Thursday, August 5, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: August 5th Liveblog

  • Opening number: Incredible!!!!
  • Amazing job Dee Caspary
  • It was so entertaining and I always had something to look at but it was not 'busy'
  • Do we need to boost Tyce's ego anymore by flaunting his Emmy win?
  • Who is more amazing than Desmond Richardson? Guesses?
  • We want to watch our favorite dancers...why must we endure these heinous pop stars?
  • Wow, Lauren really threw everything she had into her solo, the floor work was phenomenal!
  • So is this "fitness testing" an attempt to have viewers look the other way in regards to flow of injuries?
  • Wow Kent! Burn the floor much? You definitely left it all out on the stage
  • Yay Lauren! you were fabtastic...(and Adam prayed for you so you were approved by the big man upstairs)
  • Lauren is precious and she deserved it
  • I think Cat tried to squeeze Lauren to death
  • I can't decide if I actually care to see the tour this year
  • I don't want to see any more routines to "Lost" ever again
  • Robert is sooo leggy and so quirky and I love both things
  • There is obviously a method to the way they are revealing the top 3....
  • We all knew Lauren and Kent were going to be in the top 3 and Robert/Adechike will be the only actually fight
  • You work that costume Desmond!
  • I'm going to say it again, I miss Billy least he was unique
  • Don't get me wrong, I love the other dancers but they dance the same as the dancers from every other season
  • So Flo Rida is on now...time for me to step away from the tv
  • Ok Flo the club can't handle you right now, and neither can dum bum
  • Yes America you made the right decision!
  • Kent Lauren could go so many different ways
  • next week will be the experience of a lifetime for these of luck to all 3 of them
  • My Prediction: KENT!
  • And I'm out.....see you next wednesday for the final competition show

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  1. Margo and I are thinking Kent also. Gotta love his personality, and we think America loves him, but I think Lauren won't go with out a fight! Either way, the top 4 are being called for jobs!