Friday, January 22, 2016

Barbie's Friday Thoughts


  1. We should have Charlie & Tanith together doing commentary
  2. Daniel Eaton has beautiful posture
  3. Aldridge and Blackmer have potential once he masters the techniques...they clearly love skating together
  4. I am thoroughly impressed by Hawayek & Baker; they truly look like seniors this year and their program was beautifully composed
  5. The Shibutanis were 100% precise which I would say is a hallmark of Zoueva's teams, not one limb, one finger, one hair out of place
  6. I'm living for all of this ballet today! Happy birthday Balanchine! 
  7. Madison Chock is a star as long as you don't look at her feet 
  8. The top 2 teams should be reversed and everybody else on twitter agrees...Chock/Bates are more dramatic but the Shibutanis are more precise
  9. I completely agree with Charlie White...Hubbell & Donohue's short has the feeling of a free dance with the emotional storytelling
  10. One team actually DANCED today and that was Hubbell & don't see the elements, just the movement


  1. Nathan Chen knows how to compete-he did not skate perfectly, but he did not fall apart either
  2. Jimmy Ma can rock a sheer top
  3. Few skaters are more lyrical than Grant Hochstein-it's a shame that he couldn't go clean
  4. Vincent Zhou has some guts-at least with the jumps-the spins and footwork will come and he will compete with Chen before too long
  5. Ross Miner made me weep...his program was just so easy to watch and for the first time tonight I didn't feel anxious
  6. Sean Rabbit's Samson & Delilah was artistic, energetic, and so fast! 
  7. Tim Dolensky has an artist's soul and he showed that tonight
  8. Max Aaron make jumping look so easy when he's on with those springy knees and he's developing some performance skills
  9. Adam's footwork was the one element that stood out above everything else for me tonight
  10. This event was infinitely better than the ladies short...these guys showed up to COMPETE

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