Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 Four Continents Championships: Pairs Free Skate LIVE Coverage

1) Huibo Dong & Yiming Wu (CHN)
 Music: Mulan
  • Huge split 3twist
  • Some issues on both sets of SBS jumps
  • A lot of position changes, but not the beauty we're used to from the other teams
  • Very sloppy death spiral positions, grip changes to up the level
  • There is not much of a performance here, no attention to character, who are they even playing?
  • Gigantic throw, as per the Chinese tradition
  • This is very much a string of elements with no artistry at all
  • They look happy to have made it through the program, very winded
46.37 (TES) + 42.02 (PCS) = 88.39
49.52 (SP) + 88.39 (FS) = 137.91

2) Yue Zhang & Lei Wang (CHN)
 Music: Singin' In the Rain
  • That's a very cute opening
  • Was that only a split double twist? From the Chinese?
  • A little timing issue on the SBS jumps
  • Good ice coverage on that lift, I like the spinning exit; cleaner positions than the other Chinese team
  • They look like they're having a lot of fun out there
  • Some unison problems on the spins, he is rotating much faster than her
  • Nice smooth throw, not the power of Dong/Wu
  • Turn out of the 2nd throw, a little low on the landing
  • Backward entrance adds difficulty to that lift
  • That spiral with her foot on his shoulder is unique, it's risky for him
  • Major skid getting that final lift up, that could've been really scary
  • Much more attention to performance than Dong/Wu, I appreciate the commitment
46.77 (TES) + 45.43 (PCS) = 92.20
48.04 (SP) + 92.20 (FS) = 140.24

3) Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford (CAN)
 Music: Viva La Vida, Yellow
  • I'm loving Meagan's braid
  • She looks smaller than normal to me for some reason
  • Really good split twist, I love the footwork into it 
  • This is a very well composed program
  • Hand down from Meagan on the first jump, but they still execute the 3-jump combo
  • Fall from Meagan on the second jump sequence, some thing has looked really off with her this week
  • Eric has really grown on me, my eye is going to him more than Meagan now
  • I love that swinging entrance into the spins
  • I love it when the spins transition the music into the 2nd piece
  • It's nitpicky, but his shirt is a little too blousy for me
  • He's looking really unsteady on these lifts
  • Good save muscling out that throw, she's a fighter
  • She floats like nobody's business into those lifts
  • Hand down and maybe a 2-foot on the 2nd throw
  • They are giving up a ton of points here and there
  • Not the dream free skate they had a Canadians, but they still have Worlds left to peak
62.27 (TES) + 52.96 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 114.23
57.53 (SP) + (FS) = 171.76

4) Jessica Dube & Sebastien Wolfe (CAN)
 Music: Heroes by Phillip Glass
  • This music kills me but I won't hold it against them
  • I can't imagine rehearsing to this music daily
  • The split twist is still eluding them, but it's getting there
  • She' the veteran, she should be able to land these jumps
  • Slight unison on the spins
  • The free skate is usually where the "newness" in this pair shows
  • She just sat that throw down, perhaps a speed issue
  • They are having trouble relating to this music
  • Another fall on the throw, he looked to mouth "I'm sorry" to her
  • They're really unraveling, I'm praying for safe lifts
  • She seems to have no energy whatsoever, but he still looks strong
  • That carry lift needs more ice coverage and perhaps a more robust section of the music to be effective
49.45 (TES) + 49.66 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 97.11
57.68 (SP) + 97.11 (FS) = 154.79

5) Paige Lawrence & Rudi Swiegers (CAN)
 Music: The Man in the Iron Mask
  • This team has been focusing on PCS over TES, we'll see if it shows
  • Sloppy shoulder catch on the split 3 twist
  • Slight unison break on the SBS jumps
  • More unison issues on the 2a sequence
  • Paige is usually such a firecracker but this program doesn't have any life to me
  • More unison problems on the spins
  • I like that they're having fun, but they're a little too smiley for this dramatic music
  • That hydroblade entrance into the death spiral was cool
  • They still look pretty high energy about halfway through
  • Rough entrance into that lift, a struggle to get up, you could see Paige talking him through
  • Not a lot of distance or height on these throws, but at least they're landing them
  • Very labored on the lifts, I think the backloading of the program is backfiring at this altitude
49.99 (TES) + 50.70 (PCS) = 100.69
57.97 (SP) + 100.69 (FS) = 158.66

6) Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig
 Music: Daphnis et Chloe
  • A little messy on the split twist, but that's never their strong suit anyway
  • Both step out of the SBS jump, but in perfect unison
  • This is the best choreography of the whole event in my opinion
  • Fall on the 1st throw
  • She looks tentative, never a good sign
  • She may have singled the axel, I couldn't tell
  • Fantastic twist into that stand on his thigh
  • Very smooth in and out of the death spiral
  • Beautiful 2nd throw
  • Very nice elements thus far aside from the throw, no falls on the jumps here from Amanda at all, step in the right direction
  • Their lifts are more grand than anyone else, bar none
  • I wish his shirt were the same color as the midsection on her dress
  • Great toss into that final lift
  • Lovely spin positions, but a little slow in that pair spin
  • Clunky exit out of that final lift, an unfortunate way to end the program
54.30 (TES) + 53.94 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 107.24
60.75 (SP) + 107.24 (FS) = 167.99

