Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dance Moms LIVE BLOG: Season 2, Episode 5

  • Brooke needs to be more mature and stick with something for a whole season
  • I get what Abby is saying about Brooke, she's being very nice to her about it
  • Wowza, Kendall is finally off probation
  • I love Starbound, that's a good competition
  • Paige didn't do a trio because you pulled it from her Abby
  • Wow Maddy was downgraded to #3 on the pyramid, she needs to step it up
  • Poor Peyton, she wasn't given a fair shot, but her height did make her stick out like a sore thumb
  • How do these women even have voices with all the screaming?
  • I wonder if Brooke was actually ever on that cheer team?
  • Haha Brooke is "portraying an alien like her mother"
  • Mackenzie's hat is so funny! 
  • Mackenzie learned to dance in 30 minutes!
  • "This is my hobby, watching my kids" -Jill; that is just sad, get your own life dear
  • My teacher would pitch a fit if a parent went to an assistant instead of her
  • It took Nia and Paige a long time to get special parts, Jill needs to calm it down
  • Melissa works the front desk for free to get her daughter ahead, I know that exact mom at my studio
  • Jill is definitely messing the group up, before she got there, they only talked about Melissa behind her back
  • What team are you on...Jill/Melissa or Christi/Kelly/Holly?
  • I'm really liking Abby this episode, she's acting like a real person, nice tender little moment with Mackenzie
  • Oh lord have mercy, Jill hired a personal in-studio masseuse for Abby & Gia...but why is Jill in there during the massage? Weird !
  • I think I'd be terrified to ride in a bus driven by Abby
  • Jill, dear, obviously Kendall has to still stretch even though she has no solos, what are you smoking?
  • Half the time I can't even hear what they're saying because they all yell over each other
  • Mackenzie does have some nice acro skills for her age
  • Poor Brooke always has to wear cirqu du  soleil-esque eye makeup
  • This music sounds like 2001 Space Odyssey
  • Brooks movements look a little slow and clunky...Abby isn't happy
  • Aww Mackenzie won, that's awesome, she's really coming into her own, she isn't just eating chips anymore
  • You can't deny that Abby knows her stuff, telling them to jump from their core and not the legs is spot on
  • Christi is acting like white trash
  • I love Abby's constant references to Broadway, she has genuine reverence for it
  • Avalanche is a really cute number, I like the costumes a lot
  • The group didn't win, Abby is smart to recognize that the kids that won love dance more than some of her kids
  • What is going on next week, it looks like a hodge-podge mess if I've ever seen one

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