Saturday, January 29, 2011

2011 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Ladies Free Skate

The ladies free skate is my favorite event of senior Nationals. I remember watching Michelle Kwan as a little girl, just mesmerized by her performances, and this event still has that effect on me. I wish all of these ladies well and hope they all skate to the best of their abilities.
**Denotes my USFSA Fantasy Skating Team

1) Tatyana Khazova
   Music: Secrets of Saint-Petersburg
  • Nice drama here at the beginning of the progam
  • I dont love the gloves, they cut off her leg line
  • Double loop-single loop combo
  • Nice double axel
  • She is injured so that may effect her jumping content
  • Double lutz, double toe, double loop
  • Tatyana is muscling through this with a lot of fight and determination
  • Though she is doubling most of her jumps, she is showing so much will and heart
  • FS Score: 26.25 (TES) + 32.46 (PCS) = 58.91
  • 26.58 (SP) + 58.91 (FS) = 85.49
2) Felicia Zhang
  • Felicia has withdrawn due to injury
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) =
  • 41.23 (SP) + (FS) =
3) Keli Zhou
   Music: Deception
  • I love this dress on her, the purple suits her well and the gradiant into white is lovely
  • Good attack on the double axel, nice double toe tacked on
  • Nice triple salchow, slight bobble on the ending
  • I like her twist position in the sit spin and the fly out of it
  • Pretty nice spiral, she should lift her chest a little more so we can see her face
  • I love the way you see that white edge of her skirt move in her spins
  • Looked like she may have doubled her salchow
  • Some good turns in the step sequence, would love more work from the upper body
  • Pretty nice leg catch spin
  • A big improvement over the short, good for her!
  • FS Score: 37.48 (TES) + 36.73 (PCS) = 74.21
  • 41.38 (SP) + 74.21 (FS) = 115.59
4) Katy Jo West
   Music: Ragtime
  • I love ragtime, but I think this costume is a little too 1920s for that music
  • Hand down on opening triple toe
  • Fall on a triple salchow, just didnt get her feet untwisted
  • Nice transition into the "Your Daddy's Son" portion of the program
  • I would like more fluidity in this section and more grace in her arms
  • Katy could really benefit from some ballet
  • She has a great smile, but as she matures she'll learn to show more emotional range
  • FS Score: 36.01 (TES) + 37.73 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 72.74
  • 40.07 (SP) + 72.74 (FS) = 112.81
5) Raina Narita
   Music: West Side Story
  • Being a New Yorker, I hope she can really find the character of this piece
  • Bernstein's music is so brilliant, so many nuances to make use of
  • Too tilted in the triple lutz to hold onto the landing
  • Nice fluidity in her arms
  • She could work on her flexibility in her back and hips to increase her scores
  • Her feet were too wrapped on her second triple lutz attempt to hold the landing
  • Pops open the first jump of her combination
  • She looks very tired and seems to be throwing away the in-between movements as she tries to hang onto her elements
  • FS Score: 30.73 (TES) + 32.06 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 60.79
  • 33.75 (SP) + 60.79 (FS) = 94.54
6) Kristiene Gong **
   Music: Salome's Dance of the Seven Veils
  • Kristiene is the C-pick from my fantasy team so I'm wishing her to do her best
  • She did a nice job on the Jr Grand Prix this season and put up some big scores so I'm hoping she can do that again
  • Frank Carroll is coaching another Salome routine
  • Nice double axel-triple toe combination, I hear that is becoming a popular combination these days
  • She hits some nice spin positions, but the transitions between them could be smoothed out
  • Triple sal-double loop-double loop is her one allowed three jump combination
  • Kristiene is really putting up a solid show right here, I am quite proud 
  • Nice overall skater there, she'll go far
  • FS Score: 57.17 (TES) + 42.01 (PCS) = 99.18
  • 44.12 (SP) + 99.18 (FS) = 143.30
7) Ellie Kawamura
   Music: El Tango de Roxanne/Tango de los Exilados
  • I love that pink underlayer to her skirt and how we see flashes of it when she jumps and spins
  • It is nice to see a color other than red for a latin number
  • Popped that triple loop
  • Nice double axel double toe to get right back on her game
  • She had a lot of flair and spanish nuances at the beginning, lets hope she continues that 
  • Hand down
  • Nice use of accents in the choreography
  • FS Score: 34.87 (TES) + 41.88 (PCS) = 76.75
  • 45.19 (SP) + 76.75 (FS) = 121.94
8) Kelsey Traunero
   Music: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • That costume is a little too period-specific for me
  • Nice triple flip-double toe combo, very solid
  • Nice triple flip, she gets those out of the way fast
  • Falls on a triple toe, maybe too quick on the takeoff
  • Double axel clean, botches the combo
  • Good solid double axel
