Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Junior Men's Short Program

And we have warm-up group 1 on the exciting!

1) Timothy Dolensky
   Music: Windfall by Timothy Dolensky
  • He is skating to a piece that he composed
  • Nice 3-3 combination there
  • Beautiful expressive quality in his upper body
  • He reminds me of Tim Goebel for some reason
  • This is a beautiful piece of music
  • Good stretch on that back catch foot spin
  • I love the softness in his skating
  • Needs to point the foot more in that low sit position
  • Good solid skating, he'll be pleased with that
  • Based on his sectionals scores, he should be a contender for the podium and even the title
33.98 (TES) + 29.22 (PCS) = 63.20

2) Lucas Kaugars
   Music: Music from Duplicity
  • This boy looks like a fullback, let's see how he skates
  • Wow he can jump, that 3-3 was huge!
  • Does he train with Tom Z? That would explain why he jumps so well
  • His spins are on the slow side, but he skates pretty fast overall
  • He looks down at the ice in concentration a lot, I want him to open up and use his face more
  • Wow, splashy ending, I though he tripped, but that was actually his ending pose
  • So he isn't coached by Tom Z, but I do believe that is Becky Calvin
29.32 (TES) + 28.64 (PCS) = 57.96

3) Ryan Hartley
   Music: Malaguena
  • Nice been 2A to start
  • This costume is a little bland for me, it needs some sparkle
  • I have no idea how he saved those jumps, they were so tilted in the air
  • He is zippy, but he is really stiff, he needs to loosen up his upper body relax his face a little
  • Now that I see the costume up close, I like it!
  • He does not look was a nice performance, just a little rushed
  • Wow, he and his coach just took off as soon as the scores came up
22.35 (TES) + 22.32 (PCS) = 44.67

4) Jay Yostanto
   Music: The Untouchables by Ennio Morricone
  • This music is big this season
  • I love that costume
  • That was a huge axel, big height on that, was it a triple?
  • Losing a lot of speed in the spins
  • I liked that program as a whole
30.43 (TES) + 24.49 (PCS) = 54.72

5) Philip Warren
   Music: Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix
  • Well there's a wild costume for you, but it certainly fits the music!
  • Really high jumps, a little wild
  • He is quite the showman, I love this choreography
  • That was a fun performance, I really enjoyed it
  • Again, another Tammy Gambill skater, so it makes sense that he is such a performer
28.70 (TES) + 28.72 (PCS) = 57.42

6) Emmanuel Savary
   Music: Black Cat, White Cat, various artists
  • I saw this kid live a few months ago, he's a really sweet kid
  • I like that costume a lot, very Jackson Five
  • He is a fun little performer
  • This is really cool music
  • Oh boy, sat the first jump right down, his feet were tangled under him
  • Good double axel to recover
  • Really slow in the camel spin
  • Oh no, another fall
  • Falls on 2 of 3 jumps could be costly, he'll be in a deep hole going into the free skate
  • He is not letting go of the performance, however, and I respect him greatly for that
 (TES) +  (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 36.37

7) David Wang
   Music: Tuxedo Junction by Erskine Hawkins
  • I love this piece of music, it's very charismatic and suits him well
  • He gets very deep into his knees
  • Oh no, looked like a good landing but his feet were tangled and he just pitched forward
  • Really nice program overall, very well choreographed and composed
  • Well performed as well for that matter
  • What is taking so long?
26.87 (TES) + 27.75 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 52.62

8) Timothy Koleto
   Music: Dark Secret Waltz
  • He is so tall and I feel like he actually uses his limbs to his advantage unlike many
  • Good toe point on the sit spin
  • I'd like to see more expression on his face, he seems nervous as he's looking down at the ice
  • Becky Calvin keeps carrying that iPad around, what is she doing on that thing haha
  • Again, taking so long, they have to be reviewing edges or rotation or something of the sort
30.68 (TES) + 28.50 (PCS) = 59.18

9) Nathan Chen
   Music: WALL-E by Hans Zimmer
  • And here's the headliner
  • You don't get how good this kid is until you've seen him live
  • He skates so fast, its unreal
  • I love that his programs are youthful and fun but they are still jam packed with content
  • He gets right into the footwork
  • Really tight double axel
  • He's working on the triple axel, maybe he'll break it out in the free skate
  • Awesome 3-3 combo there!
  • I love his Donut spin position and that split jump
  • He does a jump right at the end of the program just because he's cool like that
  • 34.40 (TES) + 28.75 (PCS) = 63.20
10) Andrew Nagode
   Music: Sherlock Holmes
  • That costume reminds me of Man in the Iron Mask
  • Unfortunate fall on the first jump and a funky twist out of the 2nd 
  • Really nice double axel to come back
  • Good toe point on the sit spin
 23.02 (TES) + 25.89 (PCS) = 47.91

11) Harrison Choate
   Music: The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini
  • He has the highest qualifying score so we'll see how that fares here
  • He seems a little stiff in his upper body, looks nervous
  • 3-3 looked rushed going in, very wild in the air, fell on the 2nd jump
  • Oh no, fall on the next jump as well
  • Perhaps coming in as the top qualifier and a favorite put too much pressure on him, he just doesnt seem himself out there
  • He did his best to hold it together, for the performance, but is not what he was expecting to do
23.03 (TES) + 25.15 (PCS) -3.00 (DED) = 45.18

12) Troy Tomasello
   Music: The Three Musketeers
  • Interesting costume, I thought Man in the Iron Mask when I saw it, but 3 Musketeers is about the same
  • Oh boy, that was a hard fall too
  • Lost a lot of speed on that spin after a wonky position change
  • A bit of a rough skate,  he doesn't look too happy with that
29.15 (TES) + 25.75 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 53.90

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