Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dance Moms: September 28th Live Blog!

10:59 I love that the kids are so excited to go back to L.A. and the moms want to KILL themselves
10:58 Abby is absolutely dying she is so proud of herself
10:57 And Abby's group wins the junior National title
10:56 It was so unnecessary to for Maddy to have a solo in that piece; PS was that a glimpse of Abby's older girls right there??
10:55 This number is showing everybody off really well and plays to all the girls' strengths
10:54 Final group number, and the drama is building.........
10:47 Why would her dad get in her face when he knows it makes Maddy upset?
10:45 It's so cool to see Maddy & Chloe win together for once
10:43 Maddy & Chloe look really nice together; instead of competing against one another they should be working together
10:42 Okay Abby, don't say Paige & Brooke were unprepared when you refused to rehearse with them
10:40 I love that Maddy is so candid when she talks about her crowns
10:39 It's so precious how Maddy is trying to comfort her
10:33 I prefer Chloe's dancing to Maddy's because she has much more mature expression
10:32 Chloe is such a smart little girl, she gets that there is just as much pressure on Maddy to hold onto her title as there is on her to win one
10:30 There is clearly some weird tension between Maddy and her dad; that was so cute when Christi gave Maddy a "mommy-hug"
10:28 I get Kelly's rant, but I don't like when she made it her vs Maddy because Maddy is a kid and who is just doing what she his told
10:25 It's so funny to watch Abby go totally googly eyed when she watches Maddy
10:21 "Dance ruined my family" oh lord what a loaded statement from Maddy's dad
10:18 This is a really nice moment....Abby is actually taking the time to build Chloe up
10:18 Mackenzie kills me with her asides..... "sometimes I don't think Abby knows what she's talking about"
10:17 Why is Abby taking the dancers to the lake, my dance teacher never let us swim at competition
10:16 Can we talk about the fact that "black swan" is so overdone right now
10:15 I love this choreography from what I've seen of the group routine
10:10 "Take the crown and shove it up your ass" was easily the best quote of the season #teamkelly
10:08 Abby talks about Chloe's lack of self-confidence but she doesn't build her up at all; teachers need to teach to the child's personality
10:07 I LOVE when kills Abby with her word; but I agree with Abby that a classroom educator is different than a dance teacher
10:07 Christi has a very healthy approach to managing this whole thing and strikes a good balance between pushing Chloe and supporting her as well
10:06 Christi is making dagger eyes at Melissa when she talked about going on vacation with "her honey" and I LOVE IT
10:05 I love this mirror idea, I think it will bring a lot out of the girl
10:03 OMG Maddy is on the top of the podium? Who could've imagined?
10:00 Here we go y'all, it looks like a sasstastic episode coming up!

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