Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Cup of China Men's Short Program LIVE BLOG

1) Jialiang Wu (CHN)
     Music: Poeta en el puerto
  • Good triple-triple to start things off
  • The Chinese Men have always been good jumpers, where he'll be lacking is in the components mark
  • I really liked his music choice
  • Sorry for the lack of commentary, my feed cut out mid-program
SP Score: 37.35 (TES) + 27.71 (PCS) = 65.06

2) Nan Song (CHN)
     Music: Requiem for a Dream
  • He too is a very strong jumper but will be lacking in the components mark
  • This is a big day for the Chinese men, they don't get much international exposure
  • Good effort on the footwork
  • I hate that butt in the air spin
  • The home crowd will love that!
SP Score: 41.38 (TES) + 31.34 (PCS) = 72.72

3) Richard Dornbush (USA)
     Music: The Fifth
  • Come on Ricky (my mom loves him!)
  • Ricky start, fall right off the top
  • Hand down on the triple axel
  • He had really awesome speed
  • I appreciate that he is really going after the program, but he looks a little wild out there, there are times when you need to reign it in
  • That being said I do like this program and he needs to find the appropriate intensity level, he'll get there by Nationals
SP Score: 31.50 (TES) +32.43  (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 62.93

4) Kevin Reynolds (CAN)
     Music: Chambermaid Swing
  • Look for some big Quad action to come
  • Nice toe-tapping footwork to start off
  • 4s-3t like it was nothing
  • His hair is too much for me, I just can't stop thinking of Frodo
  • Wild turn out of the triple axel, tries to save it and does a few turns and puts a hand down
  • I like that knee down entry into the triple lutz
  • He has moments of performance, but slips in and out a lot
  • His spins really hold him back, he'd do well to work with somebody like Lambiel or Buttle to teach him some artistry
SP Score: 31.36 (TES) +32.95  (PCS) = 64.31

5) Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN)
     Music: Etude in D sharp minor patetico
  • Only 16, a baby in Men's figure skating but so strong already
  • I love this program
  • 4toe!!
  • Really nice triple axel, he has really good flow on the edges out of his jumps
  • He looks like Johnny Weir out there in that donut spin in baby blue
  • Huge 3f-3t
  • Really beautiful footwork
  • Good sit spin variations, I like the arms out at the sides
  • He is really something special, he has a bit of polishing to do but I bet anything he'll be a World champ someday
SP Score: 44.93 (TES) + 36.44 (PCS) = 81.37

6) Jeremy Abbott (USA)
     Music: Bei mir bist du schoen, Swing Kids
  • Nice opening choreography
  • 3f-3t
  • I hope we'll see a Quad later this season
  • Solid triple axel
  • I'm obsessed with the toe point in the sit spin!!
  • I'm no fan of Benji Schwimmer but this is really good choreography, not a second is wasted
  • Funky landing out of that triple lutz
  • I like the costume too, it's understated
SP Score: 40.39 (TES) +38.93  (PCS) = 79.32

7) Artur Gachinski (RUS)
     Music: Saint Louis Blues
  • Quad-triple, messy and slanted in the air just like his idol Plushenko
  • That was a very ugly spread eagle into that triple axel
  • That broken leg camel spin is horrendous looking, as is that wrapped sit spin
  • I feel about this like I feel about a Plushenko program; good jumps, not much else happening
SP Score: 44.63 (TES) + 37.01 (PCS) = 81.64

8) Nobunari Oda (JPN)
      Music: Memphis Soul Stew
  • Gigantic triple axel, he has the softest knees of any skater I've seen
  • Nice big triple-triple
  • But where is the Quad?
  • Loved that little West Side Story jump!
  • Triple flip
  • He has the springiest legs I've ever seen, like Tigger
  • Perfect technique on the jumps, and more performance than I'v seen from him in a while
SP Score: 39.68 (TES) + 37.97 (PCS) = 77.65

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  1. Just skimming through quick and couldn't HELP but comment - Kevin would do well to work with ANYONE at this point. I hate watching natural talent drizzle and fade due to poor coaching :S I could seriously rant for years about it. Bah.