Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SYTYCD Live Blog: Season 10 Premiere!

8:58 Oh geez, I never thought I'd have to see Sasha's crazy face again :(
8:56 Okay, these guys are actually pretty good. Not show good....but they have a cool story and decent moves to back it up.
8:54 Not sure what to expect from this last crew.
8:50 I'm over these "guest judges" that know nothing about dance. I want Andy Blankenbuehler, Rob Ashford, Twyla Tharp, Kenny Ortega, Bill T Jones...or really anybody who knows anything about dance. Rant over
8:48 Is this a Russian Rapper? Is that what's happening? Mary is all about him. She has that cougar look in her eye.
8:46 After all these years I will never "get" b-boying. I just don't understand how you learn it??
8:45 I expect big things from "one of the best b-boys in the world"
8:40 Enough already Jessie, if you can't talk about injuries without throwing up, get off of the dance show
8:39 I'm loving Taylor's strong style. Great to see a muscular girl who isn't a twig. There's no way she started in college
8:38 We've all been there girl. I'm pulling for you. I too have loose joints and that is rough rough rough!
8:32 Adding that moaning rendition of "Send In The Clowns" to the torn ACL was excruciating times two
8:31 Wait, did she just start dancing in college? Or did she dance before? I just cannot do these sad stories anymore. However will I get through this summer?
8:29 That freaky girl walking on her hands reminded me of Tori Amos as a b-girl
8:26 Tutu necklace boy...we've got our first nut of the year. He is straight up crazy, but his movements are so original. I bet he goes to the choreo round.
8:20 The Benji of Armenia? Hmmm...that's interesting
8:18 First time we've had a winner from another country. That is interesting..... I always find it awkward when only one of the partners is actually auditioning. Like, should we ignore the other one?
8:12 This blonde girl seems very natural, but with a little crazy behind her eyes. I'm intrigued!
8:09 Geez this girl just said she was partially deaf...dead pan. I like her already! She has spunk and her mom was a dancer. That's so Sheila from A Chorus Line.
8:08 We have our first "feelingsy story of the season" that's how you know we are on reality TV. You don't get on this show without an emotional story. This girl from Utah looks like Tinker Bell.
8:07 Sorry, they let Fiction have too much time, he's just not all that interesting. However, the judges seem to love it so color me baffled.
8:05 Wait, his name is Fiction? Did he really not know they do a week in Vegas? We've seen all these moves before, but he has a quirky personality!
8:03 SYTYCD Season 10 here we go! We're starting in LA!

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