Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Trophee Eric Bompard Ladies Free Skate LIVE BLOG

1) Lena Marrocco (FRA)
     Music: Notre Dame de Paris
  • Hello Esmerelda!
  • I missed the 1st 30 seconds so I don't know how she started off
  • She's a decent little jumper when she's on...but her arms tend to kind of do whatever they want without exact placement
  • She does a decent job of acting the character as well
  • I'd like her to look up and out more
  • This program looks very junior-ish, but she is very young
  • Not really much too this program in the way of composition, I don't see the spins or footwork receiving very great levels
  • She finally looked up on that spiral!
  • A lot of little errors here and there
FS Score: 43.14 (TES) + 39.88 (PCS) = 83.02
Total Score: 43.95 (SP) + 83.02 (FS) = 126.97

2) Yretha Silete (FRA)
     Music: Xotica
  • Hello loud costume
  • Those hair clips + flower + the dangles in the back are really distracting
  • Fall on the opening jump
  • She has a lot of power in those legs
  • At least this program has more in the way of choreography than Marrocco
  • She's taken 2 very hard falls, both out of jumps that looked underrotated
  • That split jump needs more height and stretch if she's going to do it
  • All her jump landings are shaky
  • I don't know how those loose pieces on her costume aren't driving her nuts in the spins and jumps
  • I hope she's not hurt after those hard falls she took
FS Score: 47.60 (TES) + 42.05 (PCS) - 2.00 (DED) = 87.65
Total Score: 48.25 (SP) + 87.65 (FS) = 135.90

3) Sonia LaFuente (ES)
     Music: Concierto de Aranjuez
  • I've had quite enough Aranjuez for one event thank you
  • Hand down on the opening jump
  • Sonia is looking pretty good so far
  • Hardly any height at all on these jumps, but she's landing at least
  • She could really straighten out her free let on that sit spin and point the foot
  • There is no attempt at expression here at all
  • Very nice hair cutter spin position, ended after the music
FS Score: 42.99 (TES) + 43.82 (PCS)  = 86.81
Total Score: 49.51 (SP) + 86.81 (FS) = 136.32

4) Mae Berenice Meite (FRA)
     Music: Fever, Jessica's Theme, Hey Pachuko
  • This costume is just way too much
  • And when you can see your tights in the back, you know the dress is cut to low
  • She is mostly hitting the jumps
  • The other elements of her program are slowly improving each competition
  • The home crowd is loving her
  • Her free leg is wrapped really high
  • She is putting on a show for the home crowd
FS Score: 51.87 (TES) + 44.08 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 94.95
Total Score: 50.49 (SP) + 94.95 (FS) = 145.44

5) Viktoria Helgesson (SWE)
     Music: Sunset Boulevard
  • Nice 3 jump combo
  • It's fun to watch the sleeve puffs as she rotates her jumps
  • If we have to hear Webber, I'm glad it's something other than Phantom or Evita
  • So much passion in this footwork, She's a much different skater now after the confidence boost of winning Bronze at Skate America
  • This program is a joy to watch, she's really giving it everything she has
FS Score: 48.59 (TES) + 52.15 (PCS) = 100.74
Total Score: 54.16 (SP) + 100.74 (FS) = 154.90

6) Kanako Murakami (JPN)
     Music: Violin Concerto
  • I like this music on her a lot
  • She looks so much more confident than she did in China
  • She is flying through this beginning, but its a little sloppy
  • She still looks like a little girl wearing big girl clothes
  • 2nd popped jump, she's had a look of surprise on her face both times
  • A skate with 2 singles is not going to put any pressure on the top ladies
  • She is flying through everything, not taking time to hit any positions or feel the music
  • She's a very emotional skater, in China she was crying after a decent skate, and now after two pops she's laughing at herself
FS Score: 51.66 (TES) + 53.88 (PCS) = 105.54
Total Score: 55.77 (SP) + 105.54 (FS) = 161.31

7) Alissa Czisny (USA)
     Music: Valse Triste
  • 2 clean triples, and then she singles the axel
  • Gorgeous spiral of course
  • Alissa & Johnny Weir could've done pairs because the both jump and spin the same way
  • Beautiful arch in the back on the camel
  • Triple-double, no attempt at the 3-3 combo today
  • There we go with a clean double axel
  • All of the jumps seem to be a little pitched forward, they aren't perfect but she's learned to fight
  • That straight leg and pointed toe on the sit spin are to die for!
  • She is interpreting the music and performing much better overall here than she did at Skate America
  • Why do I even comment on the spins, they're always going to be beautiful!
  • She should be pretty happy with that, will be enough to medal
FS Score: 60.06 (TES) + 61.84 (PCS)  = 121.90
Total Score: 57.25 (SP) + 121.90 (FS) = 179.15

8) Carolina Kostner (ITA)
     Music: Adagio from Concerto 3 by Mozart
  • Huge spring on the opening triple
  • Now she's doubling jumps
  • Really great speed as usual
  • There is a smile finally!
  • Really tight rotation, body position is perpendicular to the ice
FS Score: 66.97 (TES) + 63.65 (PCS) = 119.62
Total Score: 59.70 (SP) + 119.62 (FS) = 179.32

9) Elizaveta Tuktamisheva (RUS)
     Music: Latin Selection
  • I wish she'd soften her hands
  • Nice 3-3 combination!
  • She's performing a little more today than she did in Canada
  • This program still looks junior-ish, which it should since she's 14
  • We'll see if the judges place her above or below the veterans, there's hardly room between them
  • She really needs to straighten that foot on the sit spin
  • What a little jumping bean!
  • Very nice skate from Liza, do they give it to her? I think they have to unless there were deductions that we didn't see
FS Score: 63.66 (TES) + 57.19 (PCS) = 120.85
Total Score: 62.04 (SP) + 120.85 (FS) = 182.89

2Carolina KOSTNER
3Alissa CZISNY
6Mae Berenice MEITE
8Yretha SILETE

  Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Alissa CZISNYUSA121.9060.06 61.847.866.968.047.758.040.00#7
2Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVARUS120.8563.66
3Carolina KOSTNERITA119.6255.97 63.658.117.507.828.148.210.00#8
4Kanako MURAKAMIJPN105.5451.66 53.887.046.256.826.826.750.00#6
5Viktoria HELGESSONSWE100.7448.59 52.156.576.146.646.576.680.00#5
6Mae Berenice MEITEFRA94.9551.87 44.085.795.005.615.615.541.00#4
7Yretha SILETEFRA87.6547.60 42.055.394.935.255.465.252.00#2
8Sonia LAFUENTEESP86.8142.99 43.825.795.215.505.505.390.00#3
9Lena MARROCCOFRA83.0243.14 39.885.294.465.

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