Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Junior Ice Dance Preview

Podium Predictions: 
1) Aldridge/Eaton
2) Bonacorsi/Mager
3) Heritage/Fast
4) Parsons/Parsons 

Aldridge & Eaton have by far my favorite free dance of the entire season, and that is including all senior competitors. Lord of the Dance suits them perfectly and everything fits the theme. They really emerged as the top US Jr Dance team this grand prix season, winning a silver, a gold, and finishing 4th in a very stacked grand prix final. They also have the momentum going in and they're the team to beat. After winning silver last year at Nationals, Bonacorsi & Mager were in line to be the top Jr team from the US, but I honestly find their programs a little dull this season. These two teams will go one, two unless something crazy happens. There are many teams that scored in the 113-116 range in sectionals, but I'm giving the edge to Heritage & Fast and Parsons & Parsons because I think they have the best programs and that is something that can separate teams that are really close in ability.

Because I love it so much, I give you the fabulous free dance of Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton

Aldridge/Eaton-BYE-2nd at 2011 JGP Austria (136.85); 4th at 2011 JGP Final (129.01)
Bertsch/Dispenza-1st at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (114.47)
Bonacorsi/Mager-1st at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (123.66); 3rd at 2011 JGP Italy (129.63)
Dzierzanowski/Dispenza-4th at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (82.70)
Gamelin/Gamelin-4th at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (103.01)
Hawayek/Bramante-2nd at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (113.23)
Heritage/Fast-2nd at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (114.57)
Howe/Jahnke-3rd at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (104.75)
Jeandell/Dodge-4th at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (87.27)
Mancini/Brooks-3rd at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (100.70)
McNamara/Carpenter-3rd at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (110.82)
Parsons/Parsons-2nd at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (113.39); 9th at 2011 JGP Poland (107.97)
Pogrebinsky/Gudis-1st at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (115.13)

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