Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Junior Men's Free Skate

1) Troy Tomasello
   Music: Jaws
  •  Wonky combination to start, but landed
  • This is actually really cool skating music, has anyone else done it before?
  • Really nice triple lutz, but lots of ice flying on the landing
  • He is a little stone-faced, I'd love to see some more expression on his face
  • He looks to be running out of steam her
  • A lot of tano variations in this competition
  • Oh no, he seemed to have given up out there toward the end
  • That was a decent performance, no need to give up!
 49.96 (TES) + 44.50 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 93.46
 53.90 (SP) + 93.46 (FS) =  147.36

2) Andrew Nagode
   Music: The Bolt
  • Uh oh, some unfortunate falls, looks like a lack of concentration
  • His jumps just aren't there for him tonight
  • I love his Russian look!
  • Nice 3-jump combination
  • Unfortunate pop
  • He really ended strong, but he won't be thrilled with that performance
  • I love his approach to judging his piece in the K&C, he's being critical but constructive
 43.78 (TES) + 45.30 (PCS) -2.00(DED) = 87.08
 47.91 (SP) + 87.08 (FS) = 134.99

3) David Wang
   Music: Concierto de Aranjuez
  •  Oy vey this music
  • Nice save on that jump, nearly crashed, but did an illusion spin out of it
  • I like his fire and intensity
  • He is a very dancey skater, he gets the flavor of the piece
  • Oooo hard fall right onto the stomach
  • It's taking him a while to get back into the piece, lost a lot of speed
  • Popped jump nearly into the boards
  • I really like his spin positions,  needs to straighten out that standing leg
  • Oh no, another pop
  • He is a really good skater, great basic skills and a passion for performing, but the jumps just aren't with him today
  • He has great potential, I really want to see him do well next time
39.16 (TES) + 41.94 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 80.10
 52.62 (SP) + 80.10 (FS) = 132.72

4) Ryan Hartley
   Music: Sherlock Holmes
  •  He's taking off like a bat out of hell
  • Really attacking those jumps, very wobbly landings, but landings nonetheless
  • All these landings are really stifled and pitched forward, I'm no expert but I'd say that comes from tension and/or nerves
  • He is a really aggressive skater, but there's little artistry involved
  • I love a good hydroblade move
  • He is so stiff, now that he's landed all the jumps, he can loosen up and perform a little more!
  • That will certainly go into first
 52.84 (TES) + 44.34 (PCS) = 97.18
 44.67 (SP) + 97.18 (FS) = 141.85

5) Emmanuel Savary
   Music: Lion King
  •  That is a wild costume there boy!
  • Yes, nice clean jump to start
  • I love his lines and his expressive upper body
  • Hand down, but fought to save it
  • I love this music, great choice
  • Great 3 lutz, big old smile!
  • He is very elegant and graceful, that's what I love about him
  • He has the elegance and polish to be a senior skater if he can build some consistency
  • Fantastic skating we're seeing here from him
  • Oh now, fall and into the boards
  • Still a great skate from him, he is moving in the right direction
 48.16 (TES) + 45.92 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 93.08
 36.37 (SP) + 93.08 (FS) = 129.45

6) Harrison Choate
   Music: La Strada
  • Great speed, uses those long legs to get great push
  • Nice double axel-combination
  • Good 3lutz-combo with a tano variation
  • Another good 3lutz
  • I feel like he is rushing through the choreography, more time should be taken in the little moments
  • This is such a theatrical piece of music, I'd like to see more nuance and attention to detail
  • Very courageous skate for him to comeback after the rough short
  • That was a quality free skate
 63.67 (TES) + 54.58 (PCS) = 118.25
 45.18 (SP) + 118.25 (FS) = 163.43

