Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Countdown to US Figure Skating Championships: 11 Days!

Ross Miner (SC of Boston)

  • 2009 US Jr. Champion
  • 2009 World Jr. Championships 10th
  • 2009 Grand Prix Final Bronze Medalist
  • 2010 NHK Trophy 9th
  • 2010 Cup of China 7th

At only 19, Ross is still young for a male figure skater. He missed Nationals last year due to injury so he is actually in a good position going into Nationals this season. He has no National standing to lose so he can really go all out and try to make a splash. He has a lot of charisma for someone so young and his performances give off a very "old hollywood vibe." I would love to see him skate to Cole Porter or Gershwin. He looks like he could be the little brother of Jeremy Abbott, but in terms of skating quality he actually reminds me of a young Todd Eldredge. I don't know if he has the technical content or the experience to compete with the likes of Abbott, Rippon, and Mroz, but who knows, this young skater just may surprise the field and end up on the podium in Greensboro!

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