Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skate Canada: Mens Free Skate LIVE BLOG!

1) Liam Firus (CAN)
 Music: The Resistance
  • For the sake of my fantasy team, this best be good!
  • Crushed velvet is always a good sign
  • Oh no you didn't just trip on a crossover boyfriend
  • No you didn't just fall on your opening jump!
  • There we go, good one
  • He has a lovely lyrical quality to his skating, yes he does
  • He seems unsure of himself, just needs some more seasoning to mature
  • Liam honey, let's hold it together
  • Give me some expression on that face, don't just go through the motions
  • A great deal of traveling on that combination spin to end, and a funky ending pose
  • He has potential and he's nice to look at
  • 49.51 (TES) + 60.66 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 109.17
  • 60.50 (SP) + 109.17 (FS) = 169.67
2) Takahito Mura (JPN)
 Music: Shogun
  • Jumps look very "on" from the beginning
  • I love this whole Samurai thing we have going on
  • He has the huge jumps, but he is also very expressive for such a strong athlete
  • The first popped jump is usually a warning sign of a break in concentration
  • He lands these jump so low, yet always manages to stand them up; incredible
  • This program is starting to lose me halfway through, it's a very "one note" performance for me
  • I'd take that program back to the drawing board and revamp the choreo
  • 72.00 (TES) + 66.64 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 137.64
  • 62.10 (SP) + 137.64 (FS) = 199.74
3) Ross Miner (USA)
 Music: Captain Blood
  • Huge jumps!
  • This music suits him well and that shirt makes him look like a modern Todd Eldredge or Paul Wylie
  • His jumps look so solid, he looks very sure of himself
  • He knows he is going to hit all of these elements when he goes into them
  • This is a solid program for him, this could be his year at US Nationals
  • 73.91 (TES) + 70.28 (PCS) = 144.19
  • 69.41 (SP) + 144.19 (FS) = 213.60
4) Artur Gachinski (RUS)
  • What does that spider web tuxedo have to do with anything?
  • This is an oddly lyrical piece of music for him; we're used to Stravinski and anything dissonant
  • He totally failed to finish that spin position, whey is he just going through the motions
  • For a jumper, he is landing too many of them on his hands
  • I forgot the mention the 2 Quads, I mean that's like old hat for him
  • Every program of his has that moment where he clenches his fists and seems to shout "aha"
  • Please straighten out your free leg when you land your jumps dear; Sincerely, the dancer in me
  • I wonder if Mishin will tell Artur to lose weight to land the jumps?
  • 63.40 (TES) + 67.44 (PCS) = 129.84
  • 69.74 (SP) + 129.84 (FS) = 199.58
5) Elladj Balde (CAN)
 Music: Moonlight Sonata Remix & Animal Rights
  • Is this hair really necessary?
  • He is like the love child of Surya Bonaly and Philipe Candeloro
  • Beethoven is rolling over in his grave right now
  • He should only skate to Michael Jackson, nothing else
  • The odd musical selection and choreography are distracting from the skating, which is actually quite good tonight
  • Oddly enough, this won't be the strangest program we see tonight, our good buddy Florent is on the way
  • 61.56 (TES) + 65.92 (PCS) = 127.48
  • 72.46 (SP) + 127.48 (FS) = 199.94
6) Florent Amodio (JPN)
 Music: Jumpin Jack, Nothing but Sorrow, & To build a home
  • Oh heaven help us, what are we about to witness
  • Very fast rotation in the jumps, little stumbles on landings
  • Very fast and smooth so far, good ice coverage
  • Just when I think we'll see a nice, normal program we get something techno with a downbeat that sounds like Nadia's theme
  • This boy is the king of standing still and posing
  • He would be right at home in the 90s
  • Losing that combination will hurt his base value
  • Why do I feel like he has no concern for scores and just goes out to do whatever he feels like?
  • 69.41 (TES) + 74.70 (PCS) = 144.11
  • 74.61 (SP) + 144.11 (FS) = 218.72
7) Denis Ten (KAZ)
 Music: The Artist
  • This music is gorgeous
  • Falls on both Quads, A for effort though!
  • When he hits his jumps, they are textbook
  • I love this program for him, those little jazzy interludes are fun and they show off personality that I've never seen from him
  • I like the program, the execution just isn't there today
  • The sad thing is that we know he can do the jumps, we've seen them before
  • 58.74 (TES) + 72.70 (PCS) -3.00 (DED) = 128.44
  • 75.26 (SP) + 128.44 (FS) = 201.70
8) Nobunari Oda (JPN)
 Music: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • I love how catlike he is on those landings, he has the softest knees around
  • I missed this from him last season; loving the huge jumps!
  • He looks extremely thin, that's probably how he's jumping so high
  • Yay, this is lovely, this is what we want from him
  • Oo, not a butt spin, never a butt spin
  • Yay Nobu, very good
  • 78.48 (TES) + 77.72 (PCS) = 156.20
  • 82.14 (SP) + 156.20 (FS) = 238.34
9) Patrick Chan (CAN)
 Music: La Boheme
  • Patrick looks so fast today
  • Very slick opening combo
  • Hands down on our 2nd quad of the day
  • I actually like this program for him, it's very regal so it suits his posture and his rigid upper body
  • He is showing us a new side, it's a little playful which is endearing
  • Crash on the triple axel, that's his nemesis; I can see how that would've been lovely choreographically with the music
  • He is always messy at Skate Canada, I feel like that's part of his process, how he builds up over the season
  • You could never accuse him of peaking too early
  • I love the use of levels in this last step sequence
  • He must be a very well trained athlete because he doesn't seem to lose speed throughout the program
  • Ends slightly after the music
  • 75.13 (TES) + 86.78 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 160.91
  • 82.52 (SP) + 160.91 (FS) = 241.43
10) Javier Fernandez (ESP)
 Music: Charlie Chaplin
  • Wow, how charming
  • I want him to be my boyfriend
  • Oy that was one hard fall on the first quad, all the weight on the hands
  • Very tight 2nd Quad
  • Not one ounce of this music is wasted, ever nuance is accented
  • He doesn't look fully comfortable yet, this program is sure to be stellar by Worlds
  • Now he is getting into the program, findin his rhythm
  • He should receive great PCS for this program; 'should' being the operative word
  • I think he should win it; that was a gorgeous experience for the audience
  • 85.15 (TES) + 83.92 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 168.07
  • 85.87 (SP) + 168.07 (FS) = 253.94

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