Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Junior Short Dance LIVE Commentary

1) Cassandra Jeandell & Damian Dodge
   Music: Let's Get Loud/Sway
  • Good twizzling unison until the 3rd, they got a little close
  • Looked like a little misstep on the first Cha Cha sequence
  • A little bit of a botched hold on the 2nd Cha Cha sequence
  • They went with the standard girl in bright costume and guy in all black
  • He is definitely the star of this team, I love his facial expressions!
  • That rotational lift in the haircutter position was wild, she looked like she was about to fly away
  • He is an amazing performer, I'm loving him
20.42 (TES) + 17.12 (PCS) = 37.54

2) Roxette Howe & Mark Jahnke
   Music: El Beso Del Final/Dance With Me
  • Very passionate piece, right from the beginning
  • Nice change of position lift with him in that low squat
  • They both have very expressive upper bodies
  • She looks like Lynn Kriengkrairut
  • Good clean edging on the Cha Cha patterns from what I can see
25.57 (TES) + 17.76 (PCS) = 43.33

3) Jessica Mancini & Tyler Brooks
   Music: Haitian Lady
  • That's quite an elaborate costume she has on there
  • She's grown up a lot since last year
  • Good use of the arms for drama's sake by Jessica
  • She really plays to the audience well
  • I really like the Cha Cha compulsory patterns
  • Their height difference is pretty huge, it's impressive that his posture is so good
  • Wow, nearly hit the wall there
  • This piece is very seamless, you don't see it as separate elements
  • Nice rotational lift with his change of height, she breaks form a little on the exit 
26.00 (TES) + 19.81 (PCS) = 45.81

4) Jenny Dzierzanowski & Vinny Dispenza
   Music: Hot Hot Hot/Smooth
  • Wow guys those names are mouthfuls!
  • Major unison issues on the twizzles, she did at least two rotations lest than him
  • Her posture needs some work
  • I'm really surprised we haven't heard more hot, hot, hot this season
  • He seems to be much more advanced than she is, or else he copes with the nerves better
  • This piece is really picking, they're really building
  • Oh no, a double fall, and just when they were getting their momentum!
16.09 (TES) + 13.98 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 28.07

5) Lauri Bonacorsi & Travis Mager
   Music: Chilly Cha Cha/Besame Mucho
  • Very fiery and sharp right from the beginning, they are really going after it
  • Very very close together on the twizzles, slight lack of unison on the arms in set #3
  • Lauri seems a little hunched over, very nice posture from Travis
  • Nice change of position lift, but very close to the wall
  • Nice clean holds in the Cha Cha sequences, good use of arms to accent
  • Travis is a great partner
  • Very solid, no visible errors other than posture
28.35 (TES) + 25.04 (PCS) = 53.39

6) Rachel Parsons & Michael Parsons
   Music: Psychedelic Sally
  • Love these kids!
  • I love this piece of music
  • Very cute costumes, very age appropriate, I love the full skirt
  • Nice change of position lift, a little choppy in the position changes
  • Michael has beautiful leg line
  • Slight unison issue on the not-touching sequence
  • Michael was just a hair faster than Rachel on the twizzles
  • I like her positions a lot on the rotational lift
  • Really clean edges on the Cha Cha patterns from what I can see
  • Good speed and flow throughout
  • They are really well matched in terms of size and height
28.93 (TES) + 21.87 (PCS) = 50.80

7) Alexandra Aldridge & Daniel Eaton
   Music: I Need To Know
  • Here comes my favorite team right here!
  • Alexandra is working it tonight
  • She has great hip action, and she's working the Meryl Davis double ponytail!
  • Great entry into the straight line lift
  • I've never seen her so sassy before
  • Great use of the free arm
  • They are getting really close to the boards
  • This is so fast right here at the end and they are really keeping up their energy throughout
  • Tiny stumble by Alexandra toward the end, they started to get slightly out of control toward the end, but fantastic overall
27.71 (TES) + 26.71 (PCS) = 54.42

8) Elliana Pogrebinsky & Ross Gudis
   Music: Relax Max
  • These costumes don't scream Latin to me, they look more Egyptian or something
  • This team looks very novice to me for some reason
  • Mirroring twizzles are always hard to see unison issues, I suspect that's why teams do them
  • This program is a little slow moving for me
  • Nice team, but they had a tough act to follow
25.86 (TES) + 20.81 (PCS) = 46.67

9) Amanda Bertsch & Sam Kaplun
   Music: Medley
  • I think I love that dress....it's very Tanith Belbin
  • Slight unison issue right at the end of the twizzle
  • Really good speed
  • I like that layback lift
  • I like her expression a lot
  • The thing I love about ice dance is that they know how to stay in character
25.08 (TES) + 19.80 (PCS) = 44.88

10) Lorraine McNamara & Quinn Carpenter
   Music: Kaboom/Gabrie's Oboe
  • OMG I love their grand entrance to center ice, how dramatic
  • I love a good boot cover!
  • They are precious, younger than most of the Novice teams
  • Their foot work is great in that Cha Cha pattern
  • This piece of music is fantastic for this dance
  • They are fantastic, I love the joy they show out there
  • Really nice twizzle set
  • I don't know how I feel about Gabriel's Oboe over a Cha Cha rhythm
  • They are cute, but I don't get the theme, the costumes, or the elaborate entrance
  • This piece was short on Latin, but heavy on cute
28.20 (TES) + 20.91 (PCS) = 49.11

11) Danielle Gamelin & Alexander Gamelin
   Music: Corazon Espinado/La Vide es un Carnaval
  • Holy big hair
  • Wow she almost clipped his head with her skate, that would've been horrible!
  • Really close holds in the Cha Cha patterns
  • Really unfortunate double fall into the boards just as they were clicking along
  • He's just a hair faster than her on the twizzles
  • She looks shaken up after that fall, I hope she didn't hurt herself
  • Nice upside down lift
  • Really good dance from them, very sad about the falls
19.36 (TES) + 18.96 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 36.32

12) Kaitlyn Hawayek & Michael Bramante
   Music: Sway/Tequila
  • Slight unison issue on 1st twizzle
  • OMG they had identical facial expressions coming out of the 1st twizzle
  • I really like that color on her
  • This team is really high energy
  • Fantastic speed on the rotational lift
  • Great death drop spin
  • She is thrilled with that performance, as she should be!
25.50 (TES) + 21.35 (PCS) = 46.85

13) Madeline Heritage & Nathaniel Fast
   Music: Make You Feel My Love/Rolling In The Deep
  • I'm not loving that costume on her at all, it's too muted for Latin
  • Nice backbend lift
  • This dance is very smooth, but it's not latin at all
  • Putting bongos under Adele does not a latin dance
  • This team looks very mature
  • Slight stumble in the 2nd Cha Cha pattern, a little bit of a hold issue
  • They look to have lost their focus and speed a little
  • That final rotational lift got a huge audience response!
28.43 (TES) + 20.39 (PCS) = 48.82

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