Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 US Figure Skating Championships: Novice Compulsory Dance

Alright y'all here we go...competition is officially underway in Greensboro with the Novice Ice Dances in their compulsory dance. As a judge, it must be such an honor to judge at nationals.


1) Howe/Farmer
  • The speed seems to really be lacking here
  • They are nicely synchronized with the music
  • They seem intently focused which is good, but she is definitely more of a performer than he is
  • Is it just me or does she look like Lynn Kriengkrairut?
  • 14.12 (TES) + 14.44 (PCS) = 19.99
2) Parsons/Parsons
  • I already don't like these costumes for a blues number, they are too light and flowy and seem more appropriate for a waltz
  • This team has much better speed than the previous team and they also seem to get further onto their edges
  • I don't know why they let the music run so long after the dance is finished, we have to hear the same piece 12 times so is it necessary to prolong it?
  • 18.14 (TES) + 17.57 (PCS) = 25.00
3) Mancini/Brooks
  • Now those costumes look more like blues costumes
  • She needs to lift her head more and elongate her neck because she looks like she is staring at the ground
  • They are pretty deep into their knees which is good but they need more stretch in their free legs and a lot more speed
  • Thank you for killing the music asap once the dance ended
  • 17.93 (TES) + 16.60 (PCS) = 24.17
4) Oi/Jhanke
  • I could tell from their entrance that I liked them, they just knew how to carry themselves from their first stroke
  • They do need more speed, but their elegance is undeniable and they have nice lines
  • I'm calling it now, if they stay together, they'll be a top team here in a few years
  • I wonder if Zoueva & Shpilband every scout new teams or if the ice dancers come to them?
  • She is a lovely performer and I don't know what it is, but there is something really special about them
  • 15.45 (TES) + 15.31 (PCS) = 21.54
5) Pogrebinsky/Gudis

  • They seem to have a nice flow across the ice
  • She really needs to straighten her knees and point her feet to elongate the leg line
  • I don't like him in those tails because they disrupt the leg line and just get in the way
  • She has something in her hair that is kind of distracting and juvenile looking
  • 16.73 (TES) + 16.06 (PCS) = 22.96
6) Deissroth/Mueller
  • They are an older team and their height similarity makes for an interesting look
  • She has such long legs, I wish she would extend them more
  • I also hoped they would have more of a performance quality because they are older but I didn't really get that from them
  • 13.47 (TES) + 13.03 (PCS) = 18.55
7) Grant/Skala
  • I would love to see these skaters do more in terms of makeup and hair to treat this more as a performance
  • They are skating painfully slow here
  • They look scared and aren't giving me anything in terms of performance quality
  • Leg lines need to be elongated
  • 14.34 (TES) + 13.65 (PCS) =19.59
8) DeMaria/Miller

  • I would love for them to be faster
  • They have nice leg lines and I appreciate that they are really trying hard to point their feet, that gets a lot of points in my book
  • She gets very deep in her low positions
  • The look very tentative, especially her, but they are nice skaters and have no reason to hold back
  • 14.10 (TES) + 13.78 (PCS) =19.52
9) Schmucker/Munday
  • Nice speed to start out with
  • They have nice posture and carriage, particularly the man
  • Normally the woman is the picture and the man is the frame but he really has nice posture and he is a joy to watch
  • 15.34 (TES) + 15.19 (PCS) = 21.37
10) Moore/Klaber
  • I like the suspender look on him, but her dress is a little to romantic and ethereal for me
  • This sounds weird but they have very nice extensions to the back in what would be an arabesque position in ballet
  • I want all of these ice dancers to take ballet so they can learn to point their feet-an unpointed foot just destroys an otherwise beautiful leg line
  • You know how some teams just have that "look" that they fit together, well this is one of those teams
  • 16.37 (TES) + 16.11 (PCS) = 22.74
11) Jeandell/Dodge
  • They have a nice intensity about them, particularly in the opening poses 
  • They seem to have lost that intensity as the program went along

Current Leaderboard:
Parsons/Parsons 25.00
Mancini/Brooks 24.17 
Pogrebinsky/Gudis 22.96
Moore/Klaber 22.74 
Oi/Jhanke 21.54
Schmucker/Munday 21.37
Howe/Farmer 19.99
Grant/Skala 19.59
DeMaria/Miller 19.52
Deissroth/Mueller 18.55

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