  • She seems really committed to the program
  • Very good speed going into her layback
  • She is definitely skating lights out, just whipping through everything
  • The dancer in me wants her to drop that hip on the spiral
  • FS Score: 47.24 (TES) + 39.78 (PCS) -1.00 (DED)= 86.02
  • 42.28 (SP) + 86.02 (FS) = 128.30
9) Melissa Balunhagui
   Music: Rachmaninoff selections
  • I hope she does the triple axel
  • She is a solid jumper, that was a nice triple lutz
  • Solid triple flip
  • She seems to be forgetting her in between movements
  • There isn't much choreography here, just jump to jump to jump
  • The musicality isn't working, she seems like a skater who would connect more with a contemporary piece or a character piece
  • FS Score: 55.11 (TES) + 44.06 (PCS) = 99.17
  • 45.36 (SP) + 99.17 (FS) = 144.53
10) Danielle Kahle
     Music: La Strada
  • I like her costume, very elegant
  • Turns out of her triple loop, ends it in a lunge
  • Very tilted in the air on her triple lutz, falls
  • Takes another fall, unfortunately this program isn't starting the way she'd have wanted
  • She seems to be forgetting about her choreography and the performance element here
  • Danielle's jumps just aren't here today, she seems she can't get her legs under her
  • This is a performance she will want to forget
  • FS Score: 34.63 (TES) + 39.11 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 71.74
  • 45.87 (SP) + 71.74 (FS) = 117.61
11) Kristine Musademba
     Music: Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  • She has a lot of talent, I'd love to see her land her jumps cleanly
  • She is really going after these jumps too so when she falls, the falls are hard falls
  • Nice triple salchow, I think she is getting her stride back
  • Kristine really seems shaky today, so sad because I love what I see when she is clean
  • Kristine has such great moments and some wonderful qualities but I wish she could have shown them today
  • FS Score: 36.13 (TES) + 42.46 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 76.59
  • 46.94 (SP) + 76.59 (FS) = 123.53
12) Alexe Gilles
     Music: Adagio/Nocturne/Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Nice triple lutz to start off
  • Fall on a double axel, she lost the combination for that
  • She is a lovely skater if she can land her jumps
  • This is gorgeous music and she does a lovely job of interpreting it
  • This is a lovely combination of musical selections
  • Pops the takeoff there
  • She seems to psych herself out if she makes a mistake on one jump, they all go
  • I'd love to see her have a really good nationals
  • She has a nice footwork sequence, but I'd like to see her have more control over her arms
  • I want her to be more of a fighter for these jumps
  • FS Score:  (TES) +  (PCS) = 76.00
  • 47.75 (SP) + 76.00 (FS) = 123.75
13) Caroline Zhang
     Music: Cello Conerto in B Minor by Dvorak
  • I'm praying for a good skate for Caroline
  • Nice triple flip combination
  • She has improved that high free leg
  • Fall on a triple lutz, high free leg came back
  • Another fall on her triple salchow
  • Nice triple loop combination
  • Caroline is really falling apart
  • I want her to love skating again
  • Its so sad that she is abandoning her choreography as well 
  • I just want her too fight, just like Alexe, I know she can land these if she tries
  • Fabulous pearl spin
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 92.47
  • 48.48 (SP) + 92.49 (FS) = 140.95
14) Joelle Forte
  • Nice triple flip opener
  • Nice triple lutz, may get an edge call, but decent combination
  • I had the tights folded over the boot
  • There is not much here in terms of choreography, but she is landing those jumps
  • Very nice skate, Joelle will be happy with that
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 102.25
  • 47.03 (SP) + 102.25 (FS) = 149.28
15) Yasmin Siraj
     Music: Misa Tango
  • Her piano background definitely helps her musicality
  • She had a good international season, qualified for the Jr Grand Prix Final
  • Pops the triple flip to a single
  • Triple lutz combo gets her right back into it
  • She could loosen up her upper body to get better flow
  • Double axel-falls on the triple toe
  • She is so tiny, but has a very mature, wise look about her
  • Nice performance of her choreography
  • Good triple lutz, she is getting her feet back under her
  • Starting to show a little sass here
  • Very nice donut spin position, lost a lot of the speed at the end
  • She is going to be a force to be reckoned with if she takes time to develop and doesn't rush herself too much
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) =  102.56
  • 49.91 (SP) + 102.56 (FS) = 152.47
16) Morgan Bell
  • She really impressed me in the short, her first nationals ever
  • Nice opening jump, then a fall
  • I really hope she doesn't unravel here, it would be great to see a good skate from her
  • Apparently she really struggled in practice today
