Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Junior Ladies Preview

Podium Predictions:
1) Gracie Gold
2) Barbie Long
3) Mariah Bell
4) Hannah Miller

The Midwestern Sectional was a tight competition this year, and I think that the four young ladies who qualified out of that group will be the four medalists at Nationals. While all four are fantastic, Gracie Gold (has a nice ring to it doesn't it) is far and away the best if she can hit. She blew away the international field in her first Junior Grand Prix this season in Estonia. Hannah Miller also made a strong debut on the JGP winning a bronze in Italy. Long, Bell, and Miller were the top three novice medalists last season, so it only makes sense that they'd be together on the podium again this season. It's so difficult to predict future stars this young, but let's hope that these top four girls will challenge each other down the road for senior World medals. Ashley Cain was the only lady in this group to compete in two JGPs and she made a strong showing. She has really great lines and scores very high in the PCS mark, so if she can hit her jumps, she could fight for the podium.


Mariah Bell-3rd at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (150.93)
Ashley Cain-BYE-6th at 2011 JGP Latvia (132.95); 5th at 2011 JGP Poland (125.16)
Camille Davis-4th at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (114.49)
Polina Edmunds-3rd at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (123.55)
Gracie Gold-1st at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (174.90); 1st at 2011 JGP Estonia (172.69)
Janelle Herman-4th at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (122.09)
Jessica Hu-3rd at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (125.59)
Katarina Kulgeyko-1st at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (133.07)
Barbie Long-2nd at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (151.92)
Hannah Miller-4th at 2011 Midwestern Sectionals (148.43); 3rd at JGP Italy (146.74)
Haley Mulera-6th at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (110.71)
Gwendolyn Prescott-2nd at 2011 Pacific Sectionals (128.20)
Allison Timlen-2nd at 2011 Eastern Sectionals (125.83)

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