Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Trophee Eric Bompard Ladies Short Program LIVE BLOG

1) Sonia LaFuente (ESP)
     Music: Cry Me A River
  • I love this costume! The coloring on the straps is so interesting
  • Nice triple lutz to start off
  • Triple loop-double toe
  • Spiral into a double axel
  • All her jumps are landed, but none of them get a lot of height and they rotate pretty slowly
  • She needs to really straighten that leg on the camel spin
  • Decent footwork, but I wish she'd show a little more expression on her face
  • She needs to look up and out instead of down at the ice
  • She needs to straighten her knee on the I-Spin
SP Score: 27.43 (TES) + 22.08 (PCS) = 49.51

2) Yretha Silete (FRA)
     Music: Black Swan
  • Interesting to use this this music for the short, it's been mostly a free skate piece all season
  • She can jump, but there's not much style there
  • Stumble out of the double axel
  • This is somebody who shouldn't be doing a Bielmann spin, if you can't do it great, then don't do it at all
SP Score: 26.60 (TES) + 21.65 (PCS) = 48.25

3) Lena Marrocco (FRA)
     Music: Minnie the Moocher
  • This is a very different sort of program, grabs your attention right away
  • Doubles the flip, that will hurt
  • Turn out of the lutz, double toe on the end
  • Nice double axel
  • Her hands are very stiff, that breaks the arm line
  • I appreciate her attempt at performance, she should take some acting classes to teach her how to relax her face while still expressing the music
  • This step sequence showcases the nuances of the music
  • The whole thing looks a little frantic to me
  • Hits her last pose slightly after the music
  • That was a decent outing, not terrible, not great
SP Score: 22.95 (TES) + 21.00 (PCS) = 43.95

4) Elizaveta Tuktamisheva (RUS)
     Music: Tango by Piazzolla
  • Go Liza!
  • Nice 3-3 combo, get it girl!
  • She is looking stronger that Skate Canada, going to give those top ladies a run for their money
  • Her jumps just look so easy
  • This program looks more mature that at Skate Canada
SP Score: 34.99 (TES) + 27.05 (PCS) = 62.04

5) Mae Berenice Meite (FRA)
     Music: Derniere Lettre du Prince
  • She always wears such loud flashy costumes
  • Solid opening combination, she rotated very quickly
  • I think she would have done quite well under the 6.0 system
  • Did she go through a growth spurt in the off season?
  • She is going through the motions really slowly in this step sequence
  • Love the music by the way
  • Some one of her muscular build should FLY across the ice
  • Very nice stretch in the came spin
  • I don't know that that costume is the best for showing off her body line
SP Score: 28.71 (TES) + 21.78 (PCS) = 50.49

6) Viktoria Helgesson (SWE)
     Music: My Funny Valentine
  • What lives under that hair
  • I don't like this version of My Funny Valentine, but that's just a personal opinion
  • So far so clean
  • She looks like a new skater today, that Skate America medal has given her so much confidence
  • Interesting spin variations
  • I love that she skates like a woman and not like a little girl
  • I liked this program much better here than at Skate America
SP Score: 28.13 (TES) + 26.03 (PCS) = 54.16

7) Kanako Murakami (JPN)
     Music: Violin Muse
  • She needs to get the confidence back that she had last year on the Grand Prix
  • She is in a similar situation to Mirai Nagasu, she had a rough 1st Grand Prix so now she can skate lights out here
  • Funky second landing, but hits the 3-3!
  • She is carrying good speed throughout!
  • She is really looking good in this step sequence
  • I'd love to see her look up and out more rather than down at the ice
  • She is so happy, so different from her last outing!
SP Score: 28.88 (TES) + 26.89 (PCS) = 55.77

8) Alissa Czisny (USA)
     Music: La Vie En Rose
  • I love this program on her
  • Triple lutz, a little shaky on the landing, let's hope that's the only bobble
  • Turn out of the triple loop-double toe
  • Weird swing out of the double axel
  • Her jumps are not there today, but at least she didn't fall!
  • This is such an elegant program
  • Her PCS and the spin levels should hold her up pretty close the top even though the jumps were off
  • Not her best, but she recovered from early mistakes and didn't fall
SP Score: 27.49 (TES) +  (PCS) = 57.25

9) Carolina Kostner (ITA)
      Music: Allegretto From Trio No. 2 by Shostakovitch
  • Awesome speed
  • Triple toe-triple toe, very tight quick rotation
  • Is he underlayer of her costume different
  • Was that a hand down on that triple salchow?
  • A lot of ice coverage on the double axel
  • Oh goodness, a fall on footwork, a simple concentration break
  • She had a dear in the headlights look there for a minute and had trouble finding where to restart it
SP Score: 29.88 (TES) + 30.82 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 59.70

2Carolina KOSTNER
3Alissa CZISNY
6Mae Berenice MEITE
8Yretha SILETE

  Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVARUS62.0434.99 27.056.686.257.076.896.930.00#4
2Carolina KOSTNERITA59.7029.88 30.827.867.367.617.827.861.00#9
3Alissa CZISNYUSA57.2527.49 29.767.506.937.437.647.710.00#8
4Kanako MURAKAMIJPN55.7728.88 26.896.866.396.796.796.790.00#7
5Viktoria HELGESSONSWE54.1628.13 26.036.576.146.686.576.570.00#6
6Mae Berenice MEITEFRA50.4928.71 21.785.615.185.505.575.360.00#5
7Sonia LAFUENTEESP49.5127.43 22.085.685.215.715.615.390.00#1
8Yretha SILETEFRA48.2526.60 21.655.465.185.435.615.390.00#2
9Lena MARROCCOFRA43.9522.95 21.005.324.935.325.435.250.00#3

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