  • She is struggling with her jumps
  • The pressure of TV may be getting to Morgan
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 69.84
  • 49.73 (SP) + 69.84 (FS) = 119.57
17) Ashley Wagner
     Music: Malaguena
  • Come on Ashley, do it like Cup of Russia
  • So much sass right here at the beginning
  • She is making use of every note of the music with choreography
  • Nice double axel, triple toe was maybe two-footed
  • Perfect triple lutz
  • Lovely spin positions
  • I want a huge score for her
  • She has so much spirit in this spiral sequence
  • I like that her spin positions are tailored to her choreography and the theme of the program
  • Most people don't do Malaguena justice, but she is working it
  • All the jumps are fabulous, just a totally different skater than in the short
  • Work it girl
  • Just popped open her last jump, probably got a little too into the performance
  • Nice attack and energy in the footwork sequence
  • Not the perfect skate I wanted for her, but should put her in first for now
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 110.73
  • 54.63 (SP) + 110.73 (FS) = 165.36
18) Vanessa Lam
     Music: Intro et Rondo Capriccioso
  • She has super long legs
  • She has nice body carriage for a young skater
  • Definitely needs to be more expressive
  • Wonderful technique and she has a great frame to build on
  • She got her legs really wrapped up underneath her and fell, unfortunately
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) =
  • 57.61 (SP) + (FS) =
19) Agnes Zawadzki
      Music: Ziegeunerweisen/Hungarian Rhapsody
  • I want her to really light up
  • Kill it Agnes
  • Double axel into a triple
  • Too much momentum going into that spin
  • Doubled her lutz
  • She has really nice presence on the ice, very committed to the presentation aspect
  • Huge triple lutz into combination
  • Hard fall on her triple loop
  • Nice three jump series
  • She has a lot of musicality, maturity as a performer
  • She has a lot of potential
  • She is getting a bit heavy on her feet, running out of steam a little
  • She does a pretty nice I-spin, needs to straighten that bottom leg
  • FS Score: (TES) +  (PCS) = 112.30 
  • 61.54 (SP) + 112.30 (FS) = 173.84
20) Christina Gao **
      Music: Yellow River Concerto
  • Nice triple-triple
  • She looks like she is on today, she really has her legs under her
  • Once she learns how to really use her long limbs, she'll be a sight to behold
  • She just did a three jump combo but I missed it because of the camera angle
  • I love the skirt movement, it really helps to highlight her speed
  • She is really lighting it up today
  • Fall on on a triple flip attempt
  • She really held on for dear life on that last jump
  • Pretty good performance for Christina, good showing and so much potential
  • FS Score: 55,58 (TES) + 54.19  (PCS) -1.00 (DED) =  108.77
  • 58.43 (SP) + 108.77 (FS) = 167.20
21) Alissa Czisny **
   Music: Winter & Spring by George Winston
  • I love that opening arm moment
  • Triple lutz-Double toe was clean
  • Triple flip very nice
  • So calm and lovely
  • Triple toe-double toe- double loop
  • Triple loop, turn out of it, but a turn out of it
  • Gorgeous spiral sequence
  • Second triple lutz, double toe
  • Triple salchow
  • Wonderful spins, just exquisite
  • She is killing the footwork now that she knows she has done her job with the jumps
  • Final spin was spectacular
  • Nobody does a Biellmann like that
  • I really just want to cry for her 
  • FS Score: 64.19 (TES) + 64.55 (PCS) = 128.74
  • 62.50 (SP) + 128.74 (FS) = 191.24
22) Mirai Nagasu
     Music: Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Alright let's see if she's tacked her demons or not
  • Triple lutz had a wide free leg-nice triple toe
  • Double axel-double combo
  • She seems to be skating conservatively
  • She is concentrating really hard, seems pretty tight
  • She is not going all out
  • This is the 3rd costume of the year for this program
  • Step out of that last jump there
  • She just doesn't seem committed to the choreography or the performance, very conservative
  • That error on the camel spin could have cost her the podium
  • FS Score: 53.45 (TES) + 60.45 (PCS) = 113.91
  • 63.35 (SP) + 113.91 (FS) = 177.26
23) Rachael Flatt
     Music: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  • Nice double axel, bobble on the triple
  • Double Lutz
  • Good performance commitment
  • Lovely triple flip
  • She is feeling this performance
  • She needs some work on that arabesque spiral
  • Attacked the triple lutz-double toe
  • Nice three jump series
  • Good triple there, she needs one more triple
  • Definitely more performance quality than Mirai
  • Step out of her final triple
  • Beautiful Ina Bauer on a nice long curve
  • We'll see how these scores pan out
  • FS Score:  (TES) +  (PCS) = 121.06
  • 62.32 (SP) + 121.06 (FS) = 183.38


  1. has the unofficial final scores

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