7) Jay Yostanto
  •  I really like this music, very regal
  • He is a really quality skater, huge scoring potential when he is on
  • We're seeing some monster jumps from him here tonight, right on!
  • 2 triple axels!
  • Oh no, he just caught the edge of the blade on that one, the jump looked solid in the air
  • Keep it going, you're getting your momentum back
  • He is a very strong, masculine skater
  • Very athletic quality to his skating
  • He looks wiped out, I hope he doesn't get too down on himself because there was some quality skating that just happened
 51.40 (TES) + 44.42 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 93.82
 54.72 (SP) + 93.82 (FS) = 148.54

8) Phillip Warren
  •  I love his style, this is going to be a great piece
  • Great showman he is, really playing to the crowd
  • Nice 3-jump combo
  • I really could watch him all day
  • This is such a fun program
  • I love his attention to detail and nuance in the choreography
  • He's thrilled with that as he should be
  64.31 (TES) + 60.44 (PCS) = 124.75
 57.42 (SP) + 124.75 (FS) = 182.17

9) Timothy Dolensky
  •  Solid 2A in combo
  • Clean triple lutz
  • The costume isn't doing much for me
  • So far so good, he is nice and clean, in a zone
  • Needs to point the foot on the sit spin, nice show of flexibility in the catch foot spin
  • He is very serious now, but I get where he's coming from
  • I'd like to see him let loose and have a little more fun, but I suspect that will happen once the jumps are over
  • Slightly awkward head position on that back catch-foot spin
  • He's fighting for every point possible, gave away a few GOE marks perhaps on some weak landings, but he's fighting!
  • He laid it down, did all he could do!
 65.88 (TES) + 58.76 (PCS) = 124.64
 63.20 (SP) + (FS) = 187.84

10) Nathan Chen
   Music: Music from the Godfather
  •  I'll be watching for a triple axel
  • This is a very serious piece and he is perfectly in character
  • Not a moment is wasted with his skating
  • Great 3l-3toe combo
  • He is in the zone, such clean jumping technique
  • Another fantastic combo
  • He has great extension and flexibility
  • Nice easy double axel
  • I like the traveling entrance into the camel spin, nice upside down variation into the donut
  • I love all those wally jumps
  • This kid is amazing, little prodigy!
  • He is knocking off these triples like nobody's business
  • Great dance ability and showmanship in the footwork
  • The audience is eating him up right now
 69.39 (TES) + 61.36 (PCS) = 130.75
 63.15 (SP) + (FS) = 193.90

11) Timothy Koleto
  •  What a tall order to have to skate after Chen
  • Uh oh, he seems unfocused out there, like he's skating against himself
  • Oh no, another fall, dust yourself off and keep it together, you've still got this!
  • Unfortunately this is just not his night with the jumping errors, but what a lovely, graceful skater he is!
  • Keep your head up Timothy, you're a wonderful skater
 44.57 (TES) + 47.26 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 89.83
 59.18 (SP) + (FS) = 149.01

12) Lukas Kaugars
   Music: Piano Concerto No. 2
  •  Huge jumps that one!
  • I'd like to see his expression match the power of this music
  • He's a very athletic skater
  • Oh no, just had a slip off the edge there, that was totally meant to be a clean jump
  • Running out of steam there on the spins a little
  • Tough outing for such a great skater
 44.57 (TES) + 51.50 (PCS) = 96.99
 57.96 (SP) + 96.99 (FS) = 154.95

Start No.NameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
110Nathan Chen, Oval FSC263.151130.75193.90
29Timothy Dolensky, Atlanta FSC163.203124.64187.84
38Philip Warren, All Year FSC557.422124.75182.17
46Harrison Choate, SC Of Boston1045.184118.25163.43
512Lukas Kaugars, Broadmoor SC457.96696.99154.95
611Timothy Koleto, Broadmoor SC359.181089.83149.01
77Jay Yostanto, All Year FSC654.72793.82148.54
81Troy Tomasello, Strongsville SC753.90893.46147.36
94Ryan Hartley, Queen City FSC1144.67597.18141.85
102Andrew Nagode, University of DE FSC947.911187.08134.99
113David Wang, All Year FSC852.621280.10132.72
125Emmanuel Savary, SC of NY1236.37993.08129.45

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