Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cup of China: Ladies Short Program LIVE BLOG

1) Ying Zhang (CHN)
  Music: Blue Light
  • We are wearing a blue dress for Blue Light; that's a good start
  • What a tiny little thing, she is very serious
  • Very tough fall to start on the 3lz
  • Solid 3F
  • 2 jumps in and no combo, I hope she tacks it onto the 2A
  • This program lacks drama for me
  • Those overhead shots make me so dizzy, I can't handle it
  • The lack of combo will hurt her
  • Why is she sitting so far from the coach?
  • 22.95 (TES) + 21.43 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 43.38
2) Sofia Biryukova (RUS)
  Music: Seven Years in Tibet
  • She is a gorgeous young lady
  • Very understated, glamorous costume compared to Russian ladies of the past
  • Great speed off the top
  • Fall on the 3lz
  • Gets right back up and into the program
  • 3loop into a funky leg postion layback
  • Nice musical accent for that double axel
  • This combination spin is underwhelming given it's placement on the most recognizable piece of the music
  • I love the drama in the step sequence
  • 21.42 (TES) + 23.97 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 44.39
3) Bingwa Geng (CHN)
  Music: Scene d'amour
  • She is a gorgeous skater who lacks confidence
  • See, she had that 1st jump but she bailed; a little close to the boards too
  • Another turn out, she just doesn't seem to have the guts to nail these programs like she can
  • I kind of like this music, but the performance is flat for me
  • That was just okay, there was nothing extraordinary about it and it seemed there was no passion
  • 16.27 (TES) + 21.26 (PCS) = 36.53
4) Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS)
  Music: Sabre Dance
  • The moment we've all been waiting for, the newest Russian baby makes her senior debut
  • Wow that just started out of nowhere
  • Clean 3lz-3t
  • She attacks the jumps
  • Signature Julia spiral into the 3F
  • She comes from the Sasha Cohen school of never hitting a bad position
  • Sharp, quick 2A
  • Feed froze for the spin, but it loked lovely
  • She is killing the footwork, very agressive; she's leaving it all out on the ice
  • This girl has no bones in her body, I love it
  • That was a totally jam-packed program; let's see if she maintains that intensity in the free
  • 35.35 (TES) + 27.71 (PCS) = 63.06
5) Zijun Li (CHN)
  Music: Dark Eyes
  • She was another little diva baby on the Junior GP last season, let's see if she debuts like Julia
  • She is lovely, she has better line and more grace than Julia
  • She eeks out the jumps, not the command of Julia, but she hits them nonetheless
  • She is so joyful in this footwork
  • She has very long arms and once she learns to use them in a really expressive way, that will be a huge asset to her skating
  • It is so wonderful to see a young lady from China doing well at home; good for the home fans
  • 33.79 (TES) + 25.42 (PCS) = 59.21
6) Joshi Helgesson (SWE)
  Music: Mystere & Taiko
  • That one-arm-over-head variation should be left for those with superb jumping technique
  • I like this music, but not enough drama in the program
  • I like the costume, but it seems more like a gypsy dance costume
  • Nice attitude position on the exit of the 2A
  • Overall this was just so-so for me
  • I want her to really amp up the diva like her sister
  • 25.93 (TES) + 24.74 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 49.67
7) Amelie Lacoste (CAN)
  Music: The Feeling Begins
  • I missed most of the program due to my feed freezing, not sure how she's doing
  • I like that the steps and the arm movements are in the character of the piece
  • I missed all the jumps, but this is a well composed program that should take her far this season
  • Wow, much improved from her last outing; she'll have a very long break between this and nationals so let's see what she does with it 
  • 30.25 (TES) + 27.18 (PCS) = 57.43
8) Mirai Nagasu (USA)
  Music: Downhill Special
  • She looks so grown up!
  • She looks ready to kick som ass here
  • Did she get taller, look at those long legs!!
  • She is jumping up a storm here so far (I'll ignore the 2-foot landings)
  • She has some new zip and attitude to her skating
  • I thought that leaving Frank would be the best thing she ever did for her skating
  • This is a cute little short program, I just love it; suits her so well
  • She looks so carefree, nothing looks labored like it did the past two seasons 
  • 31.04 (TES) + 28.72 (PCS) = 59.76
9) Mao Asada (JPN)
  Music: I Got Rhythm
  • Please Mao go into 1st!
  • I love her ease across the ice
  • Way to cut that pesky 3A, she really doesn't need it with her precisions and PCS
  • Way to go Mao, choosing a piece outside of your comfort zone is a great strategy
  • She hits the accents so strongly and yet is so soft with her arms the rest of the time
  • Leaving Tarasova was the best thing she ever did, all of her programs were so labored then
  • Wow, I just noticed she's not wearing sleeves!
  • This program is divine, it really shows off her personality and dance ability, a totally new side of Mao
  • This is so charming and endearing!
  • Great ending, just a really nice button on the end!
  • 31.83 (TES) + 31.06 (PCS) = 62.89
10) Kiira Korpi (FIN)
  Music: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
  • Wide swinging free leg on both jumps in the combo
  • Her upper body is looking very stiff today
  • This costume is GORGEOUS and it matches the music and the skater perfectly
  • Once she gets more comfortable and relaxes, this program is going to be like buttah!
  • This is a beautifully composed program, all of the in between movements are so specific and spot on
  • That was simple and elegant, like a glass of fine wine
  • 29.26 (TES) + 30.43 (PCS) = 59.69

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