Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Men's Short Program LIVE Coverage

1) Richard Dornbush
  Music: Symphony No. 5
  • Skating really fast thus far
  • Oh no, fall on the triple lutz, not a good start
  • Popped the axel into a single, very hard way for him to start his Nationals
  • Oh no, a single flip
  • My heart goes out to him right now
  • I like that he's still maintaining the intensity of performance
  • Just not his day, but he'll have better ones, I'm sure of it
  19.73 (TES) + 32.86 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 51.59

2) Adam Rippon
  Music: Korobushko
  • I hope he can pick up the energy in this room
  • Beautiful 3f-3t combo, beautiful and easy
  • Gorgeous triple axel
  • He looks very quiet and calm
  • I think it's impossible for him to hit a bad position
  • Fantastic Rippon-Lutz, as per usual
  • He is a little more firey tonight than I've seen him before
  • He is really selling it in this step sequence, fantastic, good for him
44.08 (TES) + 38.86 (PCS) = 82.94

3) Scott Dyer
  Music: Sing, Sing, Sing
  • Oh now, 3 sal was clean, but slipped on the 3 loop
  • Very jazzy, good musicality here
  • Double axel, not a triple like others here
  • Nice stretch and flexibility in the spin
  • Triple lutz, a lot of snow flying on that landing
  • Good skills, good basics
  33.60 (TES) + 33.89 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 66.49

4) Alexander Johnson
  Music: O Mio Babbino Caro
  • This is one of my favorite opera arias, a joy for any singer
  • Only a double axel
  • Chest slightly down on the triple flip landing, but mostly clean
  • I love that he extends his energy the whole way through his fingertips
  • Stumble out of that triple lutz, almost went into the boards
  • I like that he throws his head back in those spins, he extends the body line well through that
  • A bit of a botched camel, he well may lose credit for that
  • I liked the soft quality of that program, but for a short program it wasn't clean enough
  25.33 (TES) + 32.40 (PCS) = 57.73

5) Alexander Aiken
  Music: Paint It Black
  • Lots of energy going into that triple axel, under-rotated and a fall
  • 3lz-3t, just squeaked that out
  • He seems really anxious out there and uptight
  • I can tell he really wants to get off the ice at this point
  • Nice high split jump
  • Nice start for his first year as a senior
  • Paul Wylie sighting
  23.87 (TES) + 26.18 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 49.05

6) William Brewster
  • I'm loving this purple on him
  • Really good 3s-3t, easy combo, but well executed
  • 3lz
  • 2a
  • He's done everything that was asked of him, now he needs to sell it
  • Good gentle flow, nothing seems forced or muscled
  • I like the fierce little attitude going into the that step sequence
  • Really nice subtleties, down to the head and hands movements
  30.37 (TES) + 25.33 (PCS) = 55.70

7) Ross Miner
  Music: Para Ti
  • I love the costume, it's simple, but still has bling
  • Really deep knees going into that 3A, great smooth landing
  • He goes so fast and bakes it look easy, just gliding like nobody's business
  • Wonky landing out of that combination, will lose some GOE marks, but landed it
  • Lovely triple flip
  • Fantastic speed in that spin sequence
  • He's selling the choreography, that footwork will get a high level
  • Aside from the funky landing, he'll be happy with that short
  • He rose to the occasion in terms of laying down a clean short
  41.48 (TES) + 37.42 (PCS) = 78.90

8) Jonathan Cassar
  Music: Tango de Roxanne
  • Great attack of this choreography
  • 3lz-2t
  • 2a out of an Ina Bauer
  • He doesn't have the difficult jumps, but what he does is so beautiful
  • He is a force out on the ice, he takes command
  • Going all out in selling the spins and steps
  • Exquisite spread eagle as well
  • Fantastic "performance"
  33.40 (TES) + 34.46 (PCS) = 67.86

9) Wesley Campbell
  Music: Concierto D'Aranjuez
  • Wow, that boy is as tall as a tight end, let's see how he skates tonight
  • Very high wrap on that 1lz-2t combination
  • Double axel
  • His technical marks will suffer tonight because of that popped lutz
  • He is remarkable good at getting into those knees for such a tall guy
  • Very fast spins, especially in those crossing variations
  • Not the best, but he got through
  18.07 (TES) + 27.86 (PCS) = 45.93

10) Daniel Raad
  Music: Kashmir
  • I love the metallic and bling on that costume
  • Terribly long lead-in, but really tight triple axel
  • Triple flip-3 turn-3triple toe
  • That smock kind of breaks up the lines in the spins as it flaps about
  • Traveling quite a bit on the spins and losing speeds
  • I think he's one of those "all jumps" guys, but they are huge
  • Looked to have run out of energy by the time he hit that last jump
  26.76 (TES) + 21.35 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 47.11

11) Max Aaron
  Music: Assassin's Tango
  • I'm loving the sparkles and the details on the back of his top
  • Very subtle attention to detail on this opening choreography
  • Quad sal! First quad of the night, made it look really easy, he was not phased at all
  • A little wild in the air on that triple axel, but he reeled it in and landed
  • The spins could be better, but we know he is more a jumper
  • 3lz-3toe were very off in the air, but he pulled it out, he's a fighter that one
  • All his landings are so quiet
  • Good speed in this one-leg segment in the step sequence
  • He's not flashy by any means, but he does the work and does it well
  42.76 (TES) + 33.25 (PCS) = 76.01

