Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Ladies Free Skate LIVE Coverage

1) Morgan Bell
  Music: Avatar
  • Rough short for Morgan, I want a really great free, I"m pulling for her
  • Good 2a, two-foot on a 3lz, little stumble
  • She is always intense out there on the ice, I think the music fits her well
  • 2lz-2t, really close the boards
  • Spread eagle into the 3t was a highlight
  • Rough 3s and a fall, seemed like she was lacking energy getting up in the air
  • She looks really tired in this step sequence, very rigid in the upper body
  • I think she's just run out of steam here
  • Only one fall, and a very respectable program from Morgan
   38.46 (TES) + 38.47 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 73.93
   38.55 (SP) + 73.93 (FS) = 112.48

2) Joelle Forte
  Music: 13th Warrior
  • She was really able to shine in the free skate last year at Nationals
  • She looks a little tentative here tonight, very relaxed
  • She is just really missing a spark here tonight
  • I don't think this music is pushing her as much as it should, there's not a lot of energy behind it
   49,98 (TES) +  41.71 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 91.69
   48.13 (SP) + 91.69 (FS) = 139.82

3) Angela Wang
  Music: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Calm and collected off the bat
  • 3f-2t, and 3lz-2t back to back
  • Any position with the booty up in the air should be banned
  • I like this music, it sounds like the theme from Survivor Thailand
  • She is just ticking off her elements
  • She's not doing the hardest elements, but she's putting out a clean performance
  • I love the placement of that layback spin right on the crash in the music
   62,61 (TES) + 47.07 (PCS) = 109.68
   48.98 (SP) + 109.68 (FS) = 158.66

4) Aimee Buchanan
  Music: Medley by Michael W. Smith
  • Not crazy about the design, but love the color of the costume
  • That donut spin is fantastic
  • Oh no, her jumps aren't with her today, but she's so happy just to be there as a last minute replacement
  • She achieves a fantastic Biellmann position, the leg was almost completely straight in the back
  • The music was lovely, but I don't think it had enough drama to propel her through the program
  31.75 (TES) + 35.37 (PCS) -3.00 (DED) = 64.12
   37.77 (SP) + 64.12 (FS) = 101.89

5) McKinzie Daniels
  • I love her body lines on the ice, nice long limbs
  • It's a difficult transition from Junior to Senior
  • I love a good Wally jump!
  • This program is simply lacking in excitement for me, I think she's holding back as to avoid mistakes
  • She looks exhausted, probably some under-training
  49.17 (TES) + 42.29 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 90.46
   49.96 (SP) + 90.46 (FS) = 140.42

6) Kiri Baga
  Music: La Strada
  • We love Kiri, she's a dynamic little firecracker
  • Kiri actually belongs in a later group, but issues in the short can kill you
  • I don't know that she's tapping into the character of La Strada
  • She still looks a little junior-ish to me, I'd love to see her choose totally revamp her costuming, make-up and artistry
  • Needs to point the foot on that Sit spin
  • She's starting to bring it home here toward the end
  • Strong finish
  51.08 (TES) + 48.15 (PCS) = 99.23
   50.15 (SP) + 99.23 (FS) = 149.38

7) Sophia Adams
  Music: Titanic
  • We love Titanic around here, it was a thrill to see Simpson & Blackmer do it so well
  • Not a good start so far, 2 falls
  • Fantastic stretch on that catch foot spin
  • Stumble out of that loop, I think she's not opening up out of those jumps quickly enough
  • Lovely spiral, that stretch is fantastic, a true highlight of the piece
  • The whole piece is really lacking speed
  • Kind of anti-climactic, I don't feel the choreographer used the best parts of the music
   32.56 (TES) + 3.26 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 73.82
   51.40 (SP) + 73.82 (FS) = 125.22

