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2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Trophee Eric Bompard Mens Free Skate LIVE BLOG

1) Chafik Besseghier (FRA)
     Music: Massive Attack, Children, Safrio Duo
  • Two foots that opening jump
  • This is very cool music, but I don't know that the costume matches
  • Really good power into that triple axel, stumble out
  • Please give us some face!!
  • This softer section in the middle is very nice musically
  • I know this music from somewhere but I can't think of where
  • It's interesting because he's landing all the jumps but none of them are pretty, none of them have a nice glide out
  • He must be nervous because everything looks stiffled, even in this footwork everything looks small and constricted, he isn't going all out
  • He needs to point that foot!
FS Score: 58.58 (TES) + 55.38 (PCS) - (DED) = 113.96
Total Score: 46.43 (SP) + 113.96 (FS) = 160.39

2) Romain Ponsart (FRA)
     Music: Romeo and Juliet
  • He is a beauty of a skater, its a shame about that first fall
  • I love his look on the ice and this romantic music suits him well
  • He is quite expressive
  • I love his posture and carriage
  • He has a very fast clean rotation on his jumps
  • He has all the goods if he could build some consistency, perhaps the 2nd coming of Joubert
  • A few mistakes, but he shows nice promise and is young for a male skater
FS Score: 54.94 (TES) +56.48  (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 110.42
Total Score: 50.03 (SP) + 110.42 (FS) = 160.45

3) Alexandre Majorov (SWE)
     Music: Flamenco Bolero
  • Please no! He's much too young and not artistic enough for Bolero
  • That weird hip roll was just bizarre
  • He needs to lift his head up to the audience
  • That mesh shirted costume is more Boy George than Bolero
  • This footwork is doing nothing for me, its slow and it lacks a flamenco flair
  • He rotates very quickly, sometimes he goes in with too much speed and can't control it
  • Nothing about his skating is much too pretty but he does attack those jumps nonetheless
  • He is attacking the 2nd step sequence much harder, I appreciate the commitment to the piece, at least at the end
  • Ends a bit before the music
  • The whole thing was a little wild and sloppy for my taste, but the strongest free thus far
FS Score: 65.78 (TES) + 62.70 (PCS) - (DED) = 128.48
Total Score: 62.12 (SP) + 128.48 (FS) = 190.60

4) Nobunari Oda (JPN)
     Music: Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • I like this new softer approach for him, but I miss the gigantic jumps
  • 3A-2t-1t combo, count those combos Nobu!
  • Oh Goodness, we're losing the jumps
  • Oh now, a fall on footwork and it takes him a long time to get back into the movements
  • This is so unfortunate that he's not up to his best this season
  • Unless there are major major issues at the top, this will likely leave him off the podium
  • Goodness me, two more falls on the next two jumping passes, what is happening to him today?
  • The jumps are his big strength, he must be either sick or injured for them to have left him in this way
  • He has completely left performance mode as well, this is so sad to see him breakdown like this
FS Score: 46.63 (TES) + 60.62 (PCS) - 3.00 (DED) = 104.25
Total Score: 62.95 (SP) + 104.25 (FS) = 167.20

5) Kevin Rynolds (CAN)
     Music: Chrono Trigger
  • Withdrew from the Free Skate
FS Score:  (TES) +  (PCS) - (DED) =
Total Score: 65.56 (SP) + (FS) =

6) Florent Amodio (FRA)
     Music: Besamo Much, Rio
  • He is self-destructing circa Skate America with bailed jumps and falls
  • He stops mid-program to pose more than anybody I know
  • This is the weirdest program, I feel like nothing happens, exactly like his program last year
  • I feel like this is not even a program, there is just no through line to it
FS Score: 60.48 (TES) + 70.44 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 129.92
Total Score: 71.42 (SP) + 129.92 (FS) = 201.34

