Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cup of China: Mens Free Skate LIVE BLOG

1Tatsuki MACHIDA
7Jinlin GUAN

  Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Tatsuki MACHIDAJPN153.4476.66 77.787.757.397.897.868.001.00#8
2Daisuke TAKAHASHIJPN146.9665.30 82.668.398.048.048.328.541.00#9
3Sergei VORONOVRUS144.0373.59 70.447.326.547.
4Adam RIPPONUSA133.6761.81 71.867.296.897.117.327.320.00#6
5Yi WANGCHN131.0268.52 63.506.576.076.436.366.321.00#2
6Kevin REYNOLDSCAN128.3762.17 67.206.826.646.646.646.861.00#4
7Jinlin GUANCHN115.0755.57 60.506.255.796.
WDNan SONGCHN          #5
WDBrian JOUBERTFRA          #3

1) Jinlin Guan (CHN)
  Music: Percussion Carmen
  • Oh geez, how does this costume go with Carmen?
  • I don't understand what's happening here
  • I actually like this step sequence
  • This sounds weird but he has a sloppy head, he doesn't hold it up strong
  • That was just meh, nothing behind his skating
  • He looks gassed!
  • 55.57 (TES) + 60.50 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 115.07
  • 55.97 (SP) + 115.07 (FS) = 171.04
2) Yi Want (CHN)
  Music: Nothing Else Matters & One
  • Nice smooth start
  • This sounds like my Vitamin String Quartet, rock on!
  • He is a very expressive skater with his upper body, I want him to look up and out instead of down at the ice
  • This is actually a fairly interesting program, but he needs to show more on his face
  • The potential is definitely there
  • 68.52 (TES) + 63.50 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 131.02
  • 57.25 (SP) + 131.02 (FS) = 188.27
3) Kevin Reynolds (CAN)
  Music: Concerto No. 4 in E Minor by Mathieu
  • Yay, hit the first jump, that should be a good sign
  • Doubling jumps, not a good sign
  • I desperately want him to take some dance classes to loosen up his upper body
  • Straighten that foot in the camel
  • This kid has to way 100 pounds soaking wet
  • Why are his jumps deceiving him? This guy was the 1st to land 2 different quads in the short
  • I don't understand what has happened to his jumping technique
  • This was an odd program, I just don't feel like it went anywhere
  • 62.17 (TES) + 67.20 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 128.37
  • 69.87 (SP) + 128.37 (FS) = 198.24
4) Adam Rippon (USA)
  Music: The Incredibles
  • So after bumping heads with Song, I hope Adam is okay! Please be okay and please concentrate!
  • Nice opening pose, I like that he's giving us face
  • He looks so much more mature now!
  • Feed froze, but I think he doubled his planned 3A
  • I kind of like this new side to him, very jazzy and masculine
  • Decent second 3A, probably two-footed, but good approach
  • I like that 3-jump combo with the tano variation on both jumps
  • He seems very at home in this style, he seems to be enjoying himself
  • That was decent, no crashes, but he definitely gave away a lot of precious points popping jumps, not hitting 3-3 combos, etc
  • I'm so torn, I liked that, but I really miss his balletic style
  • 61.81 (TES) + 71.86 (PCS) = 133.67
  • 71.81 (SP) + 133.67 (FS) = 205.48
5) Sergei Voronov (RUS)
  Music: Romeo & Juliet
  • I don't get this meshy top for Romeo & Juliet
  • He is doing work on these jumps
  • He is Plushenko-like in that he goes up in the air and the jump looks wild, but he lands it like a cat
  • This step sequence is an utter atrocity
  • I don't understand, in what world do you wear a mesh top and gloves?
  • Wow, this is the program of a lifetime today for him
  • And we had to ruin it with the butt spin
  • Honey, if you want to do a catch foot spin, please straighten the leg
  • 73.59 (TES) + 70.44 (PCS) = 144.03
  • 73.58 (SP) + 144.03 (FS) = 217.61
6) Tatsuki Machida (JPN)
  Music: Firebird
  • This little peanut is trying to put us under his spell like Hanyu did last year
  • He reminds me of a more stylish Oda because he is so cat-like an landing the jumps
  • I love the little footwork flutters
  • And the arm flutter I like as well
  • This is a very stylish program, I'm glad to see that when Daisuke retires, we'll still have plenty of great Japanese men to watch
  • Fall on the quad, but this should still be enough to make the podium
  • 76.66 (TES) + 77.78 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 153.44
  • 83.48 (SP) + 153.44 (FS) = 236.92
7) Daisuke Takahashi (JPN)
  Music: I Pagliacci
  • Did we 2-foot that quad Dai?
  • I want so badly to see him come back and win Olympic gold in 2014, just hang in there!
  • He never does a program that's not interesting to watch, he is like Fred Astaire on ice
  • Oh no Dai, why did you have to fall?
  • With his PCS, he can handle one fall since Tatsu also fell
  • I like this program on him, very dramatic
  • His edge work is incredible, he would've been amazing at figures
  • He was kind of on another planet today, seemed like he was out in space
  • 65.30 (TES) + 82.66 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 146.96
  • 84.9 (SP) + 146.96 (FS) = 231.75

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