Thursday, January 13, 2011

Countdown to US Figure Skating Championships: 9 Days!

Felicia Zhang & Taylor Toth (The SC of New York)

  • 2010 US Junior National Champions

I first caught this team on this year's senior Grand Prix circuit at Skate America. What I remember most is a side by side spin sequence in their free skate where one's blade got too close for comfort to the other's face. Peter Carruthers made a comment that under the new judging system, inexperienced pairs are trying elements that are too difficult before they are ready to perform them safely. I think this may be the case with this pair and while I think they have a lot of potential and a bright future ahead of them, they still look very much like a junior pair. I found their music choice of  Clair de Lune to be a bit mature for their age and level, but I like their free program to Miss Saigon and found it age appropriate. This is a young team that could definitely have a future in pairs skating if they can master the basics before they move on to difficult elements. I predict they will be in the second to last warm up group for the free skate in Greensboro and finish in the second flight  of pair teams.

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