Thursday, January 21, 2016

Barbie's Thursday Thoughts


  1. A new program can transform your season-"Take Me To Church" clearly elevated Kayne & O'Shea's level of skating
  2. An emotional song will pull in the crowd over a rock song any day of the week
  3. You can never rely on US Pairs to perform the way you expect
  4. Too much confidence is always a cause for concern (I learned this from Ann Jensen)
  5. Castelli & Tran have a future if they hem.....stay together!
  6. Never underestimate the power of real ballet training-Aaron & Settlage show us that in their posture and extension through each limb
  7. If Denney and Frazier had not been injured, this would have truly been a 4-way race and the most competitive US Pairs event in years
  8. A purple unitard is something we all think about wearing but most of us leave it in the back of the closet with the gold lame hot pants
  9. Todd Sand still looks as fabulous as a real life Ken doll
  10. I love Jimmy Morgan for his skating, but also because I met him in real life and he tweets with me
  1. I want Kori Ade to be my coach when I go back in time and become an elite figure skater; the respect between pedagogue and pupil is palpable 
  2. Heidi Munger's costume was far and away my favorite
  3. Mirai Nagasu has done some living and that showed in her performance in a great way; her struggles have taught her to skate like a woman
  4. Karen Chen has "it" but "it" just wasn't her night, don't freak out people, she will come along
  5. Tyler Pierce blew me away with how effortless her program looked
  6. Ashley Cain should stop fighting the urge to skate to Frozen, she clearly already has the dress
  7. Abbott & Rippon are a breath of fresh air as choreographers
  8. Polina may not wow me as a performer, but she knows how to COMPETE at Nationals
  9. Ashley Wagner...well that broad sure knows how to put on a show
  10. Gracie Gold, you had one job and you singled a lutz?
  11. We had our moments, but I just wanted some clean skating; too much to ask?

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