7) Adam Rippon (JPN)
     Music: Air, Toccata and Fugue
  • This is such a beautiful, elegant piece
  • Two footed and landed with the chest down, but that was the Quad Lutz
  • Spread eagle into triple axel, landed really low, bt landed
  • Very clean flow out of the triple sal
  • I love that floating arm on the twist sit spin variation
  • He makes every moment mean something
  • Could there be a bigger contrast from Amodio to Rippon?
  • I love the placement of that 2nd triple axel right as Toccata begins
  • He's landed his big elements now if he can just stay clean
  • A little funny off of the triple lutz, but landed in combination
  • Great Rippon lutz right on a musical shift
  • I LOVE that toe point on the sit spin
  • The arrangement of this music is fantastic
  • Good job, fist pump!
FS Score: 70.05 (TES) + 74.88 (PCS) = 144.93
Total Score: 72.96 (SP) + 144.93 (FS) = 217.89

8) Michal Brezina (CZE)
     Music: The Untouchables
  • Will we actually see a program unlike the splatfest that was Skate America?
  • Huge 3A
  • Huge 4t-3t, stumble out
  • He is coming out so much more aggressive here than at Skate America, which is nice to see
  • I don't like the techno arrangement of this piece
  • Very clean jumping today from Brezina
  • Stumble out of 2nd triple axel
  • This program as a whole does nothing for me other than jumping, the spins are weak and he does not "perform it"
FS Score: 67.72 (TES) + 76.56 (PCS) = 144.28
Total Score: 74.32 (SP) + 144.28 (FS) = 218.60

9) Nan Song (CHN)
     Music: Hungarian Rhapsody
  • That is one very shiny vest
  • Get ready for some jumps
  • Turn out of the 4t, ugly air position
  • HUGE 4t-3t
  • This is not much more than a string of big jumps with some arm movements
  • Solid 3a
  • He actually does a decent job of pointing the foot on the sit spin and turning out the leg
  • Nearly into the boards on the 2nd 3A
  • All these air positions are ugly, but he straightens them out on the landings, amazing athleticism
  • I hate that ugly upside down spin
FS Score: 79.93 (TES) + 67.64 (PCS) = 147.57
Total Score: 76.53 (SP) + 147.57 (FS) = 224.10

10) Patrick Chan (CAN)
      Music: Concierto de Aranjuez
  • Very clean Quad Toe, I love the immediately outstretched arms to check the landing
  • 4t-3t
  • Bail out of the 3A, into a 2A
  • This first footwork sequence is very nice, oops, caught an edge and puts hands down, not sure if that was a fall or not
  • You can't deny that he is a rare talent, even with falls and silly mistakes, he performs to he max and makes it all look beautiful
  • Stumble, hands down again
  • He always starts the season a little rough like this
  • His spins seem to have gotten faster this season
  • Another stumble out of, what looked to be a bail to a double
  • This simply won't do later in the season, but for now it should be good enough
FS Score: 72.30 (TES) + 85.14 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 156.44
Total Score: 84.16 (SP) + 156.44 (FS) = 240.60

1Patrick CHAN
5Florent AMODIO
6Alexander MAJOROV
7Nobunari ODA

 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Patrick CHANCAN156.4472.30 85.148.828.368.218.648.541.00#10
2Nan SONGCHN147.5779.93 67.647.006.146.966.936.790.00#9
3Adam RIPPONUSA144.9370.05 74.887.577.117.547.547.680.00#7
4Michal BREZINACZE144.2867.72 76.567.897.147.827.617.820.00#8
5Florent AMODIOFRA129.9260.48 70.447.146.507.
6Alexander MAJOROVSWE128.4865.78 62.706.396.006.396.216.360.00#3
7Chafik BESSEGHIERFRA113.9658.58 55.385.795.295.575.505.540.00#1
8Romain PONSARTFRA110.4254.94 56.485.935.145.715.755.711.00#2
9Nobunari ODAJPN104.2546.63 60.626.865.715.466.575.713.00#4
WDKevin REYNOLDSCAN          #5

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