Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SYTYCD LIVE BLOG: LA and Austin Auditions

9:55 This little girl is so powerful, this is fantastic. I've never seen anything like that.
9:54 This whole family dancing together. This is gorgeous, so moving.
9:53 I'm excited to see the exorcist again, I kind of forget what he looked like.
9:41 This poor Nick had to stand there and wait while these judges all bitch brunch. Wow...how professional. Wait, this guy is awesome!
9:34 The girl from Venezuela did nothing for me really. She was a nice dancer, just nothing stood out for me.
9:27 Shane was inspirational...that is the purpose of dancing afterall. We dance to say the things we can't say with our voices.
9:19 What do you say about Dannon other than that he is quirky? I bet he goes to choreography. He is rough around the edges. His technique has some problems, but he is so interesting to watch.
9:11 This montage showed such great dancing, why couldn't we see them instead of a 4-year-old?
9:09 This family has a cool vibe. The dad is so hip-hop, but the son is such a cool blend of hip-hop and contemporary
9:05 I love Donovan, he's like a mix of hip hop and contemporary, I love how he's kind of rough around the edges
8:56 I loved that jump out of the coupe turn, really cool combination move. This chick has great feet!
8:55 I'm glad they sent him to Disney World, that was precious
8:52 Sorry, I'm not amused by this kid, spend the time on real dancers who work their asses off to be here
8:49 Mary, your hair, I cannot
8:44 Minnie fricking Driver? What on earth is she doing on a dance show?
8:43 Go away Sasha! Nobody even liked you on your own season
8:42 Mackenzie was the best dancer we've seen so far
8:40 I like Mackenzie...this dance is actual contemporary, not just lyrical like what most dancers call contemporary. There is something so captivating about her.
8:39 Isn't it funny how Nigel "knows" when to ask if the dancer's parents are in the business?
8:37 That girl in the gold lame number looked like the Sheila in our production of A Chorus Line
8:31 I want Nigel to come up with something other that "cue music" but Millie is pretty good. His moves aren't anything we haven't seen, but he has a special kind of personality.
8:27 Dude on Pointe and a chicken dance....where on earth do the find these crazies?
8:20 Mary will love these Latin dancers, she always does
8:09 This girl has great technique and we get that she can coupe turn, but she's not doing much for me
8:08 Oh lord we have a sob story and a daughter of a dance teacher.
8:05 What on earth was that guy doing? Why did he even go on to the choreography? That's just silly. 

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