Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Four Continents Championships: Ladies Free Skate LIVE Coverage

1) Lejeanne Marais (RSA)
   Music: The Holiday
  • I like this costume, but not for this music
  • She's really stalking those jumps
  • Those jumps are all in one place, they kind of stay on top of each other and don't travel much
  • Kind of an interesting layback variation, she looked like she was hanging from the season
  • Why did you end at the end of the rink? #weird
  • Competition Total = 94.34
2) Crystal Kiang (TPE)
  •  Two foot on the first jump
  • She has nice upper body carriage
  • We've got an opposite jumper!
  • Really slow spins, but oddly some nice positions
  • She really stalks these jumps, really slow entrances and lots of two-footing
  • Competition Total = 93.78
3) Chatelle Kerry (AUS)
  • She is so leggy that jumps have to be difficult for her
  • Pretty spiral if she'd straighten that standing leg
  • Wow that tucked sit spin was really cool
  • She's taken advantage of her height to make some really cool spin positions
  • She's a very fragile looking skater, this was good music for her
  • Competition Total: 102.49
4) Melanie Swang (THA)
  • We are having a lot of film soundtrack moments
  • Lots of double jumps here, we just can't have that
  • She is really hunched over
  • I appreciate her knee bend, but her upper body should be more upright
  • Competition Total: 96.16
5) Zhaira Costiniano (PHI)
  • 1 and a half lutz?
  • That high free leg is a technical error
  • Those bangs have got to go
  • Needs to point that foot on the sit spin
  • Well we missed the rest of the piece due to feed malfunctions
  • Competition Total = 87.26
6) Yea-Ji Yun (KOR)
  • She has a very fresh faced look 
  • I like her elegance and her style, but some of the jumps just aren't there
  • I love this Cinderella music on her, but the performance quality is not there
  • Competition Total = 96.85
7) Chae-Yeon Shur (KOR)
  • What to even say about this's just a lot
  • Green is bad luck for sure
  • Straighten that standing leg in the spins please!
  • She's stalking those jumps big time
  • That fall was horrible, right on the hip, that's gotta hurt
  • Bailed jump mid air, she's running out of steam big team
  • Poor girl, she looks so dejected
  • Competition Total = 94.95
8) Alexandra Najarro (CAN)
  • What's with the CDonn bun
  • Popped 3toe, oh boy
  • This is not going so well so far
  • Point that foot please!
  • This program took a long time to get to the part of the music that we know
  • If you're going to take on this program, you need to kill it
  • If she doesn't point that foot I don't even know what I'm going to do 
  • She's a big fan of the headless spin
  • Competition Total = 117.11
9) Mimi Tanasorn Chindasook (THA)
  • This costume is interesting, it's rough to pull off all white
  • Aborted first jump
  • She's at least showing some grace
  • Nice 2-3 combo
  • A little clunky in the jumps
  • Uh oh, botched a spin and had to skate around a little to wait for the music
  • Poor girl, shes really running out of steam here
  • She really needs some umph her in the big part of the music
  • Competition Total = 97.19
10) Sandra Khopon (THA)
  • I love this costume, its so elegant and interesting
  • I like this music, it's different
  • She could use a little zap of energy, but she's still about the best we've seen thus far
  • Really high wrap on that leg in the jumps
  • Competition Total = 103.15
11) Quiying Zhu (CHN)
  • This is a fun little latin number
  • Lots of two-footing moments happening
  • She looks like she really can't breathe at all
  • She's having a hard time even getting off the ice
  • They are massaging her chest to keep help her breathe, this is really scary
  • Competition Total = 102.77
12) Melinda Wang (TPE)
  • This costume is very pretty, I like the deep purple
  • She looks thrilled to be there, good for her!
