Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Survivor South Pacific: Episode 2 Live-Blog

8:58 Well Christine the reason Coach "had a heavy hand" in getting you out is that you told him he was a temporary player
8:54 All that hoopla and no votes for Mikayla?
8:53 I haven't seen such scattered votes since the early seasons when people didn't make alliances early on
8:52 Nodding "no" to playing an immunity idol is a great way to reveal that you may have it
8:51 Coach's eye-rolls are epic!
8:50 It's funny how Brandon started this whole thing and he's been silent so far
8:48 I knew Stacey was going to be sassy, here we get to see it
8:46 Here we go Coach, running his trap and referring to himself in the 3rd person
8:44 Brandon certainly has some Russell in him, trying to vote somebody out for no reason other than that he doesn't like them.....similar to Danielle in Heroes vs Villains
8:42 Coach called it when he said Brandon has "some demons"
8:41 Haaa I totally called it that Brandon would've been afraid of Parvati
8:39 I'm looking forward to a crazy speech out of Coach
8:36 Devastating loss for team Coach; Brandon is on a witch hunt of sorts to get rid of Mikayla
8:33 I'm waiting for somebody to get smashed between these blocks
8:28 If Brandon is afraid of McKayla's charms, thank goodness he wasn't on a season with Parvati
8:21 I love how Keith thinks he has this thing wrapped up when Jim is way way smarter than he is
8:20 Haha Elyse is 'channeling her Native American ancestors' so is that her way of pretending to help out?
8:19 Coach is such an interesting many levels to that guy
8:18 I loved the look on Coach's face when Brandon said who he was, let's hope Coach gives him the benefit of the doubt
8:17 Oh lord, Coach was trying to cuddle up with Brandon, what a nut
8:13 Here is where experience pays off, Ozzy knew where to look for the idol
8:12 I still love to watch Ozzy climb trees, seeing him play Mowgli never gets old
8:11 All of Cochran's asides are just awesome
8:10 Edna is smart for knowing her strength, or lackthereof, and reeling in a "protector"
8:09 Coach referring to himself as the "dragonslayer" is just classic
8:06 Must be a packed episode, we didn't get the full theme song tonight
8:05 I like that Ozzy plays an "old school" style of Survivor that focuses on keeping the strongest in challenges and hardest working around camp rather than immediately trying to vote out threats like on the more recent seasons
8:04 Alright we have Semhar out on Redemption Island (RI) bitching that her team ousted her, but doesnt she get that somebody has to go?
8:00 Here we go, episode 2 of Survivor South Pacific

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