Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Short Dance LIVE Coverage

1) Carina Glastris & Kevin Allison
 Music: Bacalao
  • Good speed in the rhumba patterns, a little close to the wall
  • She did a few less twizzles that he did, major unison issues on that
  • I feel like their arm movements aren't quite matching
  • This is a nice team, they are well-matched in terms of height
  • They can use some more refinements on the basics for sure
11.58 (TES) + 16.64 (PCS) = 28.22 

2) Brittany Schmucker & Adam Munday
 Music: Medley
  • These leg warmers are just a lot
  • He turned her around so she was facing the right way, that was cute
  • A little sloppy at the beginning
  • Pretty good unison in the twizzles
  • She needs to straighten those legs out more in the rhumba pattern
23.21 (TES) + 19.97 (PCS) = 43.18 

3) Ginna Hoptman & Pavel Filchenkov
  • This music is going to get really old tonight
  • Ohh opposite rotating twizzles there, he lost it on his
  • Their edges are a little bit muddled on that compulsory pattern, legs are slightly bent
  • Get it Tanith Belbin lift
25.85  (TES) + 20.42 (PCS) = 46.27

4) Anastasia Olson & Jordan Cowan
  • They've had a solid season thus far, getting an International, and beating Lichtman & Copley at their sectional
  • Great quick hip action from Anastasia
  • Good jump into the twizzles and great unison
  • I like that color on her, it's a cross between the ever-popular red and hot pink
  • He has a very expressive upper body, he looks very mature, not at all like a 1st year senior
  • Great flexibility from Anastasia on that lift
  • This is the first really advanced team we've seen tonight
  • I'd like to see a little more speed in these Rhumba patterns, but it's better to be exact than fast
  • I like that crisp ending, not a lot of fluff at the end
28.78 (TES) + 24.66 (PCS) = 53.44 

5) Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello
 Music: Cuando Pienso/Tequila
  • For some reason her costume looks more flapper than Latin to me
  • They do have really good bend in their knees
  • Good unison in the subtleties of the arm movements
  • Amazing show of strength in that parallel lift
  • Good character shift into that new piece of music
  • Isabella looks a little timid, but Ian is really selling it
  • Good job ending it on a good note, nice performance overall
  (TES) + (PCS) = 50.03

6) Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani
 Music: Medley
  • I love Alex's new shirt!
  • Really great speed and precision off the top
  • I love that drop spin move, but it always looks a little out of control
  • They have fantastic body control
  • Really fast twizzles, the only issue was a difference in the height of the arms
  • I really like this new section a lot, so much fun, they apparently worked with a ballroom coach
  • This program seems better suited to their strengths, fantastic job!
  (TES) + (PCS) = 72.61

7) Charlotte Lichtman & Dean Copely
  • Very tentative approach today
  • They still look slightly Juniorish this year, tough to transition to senior
  • Good technique, great coaching will do that
  • Dean is a great partner, I'd like Charlotte to be more of a Diva
  (TES) + (PCS) = 
8) Emily Samuelson & Todd Gilles
  • Big improvement over Cup of China
  • They both look to be in much better shape the last event they did
  • Much better unison
  • He frames Emily very well
  • She has such lines and toe point, is it possible for her to hit a bad position?
  (TES) + (PCS) = 
9) Madison Chock & Evan Bates
  • I just love them
  • Evan is a boy-next-door and Madison is a Diva Star so together they look so interesting
  • The height difference is less and less of an issue everytime
  • They actually manage to make the Rhumba look like a dance
  • The lifts are wonderful, his tall frame is great for her 
26.36 (TES) + 29.13 (PCS) = 55.49

10) Anastasia Cannuscio & Ian Lorello
  • I love that shade of yellow on her, the mustard looks great with her hair and skin
  • She needs some more energy and power in that free arm
  • I like those extended leg twizzles, reminds me of a la second turns in ballet
  • Would love to see some more speed in that compulsory sequence
  • I feel like this piece is lacking some excitement, perhaps if they rearranged some of the elements?
 30.35 (TES) + 23.47 (PCS) = 53.82

11) Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue
 Music: Latin Medley
  • They are super high energy
  • He is just gorgeous to watch, I love his hip action
  • I love that she gets to be a sassy diva now that she's not skating with her brother
  • That straight line lift makes a beautiful picture
  • This short dance is much improved from Skate America
  • This is one of the most sensual Rhumba's we've seen all night
27.51 (TES) + 30.05 (PCS) = 57.56

12) Meredith Zuber & Kyle Herring
  • That dress with the full on arm coverings is just a lot to stomach, but she's gorgeous though
  • This is slightly choppy for me
  • That costume is just so distracting it's hard to look at the skating
  • The Rhumba section lacked some precision
  • They do have nice energy though
24.65 (TES) + 18.48 (PCS) = 43.13

13) Meryl Davis & Charlie White
 Music: On the Floor
  • What do you say about them that hasn't already been said
  • Those twizzles are so close together, it ups the excitement level
  • I'm not loving this bronze dress on Meryl, I miss the orange, but I do like Charlie's metallic shirt
  • Get it J-Lo section!
  • That lift is really nice
  • That shoot through the legs is so cool
  • Charlie's hair looks longer again!
 38.22 (TES) + 38.67 (PCS) = 76.89

14) Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt
  • I don't like this blue costume, it's more flapper than Latin for me
  • They move so well together, it's all that experience
  • Great upside down lift!
 29.50 (TES) + 26.87 (PCS) = 56.37

Start No.NameScore
113Meryl Davis, Arctic FSC
Charlie White, Detroit SC
26Maia Shibutani, SC of NY
Alex Shibutani, Arctic FSC
311Madison Hubbell, Detroit SC
Zachary Donohue, Detroit SC
414Lynn Kriengkrairut, All Year FSC
Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ann Arbor FSC
59Madison Chock, All Year FSC
Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
610Anastasia Cannuscio, University of DE FSC
Colin McManus, SC Of Boston
74Anastasia Olson, Detroit SC
Jordan Cowan, All Year FSC
88Emily Samuelson, Ann Arbor FSC
Todd Gilles, All Year FSC
97Charlotte Lichtman, Arctic FSC
Dean Copely, All Year FSC
105Isabella Cannuscio, University of DE FSC
Ian Lorello, University of DE FSC
113Ginna Hoptman, IceWorks SC
Pavel Filchenkov, IceWorks SC
122Brittany Schmucker, Tulsa FSC
Adam Munday, Highland SC
1312Meredith Zuber, University of DE FSC
Kyle Herring, University of DE FSC
141Carina Glastris, DuPage FSC
Kevin Allison, Skokie Valley SC

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