Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 Skate Canada: Ice Dance Preview

I mean, is there even a question here? No, but we'll talk about it anyway. Virtue & Moir have owned this event forever and nothing will change here, but the other medals are up for grabs so let's get started!

Much like their American training mates, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir (CAN) have tried many different styles this quad and now they are back to old faithful for this Olympic season. The Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong short should show off that Old Hollywood glam that they showed us in Funny Face and then we have the Glazunov free which should be a bit of a throwback to the Mahler program that won them Olympic Gold in 2010. I feel that Davis & White have grown more during this quad, but so much can happen before February! 

Canada's other top team, Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje (CAN) will also be here and they are a
near lock for silver. This is a huge season for them because they are one of about five teams fighting for bronze in Sochi. I can't wait to see that Latin free dance, I can only imagine how steamy it is! I, personally, prefer their more lyrical programs but I won't judge this piece until I see it.

This is a golden opportunity for Hubbell & Donohue (USA) to win a Grand Prix medal and prove to US Figure Skating that they are the real deal. I have talked a lot of crap about Madison Hubbell looking clunky and tacky, but I'm taking all of that back after Skate America. Their free is so gorgeous, lyrical, and soothing. I'm happy to stare at Zach all day, of course, but Madison is styled so well and I'm actually pulling for them over the Shibutanis for the Olympic team. They need to make that statement here at this event. If they can't medal, I think they're done.

Riazanova & Tkachenko (RUS) are the team that could play spoiler for Hubbell & Donohue. They have won Grand Prix medals before, and they could do it again, though they've never really stood out to me. I can only imagine how garish that Godfather free skate is going to be.

Stepanova & Bukin (RUS) are a dark horse to medal here, coming in as the reigning World junior champions. However, ice dance is so difficult to break into at the senior ranks and I don't think that it will happen here. Maybe it will happen in Russia

Podium Predictions:
Gold: Virtue & Moir (CAN)
Silver: Weaver & Poje (CAN)
Bronze: Hubbell & Donohue (USA)

The Rest of the Field:
Paul & Islam (CAN)
Zhiganshina & Gazsi (GER)
Guignard & Fabri (ITA)
Riazanova & Tkachenko (RUS)
Stepanova & Bukin (RUS)

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