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2011 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Pairs Free Skate

Here we are with the senior pairs in their free skate. We are starting at about 10:50 EST with the first two groups of three, we'll then cut to ice dance and come back live on NBC for the final groups in pairs and dance. **denotes my picks in USFSA Fantasy Skating

1) Erika Smith & Nathan Bartholomay
   Music: Alexander
  • That was a nice cartwheel move at the beginning
  • Solid lifts
  • Nice throws, they are really putting on a nice showing here
  • That group 5 star lift was really stellar, especially with the music
  • This music is very nice for them, and I like the choreography as well
  • FS Score: 47.00 (TES) + 41.99 (PCS) = 88.99
  • 43.60 (SP) + 88.99 (FS) = 132.59
2) Chloe Katz & Joseph Lynch
   Music: Music from Henry V
  • That was a bit of a rough catch on the split twist
  • Their speed is very nice
  • I like that their costumes go together but don't match
  • Wow she took a tough fall onto her stomach on the 1st throw, hits boards
  • That is unfortunate for her, they were really flying
  • She doubles her side by side triple toe loop, he is clean
  • Group 5 lasso into hand-to-hip lift with him actually skating crossovers under her
  • She holds onto a beautiful triple throw lift
  • She shows some nice flexibility
  • Their lifts are nicely placed on the hilights in the music
  • FS Score: 52.35 (TES) + 42.37 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 93.62
  • 46.38 (SP) + 93.62 (FS) = 140.00
3) Lisa Moore & Justin Gaumond
   Music: No, No, Nanette
  • I loved them in the short skating to Singin in the Rain
  • They have a nice jazzy, whimsical quality about them
  • Throw double loop was clean, and she landed safely
  • SBS double toe-double toe
  • I like Peter Carruthers, am not a fan of the "creative" death spiral where the lady grabs the foot going in
  • She was so tilted in the air on that last throw and just crumbled
  • FS Score: 43.63 (TES) + 38.51 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 81.14
  • 46.44 (SP) + 81.14 (FS) = 127.58
4) Gretchen Donlan & Andrew Speroff
   Music: Stairway to Heaven 
  • Nice strong catch on the triple twist, good flow out
  • She hung onto that SBS triple landing for sure
  • I like the upside down entrance into the press lifts, they shift to a hand to hip with Andrew skating underneath of her
  • I though she had that double axle, but she lost her footing
  • Gorgeous flowing landing on her throw
  • Nice low death spiral position
  • They put up some great lifts, especially with difficult entrances
  • Their second throw is equally strong
  • This is a very nice program, conceptually and choreographically
  • They should go solidly into first here
  • Andrew is so strong for her and really shows her off nicely
  • Gretchen could use some ballet to teach her to stretch out her legs and point her feet
  • Coach Sheryl was in tears!
  • FS Score: 51.29 (TES) + 46.34 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 96.63
  • 48.62 (SP) + 96.63 (FS) = 145.25
5) Becky Bereswill & Trevor Young
   Music: Chicago
  • I hope they use actual Fosse movements 
  • Her dress is incredible
  • They have some nice speed
  • Good solid double axel-double toe
  • I really love the choreography in this piece
  • Opting for a split double twist
  • I really like this team and I hope they place high enough to get some senior Grand Prix assignments
  • She has learned quickly to process the lifts and throws 
  • Becky really eeks out the landing on that throw triple loop, she was so tilted and still pulled it out
  • That reverse overhead is so difficult and they hit it like it's nothing
  • He lifts her so elegantly and makes her look so light
  • This is such an entertaining program and she they've really chose the best selections form Chicago
  • Mistake at the end, he loses the pivot on the death spiral and and almost loses her
  • FS Score: 47.11 (TES) + 42.84 (PCS) -1.00 (DED)= 88.94
  • 48.77 (SP) + 88.94 (FS) = 137.71
6) Molly Aaron & Daniyel Cohen **
    Music: Malaguena
  • They are on my fantasy team so I'm pulling for them
  • I like that they took a moment to really get into character before beginning
  • She puts her hand down on the first throw, but it had a lot of height
  • Molly takes a hard fall on the opening jump
  • They hit some nice unique positions in their overhead lifts
  • Not the best skate they have every done, they won't be too happy about that one
  • FS Score: 49.40 (TES) + 43.39 (PCS) -3.00 (DED) = 85.59
  • 47.24 (SP) + 85.59 (FS) = 136.83
7) Lindsay Davis & Themisthocles Leftheris
  • Missed skate due to late NBC coverage
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 97.18
  • 51.07 (SP) + 97.18 (FS) = 148.25
8) Tiffany Vise & Don Baldwin
    Music: Mona Lisa Overdrive/The Mission
  • Missed skate due to late NBC coverage
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 96.97
  •  54.29(SP) + 96.97 (FS) = 151.26
9) Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir
   Music: Avatar
  • Missed skate due to late NBC coverage
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 100.44
  • 51.48 (SP) + 100.44 (FS) = 151.92
10) Caydee Denney & Jeremy Barrett
     Music: Rhapsody in Blue
  • We now have Tom Hammond, Sandra Bezic, and Scott Hamilton as the live commentators, such an upgrade, though I do love Peter Carruthers
  • Caydee is so sassy, and Jeremy has worked so hard to live up to her performance levels
  • Nice clean catch on the triple twist
  • Side by side triple toes, beautifully landed, good work Caydee, such a fighter
  • Nice throw triple lutz on a huge musical crescendo
  • Jeremy steps out of the first double axel in the sequence but the second set is clean
  • This middle section in center ice is gorgeous
  • Just beautiful  choreography by David Wilson
  • Great spin sequence, great unicson
  • Nice position by Caydee in the lasso lift
  • Nice strong landing by Caydee in the second throw triple
  • Great hand to hip lift
  • This is wonderful music for them and they use it beautifully
  • That's a nice position by Caydee in that death spiral
  • They have such great speed and exuberance in this ending section
  • They get such nice lift positions, especially with Jeremy on just one foot
  • Great pair spin here at the end, wonderful camel positions
  • FS Score: 59.36 (TES) +58.34  (PCS) = 117.70
  • 57.79 (SP) + 117.70 (FS) = 175.49
11) Mary Beth Marley & Rockne Brubaker **
     Music: The Addam's Family
  • Marybeth is ready to light it up
  • I like their look together
  • Not a clean catch, but huge height on the split triple twist
  • Nice Triple-double combo
  • Oh wow something happened there and they both tripped over each other
  • Wonderful recovery into a lasso lift
  • I wanted this so much for them
  • She recovered so well and landed that lift like a champ
  • Nice spiral sequence from both of them
  • She gets a great low death spiral position
  • They have a really nice look on the ice and performance quality
  • They need to work a bit on their side by side jumps, especially the timing, but that will come with time
  • She eeks out that throw like a fighter
  • They have some phenomenal lifts, what a great pair partner he is
  • This little tango moment is so fun
  • I love the spin sequence on the traditional Addams Family music
  • They stay in perfect unison in the spins until the very last position change
  • What a performer she is
  • I am so impressed by how fast she has learned all of these elements, what a little champ she is
  • I hope they stay together because they have so much potential
  • FS Score: 44,16 (TES) + 52.29 (PCS) -2.00 (DED)= 105.45
  • 58.10 (SP) + 105.45 (FS) = 163.55
12) Caitlin Yankowskas & John Coughlin **
     Music: Ave Maria
  • Alright lets light it up guys, you've got this
  • This opening pose is to die for
  • I'm crying already, can't contain my emotion
  • Opening double axels are crisp and clean
  • Gorgeous split triple twist
  • Not the most beautiful, but Caitlin lands that throw like the fighter she is
  • Great three jump series, so in sync
  • Everything looks so effortless, they are just letting it happen and not forcing it or muscling it
  • Great death spiral and fantastic spin sequence, spins get a little out of sync at the end
  • Caitlin really does look like an angel
  • I love the way she seems to float in that spiral sequence
  • Gorgeous throw triple, she lands it like it is nothing at all
  • Their lifts are effortless because he is just so strong for her and she has such incredible positions
  • That ending pose is phenomenal 
  • FS Score: 61.97 (TES) + 62.18 (PCS) = 124.15
  • 64.30 (SP) + 124.15 (FS) = 188.45
13) Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig
     Music: Nessun Dorma
  • This should be another big number if they can skate perfectly
  • These costumes are gorgeous
  • Their triple twist has such quick rotation
  • Great Side by side triple toes on a huge musical crescendo
  • This music and choreography are fantastic for them
  • That was  very strong throw triple lutz
  • Now when we get into the more lyrical part of the program is where they really shine
  • Slight unison loss at the end of their spins
  • Fantastic spiral sequence
  • Side double axles, they both fight for each jump, possibly two-footed and/or step out
  • Those side by side camels are such an interesting position for spins
  • Their lifts are phenomenal and they perform them in the back half of the program to gain a lot of points on them
  • Throw triple loop was huge, Amanda has to put her hands down to control it
  • That one hand to hip lift onto one foot is just stellar, especially on these musical crescendos
  • Not perfect, but a very very nice skate for them indeed
  • Exit from the last lift was a little clunky but I think they did enough to stay in second, in my opinion
  • FS Score: 62.09 (TES) + 60.26 (PCS) = 122.35
  • 62.87 (SP) + 122.35 (FS) = 185.22

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