Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cup of China: Ladies Free Skate LIVE BLOG

3Kiira KORPI
5Zijun LI

Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Mao ASADAJPN118.8754.53 64.348.147.757.968.118.250.00#9
2Julia LIPNITSKAIARUS114.8657.43 57.437.217.007.327.257.110.00#10
3Kiira KORPIFIN110.1751.03 59.147.437.047.327.547.640.00#7
4Mirai NAGASUUSA103.7045.89 57.817.396.967.257.327.210.00#8
5Zijun LICHN100.8551.58 51.276.616.216.326.546.362.00#6
6Ying ZHANGCHN87.2746.97 42.305.614.965.365.295.212.00#2
7Joshi HELGESSONSWE84.7638.16 47.606.045.646.
8Sofia BIRYUKOVARUS82.9737.07 45.906.215.505.505.865.610.00#3
9Amelie LACOSTECAN78.0331.06 48.976.466.115.716.256.072.00#5
WDBingwa GENGCHN          #1

1) Ying Zhang (CHN)
  Music: Soul Dance
  • She is loving the blue costumes at this event
  • She needs to straighten those legs and point the feet
  • I knew that jump was going down from the minute it went up
  • 3F-2T very low to the ground
  • This program isn't doing anything for me, she is just going through the motions
  • Nice scorpion position in that spiral, but the standing leg really needs to be straight
  • 46.97 (TES) + 42.30 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 87.27
  • 43.38 (SP) + (FS) = 130.65
2) Sofia Biryukova (RUS)
  Music: Turandot
  • She is a beauty!
  • This costume looks Asian to me; funny we don't see that more for Turandot
  • Bad slip, hands down; I'm always surprised when hands down can actually stop a fall on slippery ice
  • 2-foot crossed landings, we aren't starting out well here
  • Very sloppy, I can't even comment on anything because it's so labored and sloppy
  • That spread eagle into 2A was nice, but the eagle could've been on a deeper edge to enhance the drama
  • She was not happy with that, looked like a mental lapse
  • 37.07 (TES) + 45.90 (PCS) = 82.97
  • 44.39 (SP) + 82.97 (FS) = 127.36
3) Joshi Helgesson (SWE)
  Music: Burlesque, Express, Blues in Night
  • That white bodice is not that flattering, a brighter color like magenta or turquoise would've been nice
  • There's absolutely nothing going on here right now
  • She is totally going through the motions, not nearly enough sass
  • Only 1 fall, but a lot of potential underrotations
  • 38.16 (TES) + 47.60 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 84.76
  • 49.67 (SP) + 84.76 (FS) = 134.43
4) Amelie Lacoste (CAN)
  Music: Rhapsody in Blue & Concerto in F by Gershwin
  • I love her intensity, how she attacks everything
  • Even if she's technically not sound, she's still exciting to watch
  • Starting out with a fall usually puts her on a downward spiral, let's see how that plays out
  • Of the first 4 jumps, all have had landing issues thus far
  • She cannot land a clean jump to save her life, that's not a technical issue, that's confidence
  • The program is composed beautifully and the choreography is well executed; if she had the jumps she'd be right in the thick of things
  • 31.06 (TES) + 48.97 (PCS) -2.00 (DED)= 78.03
  • 57.43 (SP) + 78.03 (FS) =
5) Zijun Li (CHN)
  Music: Sleeping Beauty
  • She is at the perfect age to skate to this music, it's light and ethereal
  • Jumping bean!
  • Nice 2a-3a combo, 2 footed
  • This is so sprightly, the program is just perfect for her
  • I didn't realize Chengjiang Li was her coach, he was such a great jumper when he competed
  • I also see that Karen Kwan choreographed this piece, it's lovely
  • Her jumps are very small, quick, but small
  • She is losing speed in the middle; as we saw at last year's 4 continents, it seems the Chinese skaters often aren't very well conditioned
  • 51.58 (TES) + 51.27 (PCS) -2.00 (DED) = 100.85
  • 59.21 (SP) + 100.85 (FS) = 160.06
6) Kiira Korpi (FIN)
  Music: Once Upon a Time in America
  • This dress is divine, as all of her dresses always are
  • I love the drama in that opening
  • 3T-3T to open, very strong
  • Feed froze in the middle of the program, missed a good chunk
  • Jumps are starting to unravel, very squirrely landings
  • A couple popped jumps, not want she wants or needs to get on the podium
  • She's left enough of a door open technically that Li will pass her
  • This is a very well composed program, once she builds up her stamina it should be lovely
  • I think we have  clean triples, lots of wonky landings, she'll get there
  • 51.03 (TES) + 59.14 (PCS) = 110.86
  • 59.69 (SP) + 110.86 (FS) = 169.86
7) Mirai Nagasu (USA)
  Music: Symphony No. 3 by Saint-Saens
  • Let's get this one Mirai
  • Nearly into the boards on the first jump
  • Clean 2a, 2-footed the combo
  • Why are all of these jumps so close to the boards
  • Feed froze, missed a good chunk of the middle
  • This dress is lovely on her, I love the neckline/haltar detail
  • I want more intensity in these steps, right now it looks like she's going through the motions
  • Clean 3-2-2 combo, all of these landings are nice too, good flowing edges and straight free legs out of them
  • This has been a great skate for Mirai, she looks really free out there
  • Much more passion on that last step sequence
  • She should be very happy and relieved right there
  • 45.89 (TES) + 57.81 (PCS) = 103.70
  • 59.76 (SP) + 103.70 (FS) = 163.46
8) Mao Asada (JPN)
  Music: Swan Lake
  • I hope we get good Mao today, she has so much speed!
  • That costume is to die for!
  • She looks so delicate out there
  • Gorgeous combination spin, every position is fantastic
  • This is so graceful and lyrical
  • I like the musical selection, she used in interesting arrangement with sections that aren't completely overdone
  • This is going to be phenomenal by Worlds
  • Very strong ending, what a beautifully composed and choreographed program
  • Tarasova choreographed that, I wonder if it is odd working with your old coach as choreographer
  • 54.53 (TES) + 64.34 (PCS) = 118.87
  • 62.89 (SP) + 118.87 (FS) = 181.76
9) Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS)
  Music: Nutcracker
  • Leaning very far over on landings of first combo
  • Fall out of 2nd combo, one more little mistake like that and she'll give it away to Mao, she needs all the TES she can get
  • There is no attempt at expression, she's just ticking the elements off the list
  • I like this step sequence a lot, it's well placed in the music
  • Best I-spin since Sasha Cohen
  • She has a lot there to work with in that program; just let it develop
  • 57.43 (TES) + 57.43 (PCS) = 114.86
  • 63.06 (SP) + 114.86 (FS) = 177.92

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