Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Fact of the Day: Stage-dooring

While stage-dooring may be a common practice for many avid theatregoers, to others, it is a foreign concept.

stage-dooring: visiting the stage door of a theatre after the show in hopes of meeting the performers

My first stage door experience in New York was at RENT and I was absolutely thrilled to meet the actors, take photos with them, and have my playbill signed. I almost always visit the stage-door these days and I have accumulated quite a collection of signed playbills and posters. Stage-dooring is most common at shows that are popular with the teenage crowd like Wicked or Spring Awakening and shows that feature celebrities on stage, such as the current revival of Promises, Promises. Most actors are happy to sign playbills and other items from the show, although occasionally performers will leave without signing or even duck out an alternate exit. Some are even happy to take photos with fans. While I have waited in some long lines and fought a lot of crowds, I cherish my stage-door memories and have even gotten the chance to have genuine conversations with some of my Broadway idols from Stephanie J Block and Alice Ripley to the original Broadway revival cast of Hair.

**BackStage Barbie's stage-dooring tip: if you want to get a prime stage-door spot for celebrities like Kristin Chenoweth & Sean Hayes at Promises, Promises or Bebe Neuwirth & Nathan Lane at The Adams Family, make your way out of the theatre during the curtain call to avoid the post-show rush**

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