Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2 Premiere LIVE BLOG

Lord knows I was ready for this train wreck to be back on television, so here we go!

9:00 Last season's recap....Abby produces employable dancers...blah, blah, blah; obviously there were tears shown in the recap
9:01 It's so fitting that the first shot of the season is Abby stomping and clapping
9:02 Abby, people don't know them from that stupid music video, people know these girls from this show dear
9:03 This is so ridiculous that they're holding an "open casting call" for this "group" as if it were the traveling cast of Lord of the Rings the Musical
9:04 I love Nia's response, "I'm the one who has to be here, not my mom, because she has to work and she's not a dancer"
9:06 We need a new gimmick outside of the pyramid, come on Abby
9:07 Cathy with that touch screen is a regular Vanna White
9:08 Why would Holly come to "pyramiding" when Nia never makes it to the top
9:10 Hearing about Abby's period made me throw up a little bit in my mouth
9:15 Poor Nia is so sad that her mom can't make it to the competition!!
9:16 I am dying over this open call! There are more kids there than open calls for Billy Elliot!!
9:17 PS for those of you who were already at this studio, you could've been on the team already if your parents had signed the paperwork
9:19 OMG Kendall is going to be sooooo "All About Eve".....I see her trying to take out Maddy asap
9:20 Wow, so we're having this argument why? Your daughter is obviously on the older team but you want her to be on TV
9:25 See those other girls in the front of the room.....their parents wouldn't sign the permission slip
9:26 Obviously Nia is dancing to music from an all-black show, duh?
9:29 Abby just contradicted herself, saying this is the biggest break Kendall will ever get. Yet Abby always talks about how her dancers are destined for future greatness?
9:38 Snowing in the 'Burgh!
9:41 So Christi is trying to send Abby to Weight Watchers....all in a day
9:43 Chloe's piece was more mature that Maddy's for me, while Maddy's was cleaner overall
9:44 Yay Nia, that girl loves a good chin chopper
9:45 Kendall was all costume and nothing else, it's a shame for her that it had to be on TV
9:46 Nia is so genuine!
9:46 OMG Chloe doesn't want to let her fans down! What a Diva!
9:48 No tears Kendall!! Abby is disappointed, uh oh
9:49 Strap on the tracking ankle bracelet Kendall, you're still on probabation dear
9:56 I'm begging my studio to go to one of the same competitions as Abby so I can partake in all the crazy


  1. I was a Dance Mom fanatic last season. But after taking a break, and then watching tonight's episode, I've seen the light. It's time to call Child Protective Services, and rescue these poor girls. The moms stand by while their children are brow-beaten by this maniac -- I've had enough. I'm boycotting!

  2. I feel terrible for Chloe amd the comments about "I don't want to let my fans down." We know her and her family, and Chloe is the sweetest, most down to earth little girl. She either said that because she really cared about letting them down (and not in an I am a diva way) or she was coached. I can't say I understand Christi's choice to do this at all but so far Chloe seems pretty unaffected by everything.