Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Novice Men's Short Program LIVE BLOG

1) Brian Krentz
   Music: Lucia
  • He has really soft knees in his crossovers
  • He's a little stiff in his upper body
  • This music choice is a little dull for me, it sounds like elevator music
  • Solid skating from him today, but he looks tentative, I feel that he played it a little safe
22.33 (TES) + 19.73 (PCS) = 42.06

2) Kyle Shropshire
   Music: The Race
  • This piece is so associated with Alexei Yagudin, it's a bold choice
  • He looks like one of those skaters who has gone through a recent growth spurt and hes yet to grow into his body
  • He seems really hunched over
  • I'd like to to see better posture and for him to use his long limbs to his advantage
  • Really cool hydroblading move, nice and low to the ground
  • Lost my feed....missed the end of the program
20.02 (TES) + 19.10 (PCS) = 39.10

3) Oleksiy Melnyk
   Music: El Tango de Roxanne
  • Here we go again with this music
  • Just sat down that jump, really didn't fight for it at all
  • I almost said that this boy looked really Eastern European, and then I looked at his name and chuckled
  • Nice easy double axel
  • Nice job maintaining the character of the piece throughout
21.77 (TES) + 21.20 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 41.97

4) James Schetelich
   Music: Smooth
  • Nice combination, a little bit a a high wrap 
  • Feed kept cutting out, missed most of the program, but he looks happy!
 24.16 (TES) + 22.29 (PCS) = 46.45

5) Tony Lu
   Music: Russian Sailor's Dance
  • A Priscilla Hill student!
  • He is adorable, I love him
  • That 3-2 combination looked so easy for him
  • A tiny slip and step down on the footwork, but otherwise an awesome performance!
  • Finished just a hair before his music, but covered it well
 21.39 (TES) + 19.68 (PCS) = 41.07

6) Vincent Zhou
    Music: Nut Rocker
  • This is a hometown boy so he's going to have the crowd on his side
  • This is a very cool piece of music, a rocking nutcracker
  • He is very good, really speedy and good jumping ability
  • Nice spins too!
  • Such a little showman! I loved that performance
  • Same coach as Ricky Dornbush, no wonder he's a little crowd pleaser
26.96 (TES) + 25.49 (PCS) = 52.45

7) Chase Belmontes
   Music: Tosca Fantasy
  • Wow he reminds me of Johnny Weir for some reason
  • Shame he couldn't hold onto that first landing
  • I will always love this music, but I've always seen it as more of a free skate because it's so grandiose
  • Trouble on that low sit spin, he totally lost all his rotational speed
  • First Tom Z sighting of Nationals
21.35 (TES) + 19.89 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 40.24

8) Jimmy Ma
    Music: Theme from the Untouchables
  • Really nice height on those jumps and good rotation
  • He is a very good performer, he is really acting the part
  • Despite a fall, he seems really happy with that
21.90 (TES) + 22.98 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 43.88

9) Spencer Howe
  • I really like this music choice, and his performance is living up to the tempo thus far
  • I really like the speed and the pacing of this program
  • I hated those gloves, they were distracting, but a nice program overall!
24.85 (TES) + 21.21 (PCS) = 46.06

10) Wilbur Ji
   Music: Medley, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  • Wild fall out of the opening jump, but he saves it
  • Nice crisp arm movements
  • I love that costume and the iridescent quality
  • This is a really fun program, nice split jump!
17.55 (TES) + 20.69 (PCS) = 38.24

11) Nicholas Vrdoljak
   Music: The Man in the Iron Mask
  • I will never get sick of this music, no matter how many times I hear it
  • Huge height on the opening jump
  • Nice use of the arms in choreography
  • He has a very mature look on the ice
  • Really deep landing on the double axel, but pulls it out
  • He really needs to point that foot on the sit spin
  • Ended slightly after the music
  • I like him, but I feel that the program didn't live up to the excitement of the music
25.66 (TES) + 20.94 (PCS) = 46.60

12) Kevin Shum
   Music: Vortex
  • He is carrying a ton of speed
  • He is a very expressive skater, I love his performance quality
  • Very solid, clean program
  • He has such as big smile on his face as he should!
  • That was a fantastic program
26.65 (TES) + 24.20 (PCS) = 50.85

Start No.NameScore
16Vincent Zhou, Peninsula SC52.45
212Kevin Shum, St. Moritz ISC50.85
311Nicholas Vrdoljak, DuPage FSC46.60
44James Schetelich, SC of NY46.45
59Spencer Howe, Los Angeles FSC46.06
68Jimmy Ma, SC of NY43.88
71Brian Krentz, Skokie Valley SC42.06
83Oleksiy Melnyk, WA FSC41.97
95Tony Lu, SC of Wilmington41.07
107Chase Belmontes, Broadmoor SC40.24
112Kyle Shropshire, Wagon Wheel FSC39.12
1210Wilbur Ji, SC of San Francisco38.24

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