Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Emmy Awards...I'll be live-blogging all night!

Here we go......


  • Wow I love Jane Lynch and she looks phenomenal
  • OMG Sue Sylvester is going to have some neon track suits on Glee this season
  • I love Carol Burnett and she will be amazing as Sue's mom
  • Jane Lynch loves purple tafetta
  • I am obsessed with Betty White...she is simply timeless
  • We are only 5 minutes into the night and I may already have seen my favorite dress of the night....Claire Danes looks like a goddess
  • Oprah's favesie queer Nate Berkus is working the red carpet! Who decided he was a big deal? 
  • Jimmy Fallon is awkward in a precious sort of way...
  • Ooooo my other favorite Jane....Krakowski! Is she wearing an updated version of the 1980s prom dress? I do think so!
  • Glen Close is such a legend and I love that her daughter is wearing a braid in her hair...very hippy chic!
  • Oh Kate Goslin, is it necessary for you to be on the red carpet? What have you ever done that was so fabulous?
  • Eva Longoria-Parker looks lovely as always. And Tony is quite as always.
  • "How did I get nominated?" -Chris Colfer
  • Because you are absolutely fabulous Chris Colfer!!
  • "When I was in high school I was a mix of Rachel Berry and Sue Sylvester"  -Chris Colfer
  • America has fallen in love with a gay is about time!
  • Carrie Ann may be wearing a bit too much glitter, even for you dear
  • Carrie Ann...why do you have sooooooo many hilights
  • Nate Berkus....why do you keep asking everybody what their damn bathroom floor looks like?
  • I really wish they would have included the guest actor/actress awards in the live broadcast
  • I want Betty White to guest star on Glee......can we please make that happen Ryan Murphy & FOX?
  • Jewel, I cannot decide what I think about your dress
  • Work Tina Fey!!
  • Everybody loves a funny girl, especially
  • Somebody answer this question for me....why don't I watch 30 Rock? I need to change that ASAP...thank god for netflix
  • I didn't post my predictions like I did for my beloved TONY awards this year, but when they start giving out the awards
  • Hello Matthew of my life
  • Please give Matt the Emmy, pretty please!
  • Matt is a theatre guy, so obviously there have to be lots of feelings when he is interviewed
  • Wanda Sykes is one fierce hooker...she is funny because she is serious
  • ***insert Lindsay Lohan joke***
  • Most of the fashions tonight seem very old Hollywood and I love that
  • Why don't I watch Mad Men? I clearly need to catch up on a lot of quality tv and stop watching garbage
  • Lea looked lovely...girlfriend is on the best dressed list!
  • Isn't it funny how "white" has become Kim Kadashian's signature color?
  • Work it Jane Lynch, I love you in purple tafetta.......two of our Glee people are on the best dressed list
  • Calling Anna Paquin a matador is so fitting in that dress
  • Ps whatever happened to Cojo? I miss his red carpet commentary
  • The opening/Ode to Glee is wonderful!
  • I need my glasses to see my tv...are my eyes going or is my tv just too small
  • Yes...a cameo by Hurley from LOST!
  • The opening number: Tim Gunn #win Kate Goselin #fail
  • Work Amy Poehler!! I want that girl in a Broadway show asap
  • Drama is easy, Comedy is hard
  • I want to be exactly like Betty White when I'm 80
  • Chris Colfer, please win!
  • Chis...your queer self was just robbed
  • Eric Stonestreet looks like a younger version of John Goodman
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson is precious....catch him on's Side by Side by Susan Blackwell
  • Who is this insane Sophia woman? She is annoying me
  • Modern Family is working so far...yet another show that I need to start watching
  • Colbert you are creeping me out right now
  • I miss Kristin Chenoweth at the Emmys...that girl knows how to light up a room
  • One of my Janes has to win!
  • YES JANE LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WORK JANE LYNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The look on Lea Michele's face was precious when Jane won...I can tell what is going through her head...."If Jane won, then maybe I could win?"
  • P.S. this Oprah commercial is so feelingsy
  • At least Kristin Chenoweth had a hot second on the broadcast...and Elaine Stritch too
  • Work Ryan Murphy...your boyfriend is beautiful too
  • Lea just planted a big one on Ryan Murphy
  • I just got way too emotional when Ryan Murphy said GLee was about the importance of arts education & dedicated it to his teachers
  • I don't watch The Big Bang Theory so I have no feelings good or bad on this award
  • Haha Edie Falco wanted to be a veterinarian.....honey has won 4 Emmys, show some respect
  • Kim Kardashian just sang for a hot 3 seconds and that was way to much for my ears
  • Bring on the reality embarrassed as I am to admit it, I still love reality tv, most notably survivor
  • The reality Emmy was anticlimactic
  • I almost typed "revival Tony" when I meant to type "reality Emmy"....I so miss the theatre
  • What is the deal with this backstage Johnny? I'm kind of over his dry sense of humor
  • I loved the homage to the drama series...particularly the ode to LOST
  • Wow Mad Men won an Emmy....there's the surprise of the night
  • OMG a reference to Fraggle Rock!!!! Once when I was little I knocked my teeth loose and there were home videos of me saying I was going to look like Fraggle
  • P.S. I am so sad that Terry O'Quinn did not win for his portrayal of John Locke/Smoke Monster on LOST
  • Wait why is Kerry Russell going to be on again?
  • Why is there no love for LOST tonight??
  • I miss LOST so much
  • Matt Morrison & Tina Fey...what a duo
  • I kind of love Kyra Sedgewick's hair
  • Thank god the TONY awards won an EMMY...the Queens shall be thrilled
  • Quote of the night by the writer of the 2009 TONY awards..."go to New York and see a Broadway show, it will change your life forever"
  • I loved Julianna Margulies when she was on ER
  • Congratulations to George Clooney, a great humanitarian
  • How did I miss all of these made for TV movies...they look wonderful!
  • Wow, get it together January Jones
  • I love Kathy Bates...what a broad
  • I really don't understand this crazy queer who is doing commentary on the winners
  • Oh Rue McClanahan you were wonderful...the tribute to the performers who passed this year will certainly be heartbreaking
  • Jewel takes me back to 1995
  • I still cannot believe Rue McClanahan is gone
  • What a beautiful song by Jewel...she carries such an emotional weight in her voice
  • Claire Danes looks absolutely gorgeous...the dress, the hair, the whole deal
  • I am fading fast...lets get to the big categories
  • I've gotten so bored in the last half hour...I'm running out of commentary
  • I always forget that Claire Danes was in Little Women
  • Obviously Mad Men won for Outstanding Drama Series
  • I was hoping LOST would win some awards, but this season was not as good as some of the earlier seasons
  • When I was little I would hate when HBO shows would win EMMYs because we didn't have HBO at my house and I didnt know anything about their shows
  • And the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy goes to Modern Family...I was expecting Glee, but I was wrong again, as I was with most of the awards this evening.
  • The hilight of the night was easily Jane Lynch
  • Good night, peace out, see you at the next awards show

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