Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Junior Pairs Free Skate

1) Cali Fujimoto & Nicholas Barsi-Rhyne
   Music: Swan Lake
  •  I love the lacing detail on the back of her dress
  • Nice strong lasso lift, a bit of a thud on the exit
  • They have nice flow across the ice
  • That carry lift in the spread eagle took a lot of strength on his part
  • She is a very glamorous skater, wonderful carriage
  • That was a very nice program overall
  • I believe he may be sick, because he looked like he wasn't invested in the program at all
33.79 (TES) + 35.20 (PCS) = 68.99
 38.45 (SP) + 68.99 (FS) = 107.44

2) Audrey Goldberg & Joseph Dolkiewicz
   Music: Mulan
  •  Her hair is so long, I really hope it doesn't get in the way!
  • Starting with the death spiral is an interesting choice
  • She really needs to point that foot
  • Really good split twist
  • Oh, tough fall, she didn't open up out of the throw fast enough
  • They both look scared to death out there, I'd love to see them open up and smile a little!
  • I'd forgotten hos fantastic this music is
  • One major difference between Jr. and Sr. pairs is the height and distance of the throws
  • Those spins were starting out so great, he may have caught an edge
  • Odd exit out of that lift, a bit of a stumble it seemed
  • This coach is being really hard on them, said "quite a few mistakes"
 38.91 (TES) + 33.93 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 71.84
 37.15 (SP) + 71.84 (FS) = 108.99

3) Olivia Oltimanns & Joshua Santillan 
   Music: Assassin's Tango
  •  Good positions and upside backflip exit form opening lift
  • I love the detail and beading on her costume
  • I like that swinging exit into the spins
  • Wonderful unison on the spins until the foot change, but they got it back
  • I really like this piece of music, it's edgy and theatrical
  • She took a hard fall on that throw
  • Better landing on the 2nd throw, but a cautious takeoff
  • They are really starting to run out of energy toward the end, they look like they almost tripped over each other on some crossovers
  • She steps out of the SBS jump, this is starting to ravel a bit her
  • Not there best, but a very strong first half
 34.77 (TES) + 38.13 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 71.90
 37.40 (SP) + 71.90 (FS) = 109.30

4) AnnaMarie Pearce & Craig Norris
   Music: Music from Rodeo
  •  I love Aaron Copeland music
  • She is such a little performer and he is very expressive as well
  • Good quick split double twist
  • Oh they're opposite jumpers, I always like the look of that
  • Good save on that hand-to-hip lift, he looked to be losing his footing a bit
  • Throw looked to be good, but just a step out, nothing huge
  • Nice arch in the death spiral
  • I like this team a lot, they're a joy to watch
  • It's really hard to see unison when they pairs spin the opposite way
  • Lost quite a bit of speed on the pair spin
  • I love this music so much
  • Good flexibility by her on the spiral
  • That drop split was a nice moment of choreography
  • Great speed on those lifts
  • Nice musicality, this piece is well choreographed
  • Fantastic skate from them!
 35.08 (TES) + 41.59 (PCS) = 76.67
 45.54 (SP) + (FS) = 122.21

5) Madeline Aaron & Max Settlage
   Music: Romeo and Juliet
  •  Oddly enough, they're right around the same age as Romeo and Juliet
  • Beautiful side by side jumps
  • This team has gorgeous posture and carriage
  • Slight leg separation on the split double twist
  • That was a gorgeous throw, just leaned a little too far left
  • Nice double axels, slight unison issue on the 2nd jump in the series
  • I don't know why, but I've never liked when the music changes mid-spin
  • Oh no, another fall on the 2nd throw
  • This is not the skate they wanted after winning on the novice level last year
  • This clearly is not the skate they dreamed about, but they have wonderful qualities if they stay together and keep skating 
  • I really like the simplicity of these costumes
 38.35 (TES) + 43.73 (PCS) -3.00 (DED) = 79.08
 46.26 (SP) + 79.08 (FS) = 125.34

6) Brianna de la Mora & Taylor Wilson
   Music: Transformers/Batman 
  •  Wow hello costumes!
  • Oooo was that throw titled in the air, I'm glad she didn't fall harder than she did
  • Really tight split twist
  • Nice upside down entry and exit on that lift
  • This team really has good unison
  • They have some really nice elements, they just need to loosen up a bit
  • They are really flying, good speed
  • They should be really pleased with that performance
 37.55 (TES) + 38.28 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 74.83
 39.44 (SP) + 74.83 (FS) = 114.27

7) Jessica Pfund & AJ Reiss
   Music: Music from Treasure Island
  •  They are skating so fast right now, that split twist was zippy!
  • Oh no, he had that jump and just slipped off the edge
  • Nice big throw
  • She holds a lot of tension in her hands, loosening up the upper body would do wonders for her
  • Really clean double axel sequence, good unison
  • This is also their first season together so kudos to them
  • Some unison issues on the spins, they are really losing speed
  • The exit from that carry lift was a little scary, I"m not going to lie
  • Wonderful flexibility on her part in that layback position on the pair spin
 43.96 (TES) + 43.32 (PCS) -4.00 (DED) = 83.28
 43.71 (SP) + 83.28 (FS) = 126.99

8) Britney Simpson & Matthew Blackmer
   Music: Music from Titanic
  •  When I first saw this I was surprised that it isn't done more
  • It think this pairing highlights Britney's elegance more than her last one
  • Gorgeous split twist
  • Wonderful throw, great flow out of it
  • Nice double axels
  • I love this choreography, it really builds with the music
  • Nice arch in her back on this lift
  • I love the musical arrangement 
  • They have a great connection with one another
  • They have great unison for a pair that hasn't even been together a year
  • That 2nd throw was better than the first
  • They are just cool as a cucumber out there, they're making this look easy
  • This is one of those programs that I could watch over and over again 
  • I loved that she went down on the death spiral as the music built
  • So beautiful, that looked like a senior pairs program
 46.63 (TES) + 50.68 (PCS) = 97.31
 49.12 (SP) + 97.31 (FS) = 146.43

9) Jessica Noelle Calalang & Zack Sidhu
  •  Uh oh, hard fall for Jessica
  • They are flying
  • Solid split double twist
  • I've seen them much better this season, there is just something missing tonight
  • This poor girl has taken some hard falls tonight, I hope she is okay
  • I love there skating normally, but they just weren't at their best today
 41.01 (TES) + 44.99 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 84.00
 50.84 (SP) + 84.00 (FS) = 134.84

10) Haven Denney & Brandon Frazier
   Music: Pearl Harbor
  •  I don't really understand this costume for Pearl Harbor
  • Really nice split twist, perfectly timed with the music
  • Good double axels
  • Haven seems to really be having fun out there
  • Really clean throw
  • If they keep going like this, it's really going to be close
  • It's very unclear which character she is supposed to be playing
  • Aww, a fall on that throw after such a lovely skate is unfortunate, she just couldn't hang on
  • This is still a fantastic program, even with that one fall
 47.01 (TES) + 50.00 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 96.01
 52.83 (SP) + (FS) = 148.84

11) Kylie Duarte & Colin Grafton
   Music: Doctor Zhivago
  • This team has really long lines, very elegant
  • SO far so good, I love their look on the ice
  • She totally saved that jump, it looked like she was going down
  • Very stifled landing on that throw, she saved that one as well
  • I love their posture, they'd look great in ice dance
 46.87 (TES) + 48.65 (PCS) = 95.52
 48.83 (SP) + 95.52 (FS) = 144.35

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