Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dance Moms: September 14th Live-Blog

10:59 Christi is 100% right that these kids are craving Abby's approval. Also, that assistant teacher looks like the most stuck up thing this side of ever
10:58 In what world does Cathy have the right to act so self-righteous?
10:57 Maddy seems to have a healthy look at winning and she appears happy that the other girl won first
10:56 Yay Chloe, Mackenzie & Nia for winning their categories!
10:55 I can't believe Cathy would go the whole way to LA to do one duet and one solo
10:54 Nia's death drop was BOMB!
10:52 Christi has a very healthy way of looking at this in that she focuses on Chloe's self-confidence and belief in herself as opposed to winning trophies and titles
10:51 Chloe is such a sweetie in her little interviews and she looks just so elegant on stage
10:51 Using another dancer's music is just taking it to another level of crazy
10:46 Noway is Taylor as good as Choloe. She doesn't have near the technique and her arms are bent, feet are flexed, etc
10:44 I love Maddy's little asides! "My sister is going to take those apples down"!
10:43 Oh goodness poor Maddy, she's so sad that her mom isn't there to see her!
10:40 Oh my goodness Abby has an unhealthy obsession with Maddy
10:39 OMG I just heard the wicked witch of the west saying "I'll get you my little apples"
10:35 How can choreography be tired when it's new every week?
10:34 This is too much, this is not real
10:32 Oh lord did she bring poison apples or something??
10:30 Is Maddy drinking a cosmo?
10:29 Maddy and Abby are having an LA power lunch
10:28 I kind of agree with Abby about not allowing my dancer to do another choreographer's work
10:21 How much money do these people have that they can travel for weeks on end and hire choreographers on a whim?
10:19 Abuse and suicide is a VERY heavy piece for an 8-year-old, especially in a solo format; where is Melissa when she needs a watchful eye, not that she'd stand up to Abby
10:18 I would bet absolutely no money that that Taylor will beat Chloe or that Justice and Vivi will beat Nia and Mackenzie
10:16 Oh my heck everywhere you look on this show there is another Queen! And obviously he's danced for Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Adam Lambert.....all QUEENS!
10:12 Oh goodness Abby is a real person? With real emotion?
10:10 Oh lord Cathy just called it "Candy Apples Command Center" this NASA? Houston do we have a problem?
10:09 OMG we're learning the death drop and Nia is finally getting some special attention! PS I can't believe that Abby just called Nia a "black Diva"
10:08 Wait hold the phone, Abby brought in you really need a drag queen to inspire a  bunch of 8-year-olds
10:07 Abby is literally obsessed with getting these kids hired for dance jobs....everything in moderation please!
10:06 OMG I love that Christi just said Melissa needed boyfriend time to ensure that somebody pays the dance bills
10:05 Wait did Abby just say they are doing a duet to "My Humps"
10:04 I'm excited for the Mackenzie & Nia duet
10:03 Wait so Melissa is off with her boyfriend and Maddy and Mackenzie get rewarded for that?
10:02 So we're at the same complex that Gaga and Brittney rehearse at....nothing is too good for Abby's girls
10:00 Here we go....the return of Crazy Kathy happens tonight


  1. Can someone PLEASE tell me what it was that Cathy said to Abby that was bleeped out?? "I can go home and fix what was wrong with my kids but you can't fix (bleep)." I am dying to know...I couldn't read her lips!!

  2. According to Dance Mom Christi, Cathy said "you can't fix stupid"

  3. they bleeped out "stupid"??