  • She's doing a really nice program, nice presentation, she is very present in this program
  • She's breathing hard too, but I think she's going to make it okay though
  • Competition Total = 103.69
13) Haruka Imai (JPN)
  • This is a program where lyrics would help to bring out some personality
  • Nice 3-3
  • She needs a lot more face and more choreography 
  • This is going very slowly, but then again the music isn't helping her at all
  • That was a weird fall, her feet just fell out from under her
  • She is running out of steam and this lounge version of My Fair Lady is doing nothing
  • Competition Total = 134.49
14) Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN)
  • She pops the first jump, that's what she always does
  • There you go, good triple
  • And another pop
  • Nice turn out on that leg in the spin, good low position
  • I'm not loving this white costume on her
  • Let's get it on this footwork, keep it up and keep fighting for it
  • Now she's really living up to the momentum in this music, needs to keep fighting
  • Competition Total =147.47
15) Amelie Lacoste (CAN)
  • This costume is a nice cut on her
  • So far so good, 2 clean triples
  • Stumble and trip on that next one there
  • I like that side-stretched position on the layback
  • Definitely some errors, but a cleaner skate overall than Cynthia
  • And then you go and cock it up with a fall on a double axel
  • Competition Total = 147.65
16) Bingwa Geng (CHN)
  • Did these skaters all decide after practice and the men's event to just cut their losses and do double jumps?
  • Lovely catch foot spiral
  • She seems to be holding back, we'll never know how much this altitude is affecting the skaters
  • These jumps are barely off the ground
  • Competition Total = 127.89
17) Victoria Muniz (PUR)
  • Good 3-jump combo off the bet, seems very strong
  • That was a very ugly A-spin
  • Definitely the best of the unknown skaters tonight despite some falls and doubling
  • She is definitely breathing hard
  • Competition Total = 117.83
18) Min-Jeong Kwak (KOR)
  • These gloves are too much for me, they don't go with the costume
  • Barely getting these jumps around
  • Really running out of speed
  • Good flexibility in the spins
  • Competition Total = 130.52
19) Caroline Zhang (USA)
  • Which Caroline will we get today?
  • A lot of arm swing into that 2a
  • So far so good, she doesn't seem to be too affected by the altitude
  • Good clean program ending with her signature pearl spin!
  • Competition Total = 176.18
20) Ashley Wagner (USA)
  • Great 3-2-2 combo to open
  • 2a-2t  instead of a planned 2a-3t but not too bad so far
  • A little loss of speed in that spin
  • Altitude is not affecting her, she looks strong as can be
  • This is a fantastic skate from Ashley and she's really selling it well
  • The title of US Champion suits her well
  • Great clean program from Ashley, not just clean but inspired
  • Let us hope that wasn't Ashleys peak
  • Competition Total = 192.41
21) Agnes Zawadzki (USA)
  • She's starting off much better than at US Nationals
  • She looks so tall and elegant this season
  • So far so good, but lacking spark
  • There's no life in her skating, the seems tired, but she trains here
  • I love that she points her foot on that final spin, I'm obsessed with that
  • She's not happy, she just seems mentally blocked this season
  • Competition Total = 157.23
22) Kanako Murakami (USA)
  • I love Kananko...get it baby girl!
  • She looks a little wild tonight, something just isn't quite right
  • She looks exhausted, poor baby
  • Her jumps looked really sloppy, technique looks off
  • Competition Total = 169.32
23) Mao Asada (JPN)
  • 3a, but looked 2-footed
  • She's looking lovely tonight
  • Hand down on the 3lz
  • This is a really well composed program
  • Beautiful pointed foot on that catch foot spin, I love the head back variation
  • 2a-3t combination
  • 3-2-2 combination, she's just floating through this, nothing is affecting her
  • I love that spiral to end the program
  • Good for her, she looks amazing and oh so happy out there!
  • Competition Total = 188.62
24) Kexin Zhang (CHN)


  1. Can you tell me how you are watching this? I changed cable providers and don't get USN. Are you seeing it via ICE? or what?