8) Haley Dunne
  Music: Rondo Capriccioso
  • Fall on the 3s, fall on the opening jump seemed to be the theme of this night
  • Not her night tonight, I'd like to see more attack on this program
  • I want her to just go all out
  • This music has so much nuance, but I want her to accent it with her expression and her movements
  • She looks just happy to be done with that program, but still seems upbeat
  • I think she showed us a lot of good qualities and aspects of her skating, she can take away a lot from this and improve for next year
   43.46 (TES) + 43.41 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 84.87
   51.41 (SP) + 84.87 (FS) = 136.28

9) Leah Keiser
  Music: Dr. Zhivago
  • 3lz-3t looked to be in slow motion a little but, but hey, great combo
  • Sat down that easy 2a after that great combo
  • Gorgeous donut position on that spin
  • She is lovely to watch, a little spitfire, but I'd love more speed
  • She still looks very junior-ish in her skating, but good for her for trying to come into the senior level
   49.10 (TES) + 46.01 (PCS) = 93.11
   52.44 (SP) + 93.11 (FS) = 145.55

10) Yasmin Siraj
  • Lovely musicality, good nuanced use of the body
  • Really crooked in the air on that 3f
  • I love her style, she has a special air about her
  • I keep forgetting about her injury, that will really effect flip and lutz
  • The choreography suits her well
  • Normally she is more of an explosive performer than this, but I'm afraid that a poor technical showing is throwing off her presentation skills
   41.92 (TES) + 44.95 (PC) = 86.87
   51.96 (SP) + 86.87 (FS) = 138.83

11) Nina Jiang
  Music: Turandot
  • Fall on the 3lz, very short on that as well
  • 3f turned into a 3t, nice and clean on that one
  • She has a very fluid upper body, expressive arms
  • Popped loop
  • She looks scared to death out there, you can see it on her face
  • Oh good old Nessun Dorma, why always purple for this piece
  • Nice spread eagle, strong finish though 
  • Beautiful moments, gorgeous qualities
   (TES) + (PCS) = 92.76
   53.66 (SP) + (FS) = 146.42

12) Rachael Flatt
  Music: Firebird
  • I'm so nervous I can hardly watch
  • Wobbly triple lutz, but landed
  • Doubles the flip
  • Nice accents with the arms and head
  • I feel like she's just going from element to element, so nervous she's going to miss, that she's forgetting to attack the program
  • There's a good triple flip in a 3-jump sequence
  • Her legs are under her out there now, she can really start going after the performance now
  • Nice seeing some passion on her face in the spiral sequence
  • 3loop-2t
  • Lovely stretch on the Ina Bauer
  • I feel like this is really slow, but it's a very courageous skate for her
  • Just letting it fly in the foot work, letting it fly 
   56.49 (TES) + 55.78 (PCS) = 112.27
   52.71 (SP) + 112.27 (FS) = 164.98

13) Vanessa Lam
  • Gorgeous skater if she can stay out of her own head
  • Those gloves are bothering me
  • 3lz-2l-2l
  • These jumps lack height, but so far so good
  • Stumble on the 3lo
  • Very promising skater, lots to work with there and build on
  51.27 (TES) + 52.68 (PCS) = 103.05
   54.57 (SP) + 103.05 (FS) = 157.62

14) Christina Gao
  • She has such long legs, she's still growing into her height
  • All of her landing are a little wobbly, she just looks slightly uneasy
  • This program is lacking in excitement for me
  • Very few of these landings have been clean and smooth, growth spurt is the cause of most of that
  •  A choppy skate, but no falls!
  55.40 (TES) + 56.13 (PCS) = 111.53
   54.83 (SP) + 111.53 (FS) = 166.36

