Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dance Moms: September 7th Live Blog

10:59 Also Abby dear, if you're disappointed at the judging as you can't take it out on the kids and moms
10:58 I'm guessing that Chloe probably didn't blow it since she's a pretty phenomenal kid
10:57 Obviously Chloe is dancing "last" for dramatic effect
10:57 Nia gets the craziest costumes lol and she's improving so much
10:54 Can they all learn how to properly say "Cirque du Soleil"? Its not "Circus Ole"
10:53 Shit is going down this anybody going to actually return to the studio when they get back to P-Burgh?
10:51 OMG we just pulled Paige's number because the costume wasn't ready
10:45 The "Kelly vs. Costumes" theme is officially overdone
10:44 Brooke has a very mature understanding of how these competitions work and that the judges at Nationals could have very different opinions of the same piece
10:43 Sinful was actually a pretty good piece from what I could see of it
10:42 I've missed the great candid Maddy quotes this week with her not having a solo......but oh wait, she's getting into character
10:40 Oh hell Abby just questioned Christi's parenting..........
10:38 "Christi barged into my hotel room....she didn't know if I was exposed or in the shower"
10:35 The whole "Abby=tyrant" thing is kind of getting old now
10:33 OOoooo get it Christi....she's about to lay the smack down on Abby!
10:31 Hold the phone there is an assistant choreographer? Have we ever seen her before?
10:29 Sweet heavens of course there are beefy men. Yay Doctor Holly!
10:22 Thank God nobody licked that ice sculpture. Also, does Abby really need an ice cream of that size?
10:21 That's so great that Abby took them out for ice cream...I always loved spending time with my Dance Teacher outside of the studio
10:19 I love the Christy/Kelly moments...and by Kelly I mean Lisa Rinna
10:17 Is being a showgirl really something to aspire to? Especially when they went to discussing "topless"
10:16 Since this show is continuing for a 2nd season, I wonder if we're sticking with Abby and following different students or if we're switching to another studio
10:15 Cannot wait for the ultimate Cathy vs. Abby showdown!!
10:12 Is it completely necessary to teach 9-year-olds to walk like Show Girls?
10:10 Okay so now we're going to assign sins to each dancer? And of course it was "random" that Chloe was assigned envy
10:08 Oh sweet holy hell Cathy is picking 3 "apples" to go to Hollywood to compete against Abby's kids
10:06 Oh hell well I'm very forward thinking but I think a "sinful" theme is way over the top for 9-year olds
10:04 Oh lord Abby is telling everybody it's "their city" but like does any 10-year old really belong in Vegas?
10:02 OMG Mackenzie has the best quotes ever "I don't care if I dance, I just want to hang out at the pool"
10:00 Here we go....World tour week!

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