Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Event Schedule

Times are shown in Pacific and Eastern Time
**Events I'll cover LIVE are hilighted in green

Sunday January 22
10:00am/1:00pm                Novice Dance Pattern Dance (Session 1)
1:00pm/4:00pm                   Novice Ladies Short Program (Session 1)
2:45pm/5:45pm                   Novice Men Short Program (Session 2)
4:25pm/7:25pm                   Novice Pairs Short Program (Session 2)
7:30pm/10:30pm                   Junior Men Short Program (Session 3)

Monday January 23
10:30am/1:30pm                Novice Dance Free Dance (Session 4)
12:30pm/3:30pm                Novice Ladies Free Skate (Session 4)
3:45pm/6:45pm                   Novice Men Free Skate (Session 5)
5:45pm/8:45pm                   Novice Pairs Free Skate (Session 5)
                                ALL NOVICE AWARDS
8:45pm/11:45pm                   Junior Ladies Short Program  (Session 6)

Tuesday January 24
2:30pm/5:30pm                   Junior Pairs Short Program (Session 7)
6:10pm/9:10pm                   Junior Dance Short Dance (Session 8)
8:00pm/11:00pm                   Junior Men Free Skate (Session 9)
                                JUNIOR MEN AWARDS

Wednesday January 25
1:00pm/4:00pm                   Junior Dance Free Dance (Session 10)
3:30pm/6:30pm                   Junior Pairs Free Skate (Session 11)
9:00pm/12:00am                   Junior Ladies Free Skate (Session 12)
                                JUNIOR DANCE, PAIRS AND LADIES AWARDS

Thursday January 26
4:00pm/7:00pm                   Championship Pairs Short Program (Session 13)
7:00pm/10:00pm                   Opening Ceremonies (Session 14)                  
7:30pm/10:30pm                   Championship Ladies Short Program (Session 14)

Friday January 27
2:30pm/5:30pm                   Championship Dance Short Dance (Session 15)
7:30pm/10:30pm                   Championship Men Short Program  (Session 16)
Saturday January 28
12:00pm/3:00pm                Championship Dance Free Dance (Session 17)        
                              CHAMPIONSHIP DANCE AWARDS                                    
4:00pm/7:00pm                 Championship Ladies Free Skate (Session 18)                                                    
8:30pm/11:30pm                  Championship Pairs Free Skate- Early Groups 1 & 2 (Session 18)

Sunday January 29
9:30am/12:30pm                   Championship Men Free Skate Early Groups 1 & 2 (Session 19)
11:30am/2:30pm                 Championship Pairs Free Skate - Late Groups 3 & 4  (Session 20)                 
1:00pm/4:00pm                   Championship Men Free Skate Late Groups 3 & 4 (Session 20)
                                CHAMPIONSHIP MEN AND PAIRS AWARDS
7:00pm/10:00pm                   Smucker's Skating Spectacular (Session 21) 

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