Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun Fact of the Day: Shortcuts Through the Theatre District

Have you ever tried to walk through Times Square on your way to a Broadway show, but hoards of people between Broadway and Eighth Avenue got in you way? Well, here is the path that the actors take to get to their theatres by half-hour call and avoid the crowds. Locals and theatrefolk know this as the "Broadway Shuffle".

41st-42nd Streets: Cut through the lobby of the Times Square Hilton on the McDonalds
44th-45th Streets: The famous Shubert Alley behind the Shubert and Booth theatres serves as the shortcut between these two streets, which also happen to contain the greatest concentration of Broadway theatres
45th-46th Streets: Walk beneath the Marriot Marquis' underpass where you will not only find an entrance to the hotel, but also a Starbucks and various theatrical gift shops
46th-47th Streets: Continue on to 47th street via the Edison Hotel lobby
48th-49th Streets: The Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza provides yet another walkway to cut through the block and avoid Broadway and Eighth
53rd-54th: If you are seeing shows at the theatres furthest uptown, the Broadway Theatre or Studio 54, you can cut through the parking garage next to the Studio 54 stage door

And that, theatre fans, is how the Broadway stars get to work unnoticed!

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  1. i love this! and i've totally used the marriot marquis shortcut before!