15) Mirai Nagasu
  Music: Spartacus
  • I want to see her be gritty and gutsy
  • Nice clean, crisp 3lo-2t
  • 2a-2t, was going to be a 3t
  • 3-2-2 looked like she had it but, tripped and stumbled at the end
  • Another fall, and a pop
  • I'm sorry, she just looks so bored out there, no expression
  • She's crumbling, so rattled right now
  • I feel like this program never suited her well all season
  • There is no energy out there at all
  • Fantastic as that layback is, it will not salvage that program
   50.74 (TES) + 56.23 (PCS) = 104.97
   59.02 (SP) + 104.97 (FS) = 163.99

16) Caroline Zhang
  • Stumble on the trip flip
  • 3lz had that big donkey kick, but still lands it
  • 2a, not a lot of height or distance, but hits it
  • She is losing a lot of speed here, needs to be more aggressive at this point
  • She has no expression on her face either
  • Come on girlfriend, the jumps and elements are nice, but where's your spark? Where's your hunger to win?
  • Now after the the last jump was landed, she's finally giving us some face!
  • That's the comeback story of the last 5 years
   56.46 (TES) + 56.55 (PCS) = 113.01
   60.18 (SP) + 113.01 (FS) = 173.19

17) Ashley Wagner
  Music: Swan Lake
  • Come on Ashley, you got this girl
  • Awesome start, girl is competing hard
  • Nice speed coming into this section
  • Lazer beam focus here, beauty of a triple lutz
  • I love that look in her eye on the spiral, such focus and passion
  • Nothing even looks shaky, oh no spoke too soon, just singled a triple salchow
  • No falls, but she'll be unhappy about that popped salchow
  • People are applauding that port de bras, that you don't see everyday
   60.64 (TES) + 63.32 (PCS) = 123.96
   63.06 (SP) + 123.96 (FS) = 187.02

18) Alissa Czisny
  Music: Valse Triste
  • I'm not loving this costume, it's very Nancy Kerrigan
  • Hand down on that triple lutz, needs to relax and get it together
  • 2a-2t, looking really tight
  • She's finally coming to life with this more uptempo section
  • Very crossed on that jump, fall and a very had one on the knees at that
  • She needs to get out of her own head here
  • 3lo-2t-2t
  • The layback is to die for
  • She just wasn't her usual self tonight, it was a struggle
  56.03 (TES) + 61.86 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 116.86
   63.14 (SP) + 116.86 (FS) = 180.00

19) Agnes Zawadzki
  Music: Rhapsody in Blue
  • 2a-3t
  • Big, big jumping tonight
  • Big wipe out on that triple lutz, uh oh
  • We'll see if that rattles her or not
  • She looks like she's running out of steam her
  • 3lz-2t almost into the wall, rough pass there
  • Another fall, she's crumbling a bit
  • 2toe
  • Did she just make eye contact with her coach off-ice?
  • I'm not really sure where this will finish at this point, could be a toss up at this point
  • I love her toe point on that catch foot spin
   (TES) + (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 107.86
   66.24 (SP) + (FS) = 174.10

Start No.NameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
117Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington363.061123.96187.02
218Alissa Czisny, Detroit SC263.142116.86180.00
319Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC166.247107.86174.10
416Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC460.183113.01173.19
514Christina Gao, Northern KY SC654.835111.53166.36
612Rachael Flatt, Broadmoor SC952.714112.27164.98
715Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC559.028104.97163.99
83Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating1648.986109.68158.66
913Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC754.579103.05157.62
106Kiri Baga, FSC of Bloomington1450.151099.23149.38
1111Nina Jiang, TX Gulf Coast FSC853.661292.76146.42
129Leah Keiser, All Year FSC1052.441193.11145.55
135McKinzie Daniels, Broadmoor SC1549.961490.46140.42
142Joelle Forte, SC of NY1748.131391.69139.82
1510Yasmin Siraj, SC Of Boston1151.961586.87138.83
168Haley Dunne, WA FSC1251.411684.87136.28
177Sophia Adams, All Year FSC1351.401873.82125.22
181Morgan Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC1838.551773.93112.48
194Aimee Buchanan, Colonial FSC1937.771964.12101.89


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