstein
  (TES) + (PCS)=
  67.89 (SP) + (FS) =

11) Jonathan Cassar
  (TES) + (PCS)=
  67.86 (SP) + (FS) =

12) Jason Brown

  • I love this free skate and the costume, I love that everything is slightly gaudy
  • He makes everything look easy, he is such a natural
  • He exudes passion with every step
  • I am loving this music right now
  • He is a beautiful skater to watch, I loved him on the Jr. Grand Prix
  • One little correction-watch the free arm in spins, sometimes it looks a little lifeless
  • The flexibility is great, I bet he could almost do a Biellmann
  • Really nice 3-3 combo, good job staying away from the boards
  • I love his dance ability and his connection to the music
  • So much of that step sequence is on one foot, the kid has such energy
  • His study of music and piano aids him so much in the performance
  • Trip on an easy step
  • He's starting to lose it a little bit here, but that can't take away from what he had going
  • I hate that he had that stupid little trip, totally sucked the wind out
  (TES) + (PCS) -3.00 (DED) = 133.48
  75.68 (SP) + 133.48 (FS) = 209.16

13) Douglas Razzano
  • He gets better and better at every competition
  • He's such a quiet, calm skater
  • He makes it all look so easy out there, he's in a zone, doing a phenomenal job
  • Nothing flashy, just good, solid, clean skating
  (TES) + (PCS) = 150.80
  72.50 (SP) + (FS) = 223.38

14) Stephen Carriere
  Music: Swan Lake
  • lots and lots of speed
  • He really stepped up into that 3a, very good height
  • He kind of looks like swan
  • That fall on the 3a was so loud, with all that speed, it was a hard fall
  • This program is so dramatic and intense
  • Very ambitious program, not perfect execution, but so much passion and intensity
  (TES) + (PCS)= 141.59
  71.82 (SP) + 141.59 (FS) = 213.41

15) Max Aaron
  • I'm loving Max' jumpsuit, very fancy
  • He still looks like a baby out there, but just wait until he skates
  • This is a way more elegant program than you expect from him
  • So much speed into that quad salchow, huge jump and huge crash
  • Almost wipes out the triple axel, misses the combination
  • He looks so dejected out there, it had to be heartbreaking not hitting that quad that's been so solid for him this season
  • Wild, pitched landing, on that 3a
  • Oy he's falling apart, he looks exhausted out there,why do Tom's skaters always look undertrained in big moments
  • Good building blocks, he just needs to tie it all together
  (TES) + (PCS)= 135.14
  76.01 (SP) + 135.14 (FS) = 223.38

16) Ross Miner
  Music: The Untouchables
  • Is this costume new, or have I never seen it in HD?
  • Fantastic triple axel, such speed in and out
  • Hard fall on that 3a, slipped on the landing 
  • Looks like his pantstrap came undone, I hope that isn't a distraction
  • He is skating so well so far, looks like that fall didn't affect him
  • Good 3-2-2 combination
  • He's sailing through this program, he's in a zone
  • Time to sell this program
  • He's looking like Rachael Flatt did at the end of her free skate, just a spectacular job
  75.62 (TES) + (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 151.42
   (SP) + 151.42 (FS) = 230.32

17) Keegan Messing
  Music: Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • That 3a was gigantic
  • Good decision to make that a 3t instead of a quad
  • That squat spin was actually kind of cool
  • 3-2-1 combination that looked like
  • He just stopped to vogue at the judges, love it
  • Stumble on the loop, I think he's muscling a lot here
  • Jump, jump, jump, jump...that's awesome, but this is a crucial off-season to start adding some artistry and substance if he wants to make it to the Olympics
  (TES) + (PCS)= 135.81
   (SP) + (FS) = 212.47

18) Armin Mahbanoozadeh
  Music: Kill Bill

  • UR Quad toe and a fall, but I appreciate that he's trying it
  • I still don't like the costume, but it's an improvement
  • Eeked out that 3a, don't know how he saved it!
  • This costume is lacking in excitement for me, the music has nice ups and downs, but this is a little flat for me, performance-wise
  • Strong finish after a little bit of a rough start

  (TES) + (PCS)=
   (SP) + (FS) =

19) Adam Rippon
  (TES) + (PCS)=
   (SP) + (FS) =

20) Jeremy Abbott
  (TES) + (PCS)=
   (SP) + (FS) =

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