7) Wenjing Sui & Cong Han (CHN)
 Music: The Soul of Flamenco
  • She's bringing out her inner diva on that elaborate entrance
  • This program grows on me every competition
  • Quad throw! Two-footed, but hey!
  • 4twist, rough catch, but at least they're getting it done
  • A little out of unison, but strong 3-jump sequence
  • They seem more calm here, not as frantic as earlier in the season
  • She could stretch out the free leg and foot more on the death spiral
  • A little unison break in the spin position change
  • Her flexibility on that spiral is phenomenal
  • This program is light years better than it was in September
  • Fantastic 2nd throw, that got so much difference
  • That upside down entrance into the press lift is really cool
  • Ohh scary moment mid-lift, she puts her arms on his shoulders to save her balance
  • A lot of speed on that last lift, good rotation
  • Great program from them, they look more grown up every time
  • They look exhausted, breath kids breath!
75.54 (TES) + 59.54 (PCS) = 135.08
66.75 (SP) + 135.08 (FS) = 201.83

8) Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran (JPN)
 Music: Concerto de Quebec
  • This team couldn't be more different from what we just saw
  • Only a split 2twist
  • Hard spill for Narumi, nearly fell on her face
  • Wow what a mess on that SBS sequence, she singled, he stumbled and cut the 2nd jump
  • If they had Sui/Han's technical tricks, they'd be unstoppable with their elegance
  • She's one of those skaters who can't hit a bad position, other pair ladies must watch he rlifts
  • A two-foot and a step out on the 1st throw, same on the 2nd
  • He nearly skated over her on the 2nd throw, that was terrifying
  • It must be so hard to keep going after all those mistakes
  • And they nearly skated into the board out of their 2nd lift, just not their night at all
  • Lovely extension and toe point in that 3rd lift, exit could've been more smooth
55.32 (TES) + 55.25 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 109.57
61.54 (SP) + 109.57 (FS) = 171.11

9) Caydee Denny & John Coughlin (USA)
 Music: Nessun Dorma
  • Their elaborate entrances to center ice are too high drama even for me
  • This program is growing on me, I hated the guitar early in the season but it suits them
  • Gorgeous split 3twist
  • Nice throw, a little scratchy, but good glide out
  • Near perfect unison on the SBS jumps
  • It was a fight, but landed the 2nd SBS sequence
  • They have great spin unison for a new pair, that's usually the hardest thing to ma
  • The lift positions are just not attractive, a stern Russian ballet teacher could work that out in no time
  • Awesome 2nd throw, huge roar from the crowd
  • That catch-foot position is slightly more attractive because the bum isn't sticking up
  • Here is that carry lift that John dreams about everyday
  • Her foot gets scarily close to his head up there
  • A big scary on that headbanger at the end, he bent his knees and barely muscled her back up                     
62.82 (TES) + 59.25 (PCS) = 122.07
63.35 (SP) + 122.07 (FS) = 185.42

10) Mary Beth Marley & Rockne Brubaker (USA)
 Music: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor by Rachmaninov
  • Come on guys, earn  yourself a medal!
  • This program suits them so well, and it's appropriate for their age situation
  • Mary Beth falls on the same jump she missed in warmup
  • A little crashy on the split twist, looked labored
  • She steps out of the double axel, she looks a little antsy today
  • I love their SBS split jumps, I must've missed that at Nationals
  • Good spinning unison, that's a big area of improvement over last season
  • Good throw, good job Mary Beth
  • Her lift positions are improving at every event
  • That pair spiral is beautiful, she looks so happy to be out there
  • Very nice carry lift on one leg, good ice coverage
  • It would be great to see some more variation in the lift positions, but that will come
  • Two-foots the 2nd throw, again a good save
  • They gave away a lot of points here and there, it's going to be close if they land on the podium
60.91 (TES) + 56.56 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 116.47
62.42 (SP) + 116.47 (FS) = 178.89

1Wenjing SUI / Cong HAN
3Mary Beth MARLEY / Rockne BRUBAKER
5Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRAN
6Amanda EVORA / Mark LADWIG
8Jessica DUBE / Sebastien WOLFE
10Huibo DONG / Yiming WU

Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Wenjing SUI / Cong HANCHN135.0875.54 59.547.467.047.797.467.460.00#7
2Caydee DENNEY / John COUGHLINUSA122.0762.82 59.257.437.007.577.467.570.00#9
3Mary Beth MARLEY / Rockne BRUBAKERUSA116.4760.91 56.567.046.897.
4Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORDCAN114.2362.27 52.966.716.506.546.716.641.00#3
5Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRANJPN109.5755.32 55.256.936.866.717.146.891.00#8
6Amanda EVORA / Mark LADWIGUSA107.2454.30 53.946.826.646.616.936.711.00#6
7Paige LAWRENCE / Rudi SWIEGERSCAN100.6949.99 50.706.576.366.046.436.290.00#5
8Jessica DUBE / Sebastien WOLFECAN97.1149.45 49.666.466.046.046.366.142.00#4
9Yue ZHANG / Lei WANGCHN92.2046.77 45.435.755.435.715.825.680.00#2
10Huibo DONG / Yiming WUCHN88.3946.37 42.025.545.005.365.255.110.00#1

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