Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 Skate America: Short Dance Recap

What else is there to say about Davis & White (USA)? If I'm speechless, you know it's real and it's deep. This piece was really about Charlie for me. My eye went to him and Meryl was kind of there in the background. Is it just me or is his extension improving along with his performance quality? Love, love, loved it. I could have just as easily been watching the Grand Prix Final as the first major event of the season...they are in that good of shape. Short Dance Total: 75.70

Cappellini & Lanotte (ITA) put the DANCE in Ice Dance. I'm OBSESSED with this choreography! This is a perfect example of skating a full piece from beginning to end. They really told a complete story. I'm partial to a good show tune, but regardless, they are on my radar for the Olympic podium. Short Dance Total: 69.88

Shibutani & Shibutani (USA) rose to the occasion and brought it tonight. Alex is really catching my eye this year, but I want her to step it up and pull focus. I'm loving this piece and the fact that they didn't pick the most obvious Michael Buble pieces. Marina does it again, the woman can do no wrong. This piece has potential and they are going places with it. Short Dance Total: 61.26

Hubbell & Donohue (USA) just don't totally have it for me. I'm not sure why, but they are just a little B-team for me. Zach is awesome, but Madison doesn't do so much for me. She's a little cash for clunkers. He is all over my radar, and for his sake, I hope she can amp up the excitement. Short Dance Total: 60.71

I had no strong feelings about Zlobina & Sitnikov (AZE) tonight. They do have a nice flow and smoothness to their work, but the choreography and themes of the program did nothing much for me. Short Dance Total: 54.53

Reed & Reed (JPN) were just meh for me. Twizzle issue aside, the whole piece just looked too calculated and not nearly dancy enough. They were too stiff and the ending just felt out of control for me. It felt like it was about to unravel at any moment...a little Roughtown USA. Short Dance Total: 54.28

Carron & Jones (FRA) had me with their musical selection, and they're delightful to look at, but the program didn't build or really go anywhere. They are charming and the piece has potential if they can build up the excitement throughout the season. Short Dance Total: 54.10

Tobias & Stagniunas (LTU) have a great look and this was a cute program, but she needs to amp up the vavavoom. That, or they need to do A Chorus Line because she's obviously Val. His posture seemed a little clunky today, as did that rotational lift. I hope they clean that up. Short Dance Total: 53.17

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