12) Grant Hochstein
  Music: Clair de Lune
  • Fantastic use of the upper body, very expressive
  • 3lz-3t
  • Under-rotated the triple axel, he hung back a little too long, landed on crossed feet
  • Beautiful triple loop, though not the more difficult triple flip we see from most of these men
  • Really soft knees, great bend
  • Beautiful spinning positions
 35.03 (TES) + 33.86 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 67.89

13) Brandon Mroz
  Music: Mack the Knife
  • He's giving us a little face there at the beginning!
  • Fall on the Quad toe, but it looked rotated so he'll get full credit
  • Really low landing on that triple axel, good save, took a lot of strength to eek that out
  • 3f-2t, looked so hard for him to pull out the landings
  • It's unfortunate for it to go down like this, especially in a skater who has such fantastic jumps when he's on
  • I think he gave up on it before he even took the ice, sad to see for such a talented guy
  34.43 (TES) + 34.04 (PCS) -1.00 (DED)= 67.47

14) Douglas Razzano
  Music: Piano Concerto No. 2
  • I loved him last year, I hope that Doug shows up tonight
  • Lovely speed into that 3A
  • His expression is very subtle, like a refreshing breeze
  • Unfortunate quad toe, looked fully rotated
  • 3t-3t, not the difficulty of many skaters
  • It's sad to see such a hard-working skater not reap the benefits of all of their work
  • He's very regal, very proper on the ice
  39.17 (TES) + 34.33 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 72.50

15) Keegan Messing
  Music: Robin Hood
  • This kid is such a character
  • Ginormous triple axel
  • He blew us away last season making the final group in the free
  • 3lz-3toe, good saves
  • His spins are so fast
  • He reminds me so much of Kevin Van Der Perren
  • Triple flip, no quad, come on Keegan!
  • This is kind of a like a caricature of Robin Hood
  • He is a wild skater, like he just throws everything like a bomb
  41.44 (TES) + 35.22 (PCS) = 76.66

16) Jason Brown
  Music: Grand Guignol
  • Jason has this light about him, he and his coach have complimentary personalities
  • Fantastic use of the whole body, so articulate and specific in his movements
  • 3lz-3toe was crisp and clean
  • I love the hand gestures in the spins, and just everywhere
  • 3f-maybe a little two footed
  • Fantastic stretch in the camel spin
  • I'm loving this unitard
  • He's fascinating, I feel like he has an artist's soul
  • Love that high kick
  • He will be a crowd pleaser for years to come
  39.29 (TES) + 36.39 (PCS) = 75.68

17) Jeremy Abbott
  Music: Swing
  • I'm obsessed with those glittery suspenders
  • Hate Benji Schwimmer, love this program
  • Every ounce of this is so stylized
  • Perfect 3f-3t, looked so calm
  • Gorgeous triple axel, that was as smooth as they come
  • That footwork really scuffs up some snow, but it adds to the effect
  • Nobody acts like he does
  • Steps right up into a triple lutz
  • Jeremy is back!
  • Little traveling and balance check on that scratch spin
  • He is putting this on for the fans and himself, I feel like he's not even thinking of judges right now
  • Fantastic!
  45.78 (TES) + 44.45 (PCS) = 90.23

18) Armin Mahbanoozadeh
  Music: Kashmir
  • Made a coaching change, looking more confident
  • Good 3a, 3f-3t
  • He's ticking off the elements which is exactly what you want in a good short
  • He is very calm tonight, very smooth and fast
  • He uses the whole body well, and the arm movements actually mean something, it's not just flailing
  • Fantastic improvement from him after a difficult GP series
  44.54 (TES) + 36.12 (PCS) = 80.66

19) Joshua Farris
  Music: Clair de Lune
  • I died for him all Junior Grand Prix season, he was like a breath of fresh air
  • Oh no, that was a very awkward landing on the triple axel
  • He seems very tense tonight, usually he's so calm and smooth
  • Oh no, he just tripped a little in footwork, he's just not the relaxed skater we saw all year
  • Such beautiful lightness to those spins
  33.65 (TES) + 32.78 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 65.43

20) Stephen Carriere
  Music: La Vie en Rose

  • This is a new approach to La Vie en Rose
  • Gigantic 3a, but a stumble out
  • Good 3a-3t combo
  • He's almost a little too fast, seems out of control

  36.88 (TES) + 34.94 (PCS) = 71.82

Start No.NameScore
117Jeremy Abbott, Detroit SC90.23
22Adam Rippon, SC of NY82.94
318Armin Mahbanoozadeh, WA FSC80.66
47Ross Miner, SC Of Boston78.90
515Keegan Messing, AK Assoc of Figure Skaters76.66
611Max Aaron, Broadmoor SC76.01
716Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC75.68
814Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of AZ72.50
920Stephen Carriere, SC Of Boston71.82
1012Grant Hochstein, St. Clair Shores FSC67.89
118Jonathan Cassar, All Year FSC67.86
1213Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC67.47
133Scott Dyer, All Year FSC66.49
1419Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC65.43
154Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC57.73
166William Brewster, Detroit SC55.70
171Richard Dornbush, All Year FSC51.59
185Alexander Aiken, Atlanta FSC49.05
1910Daniel Raad, FL Everblades FSC47.11
209Wesley Campbell, Colonial FSC45.93

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