Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 6 LIVE BLOG

  • "Last week we were out-dance" Abby...true story!
  • Secaucus New Jersey=heavy hitters? What the what??
  • Yay McKenzie, top of the pyramid!! You go girl!
  • No group routine, all solos, I love this idea!
  • Uh oh, we're certain to get some trailer trash costumes
  • Holly does not have time to make Nia's costume, no way
  • Christie breaks all the rules, yet she's calling out Jill for trying to break a costume rule?
  • Jill, I'm calling you on it, get your street shoes off the dance floor!
  • Oooo, digital pyramid at Candy Apples
  • I bet hardly anybody shows up for Cathy's open call
  • "My solo this week is a Spanish influence" -Maddy
  • I love that Maddy is like a miniature adult, she's so grown up in that little body
  • Abby is being tres harsh on Maddy these last few weeks
  • Jill clearly knows nothing of "paying your dues
  • Looks like Cathy is about to get a little taste of some "dance moms" herself
  • Cathy is clearly loving Peyton, duh Abby trained her and she's fantastic
  • Why did Peyton try out if she doesn't want to make the drive
  • Wow Leslie is getting into it with Cathy
  • Headed back to the Burgh, Leslie is about to crawl back to Abby
  • Christi is spot on, with ballet there is a right and a wrong way, no gray area
  • I've had comps cancelled last minute...it sucks
  • I've also had to dance on a gym floor before...that sucks too
  • Now a sane teacher would use these solos for next week since they didn't make it to a competition yet
  • Christi, stop calling out Jill, who cares if she reused a costume
  • Abby is wearing the heck out of all those sparkles right now
  • Touche Christi, Jill's hat is heinous
  • This whole costume thing is ridonkulous, unreal
  • Holly is the only one of these moms who is a real person
  • Note to Jill, never make your child stop dancing, never do it, the chance to dance is fleeting
  • Did Melissa steal Melissa's top
  • Oh boy, Maddy was more worried about upsetting Abby than breaking your hip
  • Oh boy, Abby is criticizing that Maddy bailed mid-acro move
  • Paige is adorable, I love her facial expressions
  • Good for Paige, she won and that's awesome
  • Buh-bye Jill

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