Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 4 LIVE BLOG

  • Hollywood Vibe is a great competition, I used to compete there, Chris Smith the owner is awesome
  • Will Kendall ever get off of probation?
  • Abby just announced Chloe as the top of the pyramid through very clenched teeth
  • Group number about bullying, funny when Abby is a bully
  • Why is Nia the bully? Oh boy, this is going to stir up the stink!
  • I love that Nia calls her "Miss Abby"
  • Abby is losing her voice, that's like music to my ears!
  • Wow, Abby really struck a chord with Chloe this time, I missed what happened!
  • I really don't know why Abby has it out for Chloe, it's like she wants her to lose to Maddy and then she'll be slightly civil again
  • Congrats to Brooke on making the cheer team...if she wants to do that it's awesome for her
  • Nia is such a little ham, I love it
  • I loved the look on Brooke's face when all the little kids were hanging all over her
  • Jill, go to Candy Apples, you remind me of Cathy
  • On the other hand, Leslie looks like she fits right in
  • Oh no, Paige just got axed from the trio, the trio is sacred!
  • Thank goodness Leslie is asking the question we all want to know "Why do they stay in the studio when they all complain all the time?"
  • They are all acting crazy and they're only drinking coffee this time
  • This costume debacle is like every week with these people, this looks very Britney Spears circa "Baby One More Time"
  • Maddy needs to get that free leg up to parallel on those a la seconde turns and straighten out those legs on the aerial
  • I'm always saying this but, Chloe has a more mature look than Maddy
  • Peyton is totally the voice of reason amongst all of this crazy
  • I love that the moms are put on probation with the kids, it's so fitting
  • Ok so we've got some blocking issues on this trio
  • What do these 10-year-olds know about "problems with men"
  • Obviously Chloe wasn't going to sit on the tap mic
  • Abby is putting Chloe in a very crazy place
  • It's getting so hard to tell what is real and what is put on
  • Here we go, the group number is always on the verge of being a hot, tranny mess, but then it's great
  • Good for you Peyton, you are standing up for yourself when your buttons are pushed
  • This was a weird episode, I feel like everything and nothing happened all at the same time

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