Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 US Nationals: Mens Preview

I’m less excited about the Senior men than anybody else in this competition. Do you feel me?
  1. Without Jason Brown or even Joshua Farris in the competition, any win almost seems…..less than. Nevertheless:
  2. Can Max Aaron, the clear favorite, land his jumps and win outright?
  3. Will Nathan Chen, the once novice and junior phenom, improve upon last year’s 8th place finish in his Senior debut and threaten for the podium?
  4. Can dark horse candidate and twitter-verse favorite Grant Hochstein make a statement after his impressive 4th place finishes at Cup of China and NHK Trophy?
  5. If Hochstein skates cleanly, will he have a moment with his Les Miz free skate and bring the crowd to its feet?
  6. Is Ross Miner still relevant?
  7. Will Adam Rippon’s jumps fail him yet again, but wow us with his artistry?
  8. Who will be the surprise member of the final group in the free?
  9. Who will make the biggest jump from the short to the free?
  10. And finally, the question is not if, but who, will the selection committee screw out of an International assignment?

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