Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Survivor South Pacific: Episode 1 Live-Blog

9:28 Well that's it for me for this week but I'll be back next week blogging and tweeting about episode 2 of Survivor South Pacific!
9:27 Looks like Cochran is going to step it up and Brandon Hantz reveals all to the Dragonslayer....can't wait!
9:25 What a great premiere episode....I'm loving this season already and I think the cast is solid! Kudos to the casting directors and producers for a nicely packaged first episode!
9:24 Oh shoot Ozzy just said "we should have taught her to make fire"......oops
9:23 Wow Semhar 5-1 over Cochran and that's enough to send her to RI...after all that chatter I wasn't expecting it to be that cut and dry
9:21 Uh Oh, did Cochran talk himself into a hole? And if so, will he be able to Survive Redemption Island?
9:18 PS I love that Cochran just said he floated through the net run like a "hummingbird"
9:17 Oh stop getting so philosophical Ozzy....we know you aren't really that deep
9:16 Dawn has already realize that this game can really mess you up
9:15 The first tribal has to be a crazy experience for the first-timers
9:09 The fact that Cochran was so vocal in confessional about throwing in the towel makes me think that it's not him going to Redemption Island
9:07 Anybody else find it weird that Mama Dawn is not even being brought up here for elimination after her "meltdown"....that makes me think that her breakdown was all put on for TV
9:06 Shut up Semhar, Cochran is certainly going to play the game
9:05 Good for Jim for understanding that Ozzy wants to keep Semhar for an alliance and not to "keep the tribe strong"
9:04 Oh here we go, Ozzy is trying to plant a seed that Semhar needs to go and Cochran needs to stay. Shut it Ozzy and let them get rid of her
9:03 I see what she is doing, Semhar is trying to turn around and make Jim look like the bad guy for calling her out
9:01 I expected Stacey to be more abrasive off the bat, though maybe that was edited out
8:57 Cochran will be targeted as a physical liability and Dawn as an emotional liability, but it seems cut and dry that Semhar should go as she lost the challenge for Savaii
8:56 So Coach will not be the first person going home and Ozzy seems to have fallen in well enough with his tribe to stay on
8:55 Mikayla's final score wins immunity for Upolu
8:54 Mikayla is scoring big time for Upolu and Semhar is running out of steam for Savaii
8:53 Upolu gets to the coconut shoot first but Savaii is catching up quickly to make it neck and neck
8:51 Upolu makes it to the coconut web first and hits the wall first as well, Savaii is slowly catching up but struggling to get one another over the wall with Ozzy trying to make up time at the end and gets his machete fast
8:50 I love these uber-physical tribe challenges at the beginning of the game.....PS I totally forgot about Redemption Island
8:49 Oh lord so in the core alliance of 5 they're already doubting Brandon and thinking he has something to hide (which he does)
8:47 I love that Elyse just taught Cochran how to open a coconut
8:46 So we're getting into the portion of the show where we complain about the elements and create our own toothpaste out of ash
8:40 Ozzy is being really cool so far and seems to have helped Dawn out...I should't act like I hate Ozzy b/c I loved him in Cook Islands but he was just so cocky in Fans vs. Favorites
8:37 Uh Oh Mama Dawn just dumped the water and she's the first one to have a mini meltdown; her relationship with Mark could be cool to see develop as the oldest tribemates
8:36 Coach seems to be assimilating fairly well into this tribe and I feel like he is going to make a bond with Brandon
8:30 Love that Brandon claimed to be "a bully like Russell when he was younger" and that God is now #1; he even called Mikayla a Delilah and is making a point to stay away from her
8:29 Mama Dawn is concerned about the lack of shelter (I would too) and the fact that their leader Ozzy is like Bob Marley lol
8:28 Papa Bear Mark is gay.....I did NOT see that coming, but now I think I love him more
8:27 Thank God Jim lied about his profession (pro Poker, MBA, marijuana dispensary, etc) and said he was a high school science teacher
8:25 If she can stick around....I think Christine will be the Sandra of this season....I mean she's already looking for the immunity idol so maybe she'll be the female Russell
8:25 I'm also loving Cowboy Rick...."it sounds like two squirrels making love"
8:24 Oh lord we have another "Coach" on the tribe and so Coach is speaking Russian with the Russian major....Coach may be a lunatic but he sure is interesting
8:22 OMG I'm loving Cochran so much right now! He's going to be so entertaining and so great for TV! If I were out there this season we'd be best friends
8:21 Now we got to hear Semhar do a little spoken word and now we know Ozzy is obsessed with her "beauty" and wants her "by his side"
8:20 Cochran is a Harvard law student...obviously
8:15 Well look at that, Ozzy learned some humility and thanked his tribe for helping him in the win
8:14 These two clearly didn't learn anything their first two times out other than how to climb trees and run their mouths; Ozzy wins because he listened to his tribe
8:13 Both of them look like idiots doing this puzzle but Coach is getting a lot of help from his tribe and now Ozzy is too.....again, Boston Rob would be amazing at this puzzle
8:12 Ozzy takes an early lead climbing the tree which he did a whole lot of in Cook Islands; and he is under the log first while Coach's larger body is stuck
8:11 Boston Rob would be BOMB at this challenge...lets see how the long-haired duo does
8:10 Uh oh its challenge time and it's a "hero challenge" between Coach & Ozzy to see which one can prove his worth
8:09 Ozzy clearly thinks he got the better draw with the red tribe whereas Coach is none too happy with the blue team which includes Christine who called him a "temporary player"
8:08 Cochran is so awesome....he's a huge fan of the game and he reminds me so much of Rafe from Guatemala
8:07 I loved it when Christine said "they are temporary players" because I'd get them out ASAP if I were there
8:05 I love the reactions when they see the returning players! They aren't super excited about either, but obviously Ozzy is better because he's at least strong in challenges
8:04 So far I'm really excited about Cochran
8:03 I always get so excited when those opening credits roll!
8:01 Okay so we have Ozzy & Coach with matching hair-dos, a self-proclaimed Geek who is a student of the game and has never missed an episode (me neither)
8:00 Here we go, episode 1 of Survivor South Pacific, season 23 of the best reality show ever!

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