Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Trophee Eric Bompard Men's Short Program LIVE BLOG

1) Romain Ponsart (FRA)
  • This is my first time seeing Romain and I'm excited!
  • Very nice 4t!
  • Stumble out of the triple axel, hands down, very splayed out on the ice
  • Popped the 3rd jump to a single, he didn't do a combination unless I missed it on the 1st jump
  • He is a very theatrical skater and this music suits him so well
  • He is so expressive and so passionate, especially in this step sequence
  • Even with those jumping errors, he is a joy to watch
  • I'd like to see him relax his upper body a little more to move more fluidly through some of his positions
  • Very abrupt ending, if you've been reading me  you know I hate that
SP Score: 23.36 (TES) + 27.67 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 50.03

2) Chafik Besseghier (FRA)
     Music: Artsakh
  • He reminds me of a mini Florent, both in looks and in style
  • Took the first jump to the knee, but almost made it look intentional rather than like a fall
  • Huge height and power in the triple axel, but again hand down and almost to the knee
  • And we have a pop, these young Frenchmen are struggling to jump today
  • He has so much energy and power through this program, but I would love to see more expression on his face
SP Score: 19.14 (TES) + 27.29 (PCS) = 46.43

3) Nan Song (CHN)
     Music: Requiem for a Dream
  • This program was amazing at Cup of China, let's see if he's carried that momentum here
  • 4t-3t, looked so easy for him
  • He has that catlike ability to land almost anything, even if it looks awful in the air
  • Huge triple axel
  • Everything he does on the ice is huge
  • Really low landing on the triple lutz
  • He is really throwing everything he has in him into this footwork
  • If he does this in the free, he may be up on the podium again!
  • I hate that "butt out" spin position 
  • What a short program, he laid down the gauntlet for the 2nd group of men
  • He is a special talent, if he worked with a dance teacher and a top choreographer, her could really contend for medals
SP Score: 44.92 (TES) + 31.61 (PCS) = 76.53

4) Kevin Reynolds (CAN)
     Music: Chambermaid Swing
  • Kevin is a little more stylish this year
  • Both jumps of that opening 4s-3t looked two-footed to me
  • He struggled on that axel, was that even a triple?
  • I loved those steps into that triple lutz
  • This choreography is a bit strange for me, I get that he's trying to show he can perform and not just jump, but this is just a bit odd for me
  • Good short program outing for him overall
SP Score: 32.57 (TES) + 32.99 (PCS) = 65.56

5) Alexander Majorov (SWE)
     Music: Soul Bossa Nova
  • Oh Austin Powers
  • Triple axel, hand down
  • This costume is very bizarre, but it fits the music at least
  • I missed the jump but saw the fall, I think that was a triple axel?
  • His programs still look very junior-ish to me
  • That was a very abrupt ending in the music and in the choreography
  • He has a lot of maturing to do
SP Score: 32.45 (TES) + 30.67 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 62.12

6) Florent Amodio (FRA)
     Music: Summertime, Jumpin Jack
  • Big 3a
  • He looks really comfortable over his legs today, opposite of Skate America
  • Could those pants get any tighter
  • Mr. Gershwin would roll over in his grave if he heard his music in combination with Jumpin Jack
  • I hate that in every program, he stands at the end of the rink and gestures wildly before going into his footwork, it is the equivalent of a runner starting a spring from the blocks
  • A little tight on some of the jumps, but he'll be happy with that home performance
SP Score: 36.11 (TES) + 35.31 (PCS) = 71.42

7) Adam Rippon (USA)
     Music: Korobushko by Bond
  • In this costume I feel he should be skating to Trepak from Nutcracker
  • Rippon lutz! I miss that at every competition he's not in
  • Very low landing on the triple axel, needed more flow in the exit edge
  • Very stiffled 3F-3t
  • He is landing the jumps, but they look rushed today,  two-foots here and there
  • He didnt' have the technical package of Song, but that was a more complete program with stronger spins, more elaborate footwork, and better performance quality
SP Score: 36.42 (TES) + 36.54 (PCS) = 72.96

8) Nobunari Oda (JPN)
     Music: Memphis Soul Stew
  • What happened to Nobu's jumps? No Quad, falling out, where has he gone?
  • That shirt looks like a piece of art taken off the wall at MOMA
  • He usually has such long gliding edges out of his jumps but everything looks so stiffled today
  • He still has the softest knees in figure skating
  • I love his sit spin variation!
  • There was just no life to that program
SP Score: 27.52 (TES) + 36.43 (PCS) -1.00 (DED)= 62.95

9) Michal Brezina (CZE)
     Music: Best of Kodo
  • I'm not a fan of re-using programs, I find it to be cheating
  • Big 4t-but only a double toe
  • Nice jumping overall today
  • This choreography brings out the subtle nuances of the music quite well
  • Very good execution of this short, but that tends to be easier when you are using last year's short
  • His spins are quite slow, probably the weakest aspect of his skating
SP Score: 36.51 (TES) + 37.81 (PCS) = 74.32

10) Patrick Chan (CAN)
      Music: Take Five
  • Again with last year's program, we've seen this program now like how many times?
  •  Fall on the opening Quad toe, how do you botch a program you've been doing forever? Undertraining?
  • Beautiful exit from the triple axel, he could have sat on that edge for a minute and not run out of speed
  • Steps into 3F-3T, equally beautiful
  • I like this music because it is in a difficult time signature and it forces the skater to really listen and skate into the music rather than over it
  • He has such gorgeous swing on his free leg
  • I hate that its recycled, but that's how you do a complete program
SP Score: 41.20 (TES) + 43.96 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 84.16

1Patrick CHAN
5Florent AMODIO
7Nobunari ODA
8Alexander MAJOROV

 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Patrick CHANCAN84.1641.2043.968.968.648.618.938.821.00#10
2Nan SONGCHN76.5344.9231.616.545.866.576.326.320.00#3
3Michal BREZINACZE74.3236.5137.817.647.187.717.647.640.00#9
4Adam RIPPONUSA72.9636.4236.547.367.007.437.327.430.00#7
5Florent AMODIOFRA71.4236.1135.317.186.467.
6Kevin REYNOLDSCAN65.5632.5732.996.576.396.646.646.750.00#4
7Nobunari ODAJPN62.9527.5236.437.757.
8Alexander MAJOROVSWE62.1232.4530.676.145.826.186.216.321.00#5
9Romain PONSARTFRA50.0323.3627.675.964.965.575.505.681.00#1
10Chafik BESSEGHIERFRA46.4319.1427.295.685.115.465.615.430.00#2

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