Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 Skate America: Pairs Short Program Recap

Volosozhar & Trankov (RUS) are world class.  Their commitment to the characters sets them apart from everyone else but the Germans. The power, speed, and precision don't hurt either. I feel like I'm watching a piece of theatre when I watch them skate. The impressive thing is that your eye goes to both of them equally and not just to one or the other. Even down to the death spiral, they never break character. Total Short Program Score: 83.05

I will try to stifle my hatred of the "ass up" death spiral because I loved the program as a whole. I personally love light, whimsical short programs and this was certainly it. The costumes were unique without being over the top and their lifts are always spectacular. I am enamored with that final spin and how the speed never dissipates when they change levels. The peck on the cheek was to die for. Total Short Program Score: 71.51

I was impressed by Stolbova & Klimov (RUS) minus his odd facial hair. They had a quiet power about them, very commanding, and very Russian. This program is going places and they are ready to step up as the 2nd Russian pair team. Nothing about the piece blew my socks off, but they are an easy team to watch, it didn't feel anxious or nervous like I do with a lot of pair teams. Total Short Program Score: 64.80

Berton & Hotarek (ITA) had an acrobatic short to say the least. That one-handed lift was unreal and everything about the piece screamed "circus trick". I couldn't take anything in the program seriously because of that insane shade of yellow. Total Short Program Score: 63.85

Okay so I was really surprised by Castelli & Shnapir (USA) today. After being default US champs, you guys really stepped it up. Speed and attack were great and aside from Simon doubling that SBS jump, the rest was awesome. They have a lot to work with in that great throw 3Sal, a pizzazzy footwork sequence, thrilling final lift, and the overall energy. Hopefully the confidence stays up for the free and the rest of the season. Total Short Program Score: 62.56

There is a fine line between aggressive and frantic. Today Denney & Coughlin (USA) stumbled over that line. Tosca is a dramatic piece, but it was all over the top. The twist was so high and the unison was perfect on the SBS jumps, but she couldn't possibly maintain that pace and wiped out on the throw. The piece didn't do much for me, probably because the music is so "been there done that". I much preferred Castelli & Shnapir. Total Short Program Score: 62.06 

Overall I got a good vibe from Zhang & Toth (USA) today. They had the double fall on the SBS jumps, but the twist, throw, and lifts were strong. The Carousel Waltz is music they can feed off of. I get his character, but she needs to work more on establishing hers. The final pose was so Broadway! Total Short Program Score: 55.83

I liked Purdy & Marinaro's (CAN) drama-filled opening, but the emotion never went anywhere for me. It's Unchained Melody, amp up the romance for heaven's sake! She doesn't seem gritty enough for a pair girl, you have to jam that leg out and land those elements girlfriend! I think this piece of music was too mature for a young team. Total Short Program Score: 50.26

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