Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 US Nationals: Ladies Preview

Ashley vs. Gracie: Part 4
  1. Does anyone else matter to the skating faithful?
  2. Does Ashley come from behind in the short to win in the free as has become commonplace?
  3. Does my girl Ashley, an old broad by skating standards, have any gas left in the tank to take another US title and have a prayer of a World medal?
  4. Does Gracie live up to her word of “no more doubles”?
  5. Does Gracie, clearly the more talented of the two, get out of her head and put up the points we know she can?
  6. More importantly, which of these two will give us the best Side Eye?
  7. Can Polina finally perform like a mature young woman?
  8. Does Karen Chen make the Gracie vs. Ashley debate moot by wiping the floor with all of them?
  9. Can Courtney Hicks’ jump propel her back into the conversation?
  10. Where does Carly Gold factor in, and more importantly, how does her presence affect Gracie?
  11. What chance does Mirai Nagasu have after all these years, particularly where International assignments are concerned?
  12. Will any one performance make me cry or stand up and cheer?
  13. Can anyone from last year’s top ten trio of Bell, Price, or Miller surprise us and make the podium?
  14. How will last year’s Junior winner by a mile, Bradie Tennell, handle the pressure of the Senior event?
  15. Finally, will the dreaded “committee” have to step in when it comes to International assignments or will they let the competition play out?

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